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. Update: Have you heard or read about Nashi, no not Nazi, but Nashi?  Nashi is a youth program which has been concocted in Russia (by the organs of Putin's dictatorial government).  Nashi, which has been referred to as "Putin's Generation" and "neo-Komsomol" fosters the cult of Putinism and radical Russian nationalism, reminiscent of the Nazi youth movement which fostered the cult of Hitlerism and radical Aryan nationalism....  One should note that the only way Vladimir Putin has maintained his position and strengthened it is by being tough, ruthless, brutal, and aggressive.  The challenge to Putin's power has not chiefly been from the champions of democracy, freedom...but from the fascist nationalists and the communists; yet Putin has ruthlessly eliminated champions of truth and freedom, while the ruthless nationalist fascists have survived.  The destruction of the good and the survival of the wicked is akin to what has taken place in the USofA; the evil forces in high places have no particular interest in dealing with the wicked, but an inordinate focus on destroying the good, the gentle, the kind, the noble, the patriotic, the genuine christians....  Do you recall J. Edgar Hoover's penchant for going after small time crooks, and avoiding the powerful murderous mobs?

Nashi has been likened to the "Brown Shirts," a poor comparison.  Hitler summarily destroyed the brown shirts by murdering all of their vile leaders over a long weekend.  The correct comparison to Nashi would be the Nazi and communist youth groups.  Nashi is a cult of Putin worship and blind obedience to Putin, employing the young adults of Russia, the "hope" of Russia.  Putin and his gang have not created Nashi immediately prior to his presumed departure from leadership of Russia as a going away present to him; Nashi is a tool to be used by Putin and his forces for his wicked ends.  President Bush may be leaving office in the USofA, but Putin is not going quietly into the sunset anymore than Bill and Hillary are.

. Update: Vladimir Putin signed a decree suspending Russia’s participation in the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty.  “Experts” in their immediate assessments of this latest move by Putin/Russia, characterize it as gamesmanship, brinkmanship, and saber-rattling, i.e., merely symbolic bluster and positioning rather than what it truly is, one more necessary preparatory precursor to launching an attack upon the USA.  Ah yes, but no need to worry, the experts always have it right, don't they?

. Update: Do you recall the Kurtz?  The Russian Navy's nuclear attack submarine which took its crew to a watery grave.  You do recall that it was repeatedly stressed there were no nuclear missiles aboard, don't you.  Well, what did you think of the report that the Kurtz did have nuclear missiles aboard after all, but that they were no threat?

. Update: The sinking of the nuclear attack submarine Kurtz in the Barents Sea, and Putin's cavalier dealing with it, refusing to request emergency assistance in time to save the 118 crewmembers trapped aboard; was this merely standard operating procedure for the nice, polished, debonair (but utterly ruthless) Putin, or was more actually involved, was more at stake?  It was officially reported by state-run, i.e., Kremlin-run media that no nuclear missiles were aboard the Kurtz, but was this large attack submarine involved in perfunctory maneuvers as reported, or were these maneuvers of a slightly more aggressive nature.  Was Putin concerned that prying eyes might see things not to be seen by outsiders, and that it was better to relegate the crew to a watery grave, than to jeopardize future "maneuvers"?

. Update: Vladimir Putin, a fairly young fellow, a former KGB head, but nonetheless a peace-loving, all-around nice guy, ascends to the head of state in the former Soviet Union, Russia; and then temporarily, but speedily solidifies his grip on Russia by crushing the resistance movement in Chechnya, and thus winning the election.  Vladimir Putin, does he figure to be the final ruler over Russia?  I don't know, but he sure does bear a strong (I think striking) resemblance to Augustus & Julius Caesar, which is probably nothing more than interesting, except given the times in which we live (the very last times, the end of time), and the pending resurrection of the Roman Empire, this time as the Whole-World-Dominating Empire immediately preceding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, it does beg the question.  

. Update: President Boris Yeltsin strikes again, once more he has taken the only move left to him in attempting to retain Rulership over Russia, namely dumping his Cabinet, even including Chernomyrdin.  Yeltsin the cat must have used up at least 9 of his 9 political lives by now, but he is still hanging on, for a little while longer (which means he may still be President after the USA has gone down to destruction, God-willing this nation will be saved by God).

. Update: Alexander Lebed continues to move forward with mounting a successful takeover bid for Russian Rulership, as seen by his alliance building with celebrity financier mogul/tycoon Donald Trump (of casinos, roulette, strippers...., dare we say decadence); interesting liaison, as Donald Trump embodies the wickedness that GOD will finally overthrow the USA for, as do the Presidents Clinton, while Lebed embodies the equally wicked brutes historically used by GOD to punish rebellion against GOD, and subsequently also punished by GOD for their brutish violence and idolatrous self-worship which Lebed embodies as do Trump, Clinton, Flynt, Kennedy.........................

. Update: Russian President Boris Yeltsin took the only move left to him in attempting to ward off (Retired) General Lebed's advance and his impending seizure of the government from Yeltsin (even as Yeltsin earlier took the only move available to ensure his re-election, by dangerously bringing General Lebed 'aboard'). Yeltsin's 'stop-gap crisis management' leadership style (borrowed from the Harvard Business School, and corporate America, appears about to take a permanent leave of absence.  General Lebed has tremendously strengthened his position in the brief span of time since he was brought in as Security Chief , immediately prior to the final/run-off election (almost all the while of which Yeltsin has been incapacitated, or nearly so); and are we now supposed to believe, that the 46 year old Lebed (who is on a roll, and is within 'arm's reach' of taking over Russia) is going to "go quietly", or going to take a permanent vacation at some Black Sea resort to author his memoirs, or is going to patiently bide his time until the year 2000 (and lose his tremendous current advantage)! Nonsense, Lebed is an aggressive, brutal man, and a war-experienced military leader at that, who views himself in a profoundly large sense, as he has given vent to repeatedly, without prompting (i.e., boasting that he in essence is honored as God by the Czechens), furthermore, he's on the veritable verge of victoriously seizing power over Russia...; only an utter fool will imagine the power-lusting Lebed can be so easily written out of the script.

Whatever else Alexander Lebed is, this much should be unmistakably clear to all: he has what it takes to gain rulership of Russia, he is determinedly intent on that objective, there is no rival equal to Lebed (much less superior to him), on the Russian horizon, to compete with him, nor to prevent his ascendancy. Alexander Lebed can be expected to aggressively take maximum advantage of the momentous progress he has made toward achieving his ambitious goals.  Questions regarding this scenario: (1) how soon will he move to seize power, and, (2) will he take over by military coup or by political 'coup', and final question, (3) if not Alexander Lebed, then who?  Lebed clearly fits the bill, who else in Russia does?  I have believed for many months, and continue to believe, that Lebed will successfully take over Russia, and quickly amass the Russian would-be-empire (but whether it is Lebed, or a lower profile vicious thug like Vladimir W. Zhirinovsky, the result will be much the same, terribly much!).  Lebed is an unmistakably ruthless heathen, but while that utterly disqualifies him from being a good and godly leader or ruler, of which the world has virtually none, how would that disqualify him from becoming the strong man ruler of Russia, of a new Russian Empire, and beyond?  Does that disqualify him from being used as a battle axe or conqueror?

 Did ruthlessness, brutality, and infidelity or heathenism prevent an earlier (and greater) Alexander, Alexander the Great from becoming World Ruler?  Did such lack of goodness and godliness prevent Nebuchadnezzar from becoming World Ruler?  GOD has always employed ungodly heathens to punish his grievously rebellious 'chosen' people (who incidentally were only chosen by GOD for the purpose of being employed by GOD to reach the heathen peoples of the whole world with the life-saving, eternal truth of GOD, not to enjoy basking in being GOD's 'chosen' people, and to enjoy 'safely' degrading, corrupting, and polluting themselves, 'bravely' rebelling against GOD, grieving His Holy Ghost, and bringing a reproach on GOD's Holy name).  What has been true will be true once again, one last pivotal time before the final end of fallen human history, be it with a battle axe named Lebed or with one having some other name.

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