Jerusalem, The LORD's Holy City - the Western Wall/the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount

The Western Wall or "wailing wall" currently overshadowed by the al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques that were constructed upon the Temple Mount to defile the LORD's Temple, and to futilely attempt to supplant the true God with that of "Allah" (one of many disguising identities or pseudonyms that Satan uses).

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries

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Public Service, Public Affairs, Life & Death Issues....

  CBM's "Loving, Life-sparing" Public Service Campaigns *

ABC-Link awareness; Condom failure awareness....

  After All Is Said & Done *

Examination of public affairs in general, and life and death issues in particular.

Nu  Values *

New, new, new, null values....

  With Liberty & Justice for All!? *

Critique of our Court system, our institutionalized system of Injustice, i.e., our Injustice system.

Historical Documents & Commentaries

  The Constitutional Press: "The Founders' Letters"

The Documents framed to form the representative Republic - the United States of America.

  The Memorial Mystique Press: "The Lincoln Letters"*

  The Freedom Press: "The Freedom Letters"*

  Ben, Have You Got The Time? *

Whatever happened to the Great American Experiment?

  Satanic so-called Social Scientists and Societal Engineers *

[This new page is belatedly provided to correct my longstanding oversight of having provided this crucial information on the "Wolves Mate For Life" page, where you likely did not expect to find it.]

Commentaries, Critiques, Editorials

  Wolves Mate For Life! *

Yes, fact is more incredible than fiction.

[vs. - I think I'll take one from column A, & one from column B, & one from column C!  You know what they say, variety is the spice of life, & some like it hot!]

  One Small Step - Will Rides Again!*

Critiques of current presented by the illustrious press, a la the late Will Rogers

  Editor's Sketches * 

Cameos/vignettes of trendy 'truisms' (euphemisms) in the USA of today....

  Editor's PostScript Page *

Editorial commentaries, from CBM's editor.

Current Events, Coming Events....

  Without a Net *

Previews of very soon 'coming attractions' (according to the editor)!


& Refractions *

What was, what is, & what will be!

  The True STATE of the UNION *

An honest State of the Union message!

One Way - what would a godly ruler be and do?

  One Way: GOD's Man in Washington 

What would a godly President of the USA (and a godly Government) do?

  One Way: GOD's Man in Israel 

What would a godly Prime Minister of Israel do?

Biblical Prophecies at hand, and drawing nigh!

  One Way: GOD's Priest, GOD's Prophet 

What would a priest & prophet of God's choosing and making do and say?

  The Time At Hand

What lays 'around the corner' for The Great American Eagle (or would you rather not know?)!

  Son of Man: Watchman

Give them Warning from ME!

  Thus Saith the LORD thy GOD

'Earthshaking' events, and developments soon to come!

  O Jerusalem, Jerusalem....

What The LORD says of HIS Jerusalem!

The Antichrist: A Profile of the King of the North & his Kingdom

The LORD GOD's Word of Protection 

God's Word of Personal Protection to His Own.

Jesus the Christ

  KING JEW: KING of Kings, & LORD of Lords 

Suffering Servant; Soon-coming, Conquering KING of Kings and LORD of Lords!

  MESSENGER of The LORD of Hosts 

The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness!

  Let's Meet JESUS 

Jesus of Nazareth, the Just One.

  Be Thou My Vision, My LORD & My GOD 

Look, ye blind, that ye may see.

Bible Doctrines, Questions, Religions....

Martyrs & Martyrdom

vs. Terrorists & Terrorism

  Arise: Contend for the Faith 

- vs. cults, 'world religions,' winds of doctrines, heresies, Satanic lies....

Thmb-mntns+clouds-213095.gif (7050 bytes)  Key Doctrines & Questions

Rapture; Eternal Security; Born Again; Filled with the Spirit....

  What Is Truth?

What hath The LORD answered thee?  What hath The LORD spoken unto thee?

Books from the Holy Bible/The Holy Scriptures - such as The Gospels

  The Gospels According to Apostles Matthew & John and Disciples Mark & Luke 

The Acts of the Apostles, and The Revelation of Apostle John

Christ's Bride Ministries' Broadcast Media

Broadcast Media Programs

A Church for today?

  CHRIST's Resurrection of Life, Body 

"I AM the Resurrection, and the Life:...."

Marriage & Wedded Love

  Blessings Money Cannot Buy 

- cometh down from The Father of lights....

.  CHRIST's Bride, Ministries' Mission Statement

Qualifying/explanatory notes:

CBM's editor has been known to wax 'poetic' in coining new terms and such, in addition to persisting in using purportedly 'archaic' terms and/or spellings, hopefully these choices of the editor will serve to enhance rather than to detract from the comprehensibility of these communications; my apologies if this is not the case.

* The branches/sub-directories noted by asterisks* (following and/or preceding their names), are deemed to include material per the editor's judgment, and as such do not claim to infallibly represent GOD's perfect wisdom, knowledge, nor understanding; but rather the editor's limited 'vision' and understanding of GOD's Word concerning these very last times.  Imperfections contained herein are due to the imperfection of CBM's editor.  Notwithstanding this disclaimer, CBM does assert that the communications contained herein are not communicated lightly, nor recklessly, but are 'spoken' at the unction of the LORD and GOD of living and dead, who requires of His servants to make His will publicly known, and to warn all people of the things to come, which are near at hand.  The solemn and sincere intent of these communications is to direct people to the true GOD while there is yet time remaining.

The editor recognizes that well-intended people may sincerely (and wrongly), believe criticisms of this nation are evidence of disloyalty, betrayal...and wrongly assert that blind obedience to this nation's wicked rulership, and a 'my country right or wrong' mindset are virtuous, godly, and necessary for this nation to 'succeed,' survive, and thrive; however, this nation's founding fathers would sharply disagree.  Additionally, GOD's true servants have always been condemned along exactly these lines, as the Holy Bible amply attests (and as noted in Scriptures referenced in many chapters of this website); and the failure to correct ruinous and deadly sin, rebellion, and villainy has always proved to be fatally disastrous.  In truth, judgment will come with or without warning; absence of warning will not prevent judgment from being executed; furthermore, warning is directed and called for by GOD, as a mercy to those under judgment, that they may choose to be spared suffering the execution of such judgment, by turning to GOD.  Additionally, CBM's Editor does not enjoy the luxury of opting not to obey the Lord who has created him, called him, chosen him, & commanded him to be a watchman to the people of the United States of America, and to witness to the resurrection of the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

The editor acknowledges his utter, total dependence on GOD's Holy WORD, and the Spirit of GOD for godly understanding, knowledge, wisdom, judgment; any lack of these is due to the editor's failure to know GOD.

As stated on the Prologue page, whatever is right about CHRIST's Bride, Ministries' sites is thanks to GOD; whatever is wrong about CHRIST's Bride, Ministries' sites is due to CBM's editor.

.  Greetings, visitor.  If you desire to know what is at hand and lies ahead, you have come to a place where you can find this information, and which will direct you to The Source Of All Truth.  If you would rather not know what the truth is, if it is not pleasant, enjoyable, and entertaining, then perhaps GOD has brought you to this site, for your benefit (in spite of your desires).

Additionally, the Internet is 'full' of 'news,' 'information' and such, which will not 'tell' you the truth about yesteryear, or yesterday, nor today, much less about tomorrow, or next year; if such 'information' is your preference, you will have no difficulty whatever, locating as much as your heart can desire and sufficient to keep you oblivious to the truth, until it is regrettably too late.  Indeed, the Internet 'superhighway' is awash with misinformation, disinformation, indoctrinating propaganda, lies, myths, and myriad foolishness virtually anywhere that you may look on the Internet, and on the Internet service network portals, and on the latest if not the greatest, the burgeoning world of social media, including blogs, i.e., web logs; then of course there are the non-net 'news information' 'favorites,' i.e., the radio and television networks and stations, cable news networks and assorted other cable networks (regrettably including most 'Christian' television and radio networks and stations), the 'news bureaus,' 'news wire services,' the 'news' magazines, etc., bon a petit.  So regardless the manner of conveyance you receive your 'information services' through, the likelihood of deriving truth therefrom is slim indeed, e.g., you know the old 'saw,' "garbage in, garbage out," truly it applies directly to the overwhelming majority of "information services" available today; therefore, please choose carefully and wisely.

Copyright 1996-2019 CHRIST's Bride, Ministries/Brad Thomas.  All rights reserved.

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries, bearing witness to the truth by the Spirit of Truth, to bring a lost and dying world to life.

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries - Theme

hi, i'm the cbm babe [Save the Babes!] (the boss, cbm's editor, adopted me so to speak),

next time you see me, i'll be crawling back here, to home base (table of contents - toc)

the boss, cbm's editor, has received complaints about including me on this website since i'm so cute, while he is so harsh and offensive, and the website is so gravely serious...but you see the reason i'm here is because i'm one of the little fellers that God expects grown-ups to protect and to look out for; i'm here to remind everyone that what grownups do and fail to do directly and often devastatingly effects little ones like me; i'm not here to attract little ones to this website, i'm here to get through to grownups whose eyes have been blinded, words perverted, hearts hardened, consciences seared, actions corrupted, and who are in eternal jeopardy! so you see, i'm actually very important, which is why the boss refuses to remove me; so i've got perpetual job security :-)

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