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. Update: The US Department of Defense now admits that Bloody Red Communist China continues to modernize its military in ways designed to enable it to launch surprise attacks generally, and to launch surprise nuclear attacks specifically, including increasing its nuclear attack capability to strike the US mainland.  Communist China is spending on the order of $125 Billion/year to enhance its long-range nuclear missile capability, its long-range aircraft force, and its fleet of nuclear submarines (the Communist Chinese satellite regime North Korea has the largest fleet of submarines in the world!).  In addition to Communist China's principal nuclear missile force targeting the USA, Communist China has added the DF-31 long-range nuclear missile systems.  Communist Chinese military training continues to focus on no-notice (i.e., surprise attack) long-range air strikes.  Additionally, Communist China is advancing with its military anti-satellite program; in January 2007 Communist China completed a military test of its anti-satellite system successfully destroying one of its old weather satellites, in polar orbit, with a missile.

The buildup of Communist Chinese weapons systems and our non-response is directly parallel to the military buildup by Hitler's Nazi 3rd Reich and Hirohito's Imperial Japan in the late 1930's, and our non-response to them; with significant differences, e.g., this buildup is nuclear with capability to strike mainland USA unannounced, and the USA continues to treat Communist China as an ally in the "war against terrorism," and an ally in our enlightened effort to contain and restrain "rogue regimes" e.g., Communist Chinese slave-state North Korea.  The USA continues to treat Putin's Russia as favorably as it treats Communist China....

. Update: Bloody Red Communist China's covert mobilization of 700,000 troops into Northeastern Africa, under the guise of them being workers.  Interesting that the western media elites and the major parties' Presidential candidates do not see fit to comment on this development, nor such 'champions' of black people everywhere as the vaunted "Reverend" Jesse Jackson.  What could China's Communist regime possibly have in mind?

1. The annihilation of Christians in Sudan, i.e., those who have not already been slaughtered, maimed, prostituted, and enslaved.

2. The solidification of Communist/Marxist enslavement of Sudan and North Africa.

3. The takeover of Africa by China.

4. The invasion & destruction of Israel.

Ah yes, peaceful, "post-communist," capitalist, modern, progressive, most favored nation Communist China, is in fact, a fire-breathing Dragon seeking to take over a very very big chunk of the world; and thanks to low friends in high places in the United States, it is now nearly in a position to do so.  Of course Red China will be launching deadly assaults on the People's Republic of China in Taiwan, on South Korea, and a military crackdown in Hong Kong at the same time.

Question: When will Bloody Red Communist China strike the US?

Answer: When the Communist Chinese leadership believes its opportunity to secretly attack the US is optimized (remember Imperialist Japan and Pearl Harbor).

As Deng Xiaoping spelled out unmistakably in his 24-character maxim: "...hide our capacities and bide our time; be good at maintaining a low profile."

For those who do not understand, one does not "bide one's time" to defend oneself from possibly being attacked in the future; one "bides one's time" to ambush, to secretly attack....  One hides their capacities and maintains a low profile while one "bides their time," in order to launch a surprise attack, a sneak attack, undetected, unforeseen...to ambush!  To "bide one's time" is to patiently, quietly, but actively, wait for a strategic opportunity from which to attack with devastating force and effect.  Have you ever heard of "the calm before the storm?"  Or have you ever heard that you should "beware of a dog that is not barking?"  Communist China is not waiting for the sake of waiting, it is waiting deliberately and purposefully, with an eye toward gaining strategic advantage sufficient to enable it to seize its unchanging objectives.

Oriental military history is rooted in oriental philosophy and military strategy which has not changed, e.g., "the victorious  army does not engage in battle until the battle is already won!"....

To get a view of the age-old and continuing Chinese Military/Political mindset, objectives, goals, stratagems...plans and purposes, one would do well to read Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

According Sun Tzu's The Art of War

Warfare is the greatest affair of state, the basis of life and death, the Way [Tao] to survival or extinction.

Warfare is the Way [Tao] of deception.  Thus although you are capable, display incapability to them.  When committed to employing your forces, feign inactivity.  When your objective is nearby, make it appear as if distant; when far away, create the illusion of being nearby.

If they are substantial, prepare for them; if they are strong, avoid them.

If they are angry, perturb them; be deferential to foster their arrogance.

If they are rested, force them to exert themselves.

If they are united, cause them to be separated.

Attack where they are unprepared.

Go forth where they will not expect it.

"In general, the strategy for employing the military is this:  If your strength is ten times theirs, surround them; if five, then attack them; if double, then divide your forces.  If you are equal in strength to the enemy, you can engage him. 

"In antiquity those that excelled in warfare first made themselves unconquerable in order to await the moment when the enemy could be conquered.

"Those that the ancients referred to as excelling at warfare conquered those who were easy to conquer.  Thus the victories of those that excelled in warfare were not marked by fame for wisdom or courageous achievement.  Thus their victories were free from errors.  One who is free from errors directs his measures toward certain victory, conquering those who are already defeated.

"Thus one who excels at warfare first establishes himself in a position where he cannot be defeated while not losing any opportunity to defeat the enemy.

"For this reason, the victorious army first realizes the conditions for victory, and then seeks to engage in battle.  The vanquished army fights first, and then seeks victory.

"Thus the victorious army is like a ton compared with an ounce, while the defeated army is like an ounce weighed against a ton!  The combat of the victorious is like the sudden release of a pent-up torrent down a thousand-fathom gorge.  This is the strategic disposition of force [hsing]."

"feigned weakness is given birth from strength.

"To ensure taking the objective in an attack, strike positions that are undefended.  To be certain of an impregnable defense, secure positions which the enemy will not attack.

"The means by which enlightened rulers and sagacious generals moved and conquered others, that their achievements surpassed the masses, was advance knowledge.

"Advance knowledge cannot be gained from ghosts and spirits, inferred from phenomena, or projected from the measures of Heaven, but must be gained from men for it is the knowledge of the enemy's true situation.

"Thus there are five types of spies to be employed: local spy, internal spy, turned spy [double agent], dead spy [expendable], and the living spy.  When all five are employed together and no one knows their Tao, this is termed 'spiritual methodology.'  They are a ruler's treasures.

"Local spies -- employ people from the local district.

"Internal spies -- employ their people who hold government positions.

"Double agents -- employ the enemy's spies.

"Expendable spies -- are employed to spread disinformation outside the state.  Provide our expendable spies with false information and have them leak it to enemy agents.

"Living spies -- return with their reports.

"Thus of all the Three Armies' affairs, no relationship is closer than with spies; no rewards are more generous than those given to spies; no affairs are more secret than those pertaining to spies.

"It is subtle, subtle!  There are no areas in which one does not employ spies.

"In general, as for the armies you want to strike, the cities you want to attack, and the men you want to assassinate, you must first know the names of the defensive commander, his assistants, staff, door guards, and attendants.  You must have our spies search out and learn them all.

"The ruler must know these five aspects of espionage work.  This knowledge inevitably depends on turned spies; therefore, you must be generous to double agents.

"In antiquity, when the Yin arose, they had I Chih in the Hsia.  When the Chou arose, they had Lu Ya [the T'ai Kung] in the Yin.  Thus enlightened rulers and sagacious generals who are able to get intelligent spies will invariably attain great achievements.  This is the essence of the military, what the Three Armies rely on to move."

Now do you see the unchanging Chinese military strategy employed against the USofA as evidenced by Communist China having successfully inserted in excess of 200,000 military intelligence officers, aka Spies, in the USofA?  The Communist Chinese covert presence dwarfs what the Soviet Union ever succeeded in accomplishing!  The Communist Chinese military/political spies comprise the very essence of the military, according to Sun Tzu (the ancient and still up to date preeminent authority on Chinese historical military strategy).  As you can see Deng Xiaoping's 24-character maxim exactly agrees with Sun Tzu's ancient military strategy; nothing has changed!  There is nothing new under the sun after all.

Western society might relate better to: there's nothing like a sure thing; never give a sucker an even break...or the controlling strategy in US Military and Police forces, to always use overwhelming force.  But the oriental adversaries (aka most favored nation allies), are worldly wiser, and are not willing to go forth to battle even with overwhelming force, when and where they do not believe they have done everything they can to already guarantee victory!

Even the crudest bullies understand this, as is seen with heavily armed individuals and gangs insisting on attacking unarmed and preferably hogtied individuals, e.g., children, girls, young women, women, pregnant women, and elderly people.  

. Update: Bloody Red Communist China's satellite slave state North Korea is moving swiftly towards "peaceful reunification" with legitimate South Korea.  One small hitch though, all of America's troops must be removed from the demilitarized zone, from South Korea, and in fact from the entire area.  Why you ask; the answer is simply that when the onslaught comes, China & North Korea do not want the USA obligated to intervene due to US troops being under fire; so all American presence must be removed before the "peaceful" maneuvers begin.

But you ask, if China & North Korea intend to attack the US, why should they care to try to prevent US involvement now.  Simply this, China has a number of strategic military actions to carry out before it intends to attack the US; it wants to keep the US uninvolved until the last moment.

. Update: Blood Red Communist China's vaunted liberating 'reunification' of Hong Kong with Bloody Red Communist China, the world's lying majority press and monstrous criminal politicos in the USA and elsewhere notwithstanding, has guaranteed the destruction of all godly freedom in Hong Kong, it is merely a matter of time and precious little of that prior to the bloodletting of all opponents of the Chinese Communist regime.  Britain performed an interesting little variation of what they did to Israel in 1948; ah yes, sweet Britannia.

Some poor people, who are good and wise in various other policy areas, actually believe Communism is dead!  Sorry poor misled, misleading folks, Communism is not dead; but, sadly, few if any of its opponents will not be before long.

Bloody Red Communist China is on the verge of taking over the former Long Beach Naval Base courtesy of the Clinton/Rodham-Clinton/Gore imperial American presidential administration and the congressional leadership; additionally Red China is very near to succeeding in taking over the American Panama Canal via its key Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean Ports....  Red China is a very significant player in the subterfuge to draw the U.S.A. into war with Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime, prior to taking the U.S.A. on directly, Russia is also a key player in this tact to finally succeed in overthrowing and destroying the U.S.A.

The best development in a long time, relative to giving dear old Bloody Red China something to think about, Yes I'm referring to India's nuclear tests!!!  You know, those underground detonations, which 'peace-loving' Clinton Administration key players, New World Order/UN bureaucrats, diplomats and media types everywhere rushed to condemn, as allegedly upsetting 'World Peace'...in fact served to buy precious time, i.e., they serve to delay the time-table for launching attacks by Red China on all of its pre-determined targets, including India and the USA, and perhaps to alter the allocation or targeting of war materials, including IBM's with nuclear warheads (the overwhelming majority of which are targeted at the USA), when Bloody Red China does finally strike unilaterally (as Hitler's Blitzkrieg struck Poland and Hirohito's Zeros struck Pearl Harbor)!

Mao Tse Tung, Chairman Mao

How now, Bloody Mao?

What a leader; what a monstrous butcher!

But though he is gone to his reward in Hell, that to be followed by eternal suffering in the lake of fire & brimstone, his legacy continues via the leadership of his successors, e.g., Deng Xiaoping. 

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