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Update: Since being forsaken by the Bush Administration and U.S. federal government, and undermined by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Lebanon has succumbed to all of Hizballah's demands, including Hizballah-forced rigged elections, in which "surprise," Syria's and Iran's man in Lebanon General Michel Sleiman was "elected."  Hizballah strongman, Chief General Sleiman will swiftly secure Lebanon as a Hizballah terrorist regime.  Israel will shortly be subjected to terrorist attacks greater than it has faced since Yassir Arafat's PLO conducted its reign of terror upon Lebanon, and launched its terrorist attacks against Israel from terrorized, enslaved Lebanon.

Update: Since Ariel Sharon was felled by strokes and replaced by Ehud Olmert (following Sharon's having departed his Likud party and founding a new compromise party Kadima), the nation of Israel has been in great jeopardy, but frankly this editor does not believe Sharon would have fallen had he not made one move after another which greatly compromised Israel and jeopardized its security.  Ariel Sharon was the least likely man to fail his nation as he did, yet he too permitted himself to be seduced into selling Israel down the river in exchange for potential promises of peace....

Update: We look forward to the long overdue promotion of Ariel Sharon to the Prime Ministership of Israel.  The villainously slandered Giant of Israel's leaders is sorely needed, and will step into mortal headship over Israel at the most trying time of its entire history (yes, I mean its entire history!).  What a mercy for Israel to have the Clinton/Rodham/Gore/Albright gang out, and to have Sharon at the helm of Israel, thank God, now Israel can survive for a few more years; and then finally be rejoined to her Creator, Saviour, and Lord.  Thank God, thank God, thank God. 

Update: it has been acknowledged (rightly or wrongly) by Middle-east experts that Bibi has 'succeeded' now in compromising Israel's security far more drastically than Rabin, Peres...and the others of their ilk would have dared to!  But given how ruinously Rabin and Peres sold Israel's security, for dreams of peace (at any cost), it is hard to imagine how Bibi could possibly outdo the Rabin-Peres duo (i.e., they actually agreed to cede what is called East Jerusalem to Yassir Arafat ['The Father of Terrorism] and the P.L.O. terrorists, and to cede one quarter of Old Jerusalem to the Roman Catholic 'Church,' among other evils).  Interesting, given that preserving what semblance of security was still intact in Israel at that time, and refusing to promise to give away, and indeed, refusing to give away any additional blood-bought Israeli territory, was far and away the all-compelling motivation behind Netanyahu's remarkable victory over Peres.  The Clinton administration (regime) was purportedly stunned by Bibi's 'miraculous' come from behind victory over Shimon Peres; but all should be well in 'Mudville' 'tonight' if Bibi turns out to be more like Peres, than even Peres; so... the mighty 'Casey' may strike out, but be given the victory anyway.  Likely the ones to be stunned now are those who pulled out all stops to incredibly give Bibi a 'miraculous' election victory, only to see their expectations go up in 'smoke.'

Update: Bibi's departure, if it occurs, will almost certainly be either via political/judicial ouster or de-election; first there was the attempt to oust him judicially, beginning with the initiation of the investigation of Bibi and his administration.  Now there is the effort initiated by U.S.A. President William Clinton, to force him out of office, spearheaded by FOB (Friend Of Bill), close buddy and former Campaign Co-Manager James Carville.  I know what you're thinking, how could poor picked on Bill, after his narrowly evading by hook and crook being forced out of the Presidency for high crimes and misdemeanors which the House managers proved he was guilty of, even to Senator Robert Byrd's grudging dissatisfaction, how could this poor picked on President have it in for Bibi?  Yes, the same Bibi who has told the whole world that Bill is a "Warrior for Peace, who will not stop!"  How could this Bill have it in for Bibi simply for being guilty of not totally capitulating to all of Bill's Israel-destroying demands?  The answer, simple, that's the way Buddy Bill is.

The multitude of 'Christians' and 'ministries' who have flocked to ingratiate themselves to Bibi, instead of confronting and rebuking him (seen this month, April-Adar "2"!/Nisan, one year ago in Washington, D. C.), will perhaps have to ingratiate themselves to his successor.  I do understand the temptation to attempt to become friends of the Israeli Prime Minister; however, I also recognize that this is not what Jesus would have done!  It is Worldly wise thinking, not Spiritual, not Godly, nor God-pleasing; it's a case in point of being too earthly minded to be any earthly good!.  Should Israel be bestowed with another leader, may he be a genuinely godly one (which those who supported Bibi for election knew he was not).  Bibi, contrary to what is said of him, is a secular Jew, as seen vividly, unmistakably in his personal life, i.e., three marriages, and admitted adultery even during his current marriage to his beautiful wife; and with whom did the great leader commit adultery while yet fairly a newlywed with his most lovely third wife, you guessed it, with a very young woman indeed, who worked for the Netanyahu's as their children's Nanny! and worked for Bibi as his concubine!  [The young woman was a STALKER no doubt, Poor baby/bibi!]  What a leader, what a hero, and elected as the Orthodox Priest's choice as God's man to lead Israel!!!!  What an outrageous disgrace, to have "Spiritual Leaders" claiming that such a man is God's Man to lead Israel. Yes, Bibi truly has sexually even out-ignobled Bill, and that takes some doing!.  It should be noted that the modern State of Israel has a long-standing penchant for electing ungodly secular humanist Jews, atheist Jews, and Communist Jews as it's leaders; it is abysmally shameful, and blindly ruinous, for Israel and her people, but wretchedly true.

Additional Update: The latest terrorist bombings (aimed as usual at women, children,...) by Jihadic 'heroes,' monstrously foreshadows the near future; Bibi's apparent boasting two days prior to the terrorist attack of having succeeded in protecting the Israeli people & stopping the terrorism was perhaps less than the most humble, true, or wise statement ever delivered by a political leader; Bibi's demand of Arafat to control the terrorists (given Arafat's permanent/life-long commitment to terrorism against Israel and the Hebrew people, and the ultimate annihilation of the Jews) was something less than compelling or hopeful, but was useful for public relations or personal political damage control; of course, Albright & Bill didn't miss a beat, and continued with their insistence that Israel pursue peace..., albeit via Uncle Bill's plan for Israeli Annihilation, so dear Madeleine may be 'Jewish' (as are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 'Planned Parenthood's Gloria Feldt, NOW's Betty Friedan, and Gloria Steinem, and so many of the members of the ACLU...), so what, Bill, Hill, and Al are 'American,' and look at their plan for America, Annihilation!

Latest Update: Thank GOD Bibi refused to 'participate' in the summit 'called' (demanded) by Bill's & Hill's dear handmaid of the New World Order, Madeleine Albright. Hopefully Bibi's stand regarding this summit is a harbinger of good things to come from him and from Israel, may it be so. GOD Save Israel.

No; leave it to Bibi to turnabout and meet with New World Order handmaid Madeleine Albright after all, lest he offend the powers that be, again this is standard operating procedure for Bibi and for all of the leaders the resurrected nation of Israel has had, i.e., honoring man rather than honoring GOD, obeying man rather than obeying GOD, serving man rather than serving GOD..., it is a prescription for the destruction of Israel, but it fits Secular Humanist Israel, which is what the resurrected nation of Israel tragically is. {But the good news is, GOD has a future for Israel and for vast multitudes of Jews, in spite of Satan's planned annihilation of the Jews and destruction of Israel.}

Ariel Sharon: One outstanding patriot and hero of Israel, one courageous, wise, and truly worthy leader of Israel.  The Nation of Israel needs Ariel to lead the Nation as Prime Minister, but it also needs him to lead the Military.  He has bravely, and ably served his nation Israel for all fifty plus years of its 'modern existence,' i.e. since it struggled to be 're-born' and to survive; without this giant's faithful dedication to Israel's survival where would the modern Nation of Israel be now?  Thank God for him.

Ariel recently made the following observations concerning Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jews.

.  Throughout the history of foreign rule in Jerusalem - from the Roman and Byzantine periods, through the Crusader era, down to the time of the Ottoman Turks - the Jewish community has maintained a continuous presence in the city (Jerusalem), in the face of repeated acts of persecution, pogroms and attempts at expulsion; just as, for some 3,300 years and down to this day, there has not been a single day that Jews have not resided in the Land of Israel.

.  Again and again, down the centuries, Jews have opted to settle in Jerusalem.  Since 1840, the Jews have comprised the largest ethnic community in the city.  From the 1860's to this day, the Jews have constituted the majority.  In 1948, during the War of Independence, the Jordanians, after heavy battles, captured the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and demolished it, together with scores of synagogues and Jewish institutions, some of them centuries old.  Many of the Jews who defended the Quarter fell in these battles; others were taken captive.  Thus was Jerusalem divided.

.  Jerusalem has always been the national capital of the Jewish people, and of no other (people).

Throughout history, no nation that has ruled Jerusalem (other than the Jews) ever proclaimed it to be its capital - not even a district capital.  Only the Jewish nation did so in the biblical period - for some 1,200 years, and again when Israel was re-established in 1948.

.  There is wide national agreement, in Israel and in the Diaspora, that united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty is and will remain the eternal capital of Israel.  Historically and in point of fact, freedom of conscience and of religious worship, and free access to the holy places of all faiths, have been maintained only since the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli governance and sovereignty in 1967.  We achieved this after Jordan joined the war (against Israel) and launched its attack upon us in Jerusalem.

.  Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and as the seat of its governmental institutions, as well as the city's boundaries, are also defined in the Basic Law: Jerusalem - Capital of Israel, adopted by the Knesset in 1980.  This law also ensures the protection and inviolability of the holy places and free access to these places for the members of all religions, as well as the development of the city for the benefit of all its inhabitants.

.  Pres. Clinton's gang, led by James Carville, and their cohorts appear confident of success in the elections, i.e., de-election of the big "Bibi," judging by the myriad requests being made of Yassar Arafat to delay his incendiary Palestinian Declaration of Nationhood; namely, the New World Order-ites appear confident of getting their favorites into power in Israel, if they can just hold up Arafat's illegitimate Declaration of Nationhood/WAR.

The UN is collaborating with Yassar Arafat to denounce Israel, censor Israel, condemn Israel, impose International sanctions against Israel, and 'invalidate' Israel's rightful God-given claim to all of Israel, the West Bank of Jordan, the East Bank of Jordan, the Golan Heights, the Negev....

And of course the Clintons are prepared to push aggressively for the radical truncation of Israel, ceding God-given, territory that Israel has bought with its blood in all of the wars waged against it by its mortal enemies since (even before) it declared Nationhood in 1948.  As evidence of this both Pres. Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton have openly welcomed Palestinian statehood on Israeli soil.  They could at least 'temper' their enthusiasm by suggesting Palestinian statehood on Israeli territory within Jordan's national borders (rightfully belonging to the Hebrew tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half of the tribe of Manasseh); but no, even that outrage would not be sufficiently evil for them.

A change of leadership in Israel, via *de-election/coup/demotion/ouster of Bibi if he continues to 'betray' the Likud party, continues to capitulate to the Clinton regime's 'requests,' and continues to make additional ungodly concessions to Israel's mortal enemies (Arafat, Assad, Mubarak....), thereby making Israel the enemy of GOD by ceding Israel's GOD-given, blood-bought heritage to Israel's and GOD's enemies, and further compromising Israel's tenuous security (which he, Bibi, was elected to protect and defend).  If Bibi is de-elected, much credit should go to Clinton's army of operatives working to that end, e.g., Carville and Co.; remarkable considering how Bibi has caved in to Clinton's Israel-destroying Peace-demands.  But you see, despite Bibi having obscenely exalted Bill by titling him "a warrior for peace," Bibi has not yet yielded to every demand, and that (less than total capitulation to the US administration's devilish demands) is unacceptable to the Clinton-ites, and New World Order-ites everywhere.

The only clear improvement for Israel would lay with the enormously maligned and viciously slandered Ariel Sharon, who has proven himself to be a tremendous patriot, hero, and comparatively wise courageous leader throughout Israel's precarious past, up to the present [may GOD mercifully bring him to power as Israel's leader, if Bibi is forced out].  More likely, or probable, successors however are Ehud Barak, of the Labor Party, and Ezer Weisman.  Ehud Barak, who like his mentor Rabin before him, distinguished himself militarily, and is counted as Israel's most highly decorated soldier, regrettably offers only the same vacuous, blind, ignorant, secular-humanist 'leadership' as the late Rabin.  With Barak at Israel's helm, we can foretell the certain sell-out of Israel's God-given, blood bought territory in exchange for lying promises of peace, which are not worth the paper they are written on.  Ezer Weisman, in years gone by bravely distinguished himself too in service to his country, but he can no longer be expected to do what needs to be done in and for Israel's survival.

It's the same old perennial story, perpetually repeated throughout the one half century history of the 20th & 21st Century nation-state of Israel, i.e., this nation of people hand-picked by God and destined yet to be used by Him, choosing to be led by godless secular humanists, blindly leading the blind into a ditch, and such a ditch it is too, i.e., an open grave!!!

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