The Flag of the United States of America

"The State of The UNION"

The State of The Union Message

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America,

and to the Republic for which it stands,

One nation, under GOD, Indivisible,

with Liberty and Justice for all.

When is the last time you stopped to consider the true meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance (not the sanitized version), rather than just trying to recall how the words go, in order to 'dutifully' obey the instructions of someone at some function or other to sheepishly bleat out the pledge along with all of the other dutiful folk at such a function (all of whom are meanwhile being herded to their eventual destruction by this perverted nation's evil leadership which has succeeded so far in corrupting, subverting, and perverting this God-founded nation)?

Perhaps like me, you routinely conform, just following along 'patriotically,' rather than stopping and thinking, and taking stock of what you are testifying to by so pledging; thus the reason for bringing it up (owing to GOD bringing me up short concerning this pledge, which tragically is no longer true, but has become a monstrous lie).

What does the pledge of allegiance say:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America," an odd thing to be pledging allegiance to, don't you think, i.e., instead of pledging allegiance first and foremost to GOD the Father, and GOD the Son, the CHRIST, to whom we owe this nation, to whom we owe our temporal existence, our continued survival, and welfare, and all-importantly our future eternal existence; instead of pledging allegiance secondly to the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible, the Law and the Testimony, from which the best that America ever had in the way of government derives from; instead of pledging allegiance to the nation which owes it's existence to the GOD whom we fail to pledge first and foremost allegiance to; instead of pledging allegiance to spouse, mate, helpmeet, sweetheart, to whom we owe unflagging, undying fidelity; instead of pledging allegiance to family and loved ones, to whom we owe faithfulness; instead of any of these, when we say the "Pledge of Allegiance" we pledge allegiance to a flag, a symbol or representation of the National Government of the Nation, aka the Union; yes the flag of a nation which owes it's very existence to GOD, and whom we fail to pledge allegiance to, fail to obey, fail to honour...a nation which repudiates GOD, rebels against GOD, and opposes the LORD to the utmost degree.  It reminds me a little (just a little, but enough that it bothers me) of the newsreels...of German soldiers and citizens paying such reverence to the Nazi swastika flag of the Third Reich.

"And to the Republic, for which it stands"; ah yes, pledging allegiance to a flag which represents a nation, which really stands for a Republic, which in truth either no longer exists, or barely exists, having been all but overthrown and supplanted by an unconstitutional federal state long ago (which is dominated by an exclusive club comprised overwhelmingly of modern day Caesars, imperial magistrates, roman senators, petty fiefs, and utter traitors to the God-created Union of the United States of America).

"One nation," or one slave state.  (Well at least it's not One World Order, yet!)

"Under GOD"; Under GOD! really?  What does Under GOD mean?  Just this: under the authority of; subjected to/subject to; submitted to; accountable to; answerable to; obedient to, OBEDIENT to; obeying, OBEYING; worshipping; honouring; serving faithfully and truly.  The vast majority of leaders of the United States of America are not only not under GOD, but are premeditatedly in open rebellion and mutiny against GOD, and have been so for a damnably long time!

"Indivisible"; really?  Not capable of being divided?  Not Divorceable?  Not annullable?  Unified, United, ONE, Married, joined inseparably by GOD and to GOD!  Really?  Only by the grace and mercy of GOD Almighty, the God whom this nation's leaders are in rebellion against and/or are at war with!

"With liberty and justice for all"; i.e., for all that is except of course for the preborn, the born, the sick, the injured, the wounded, those who haven't sufficiently recovered to their former condition of health and well-being, the children, the multitudes (chiefly girls and young women) who every single day in the USofA are seduced, defiled, kidnapped, raped, prostituted, enslaved, tortured, and routinely murdered....  And while there is license for the evil doers to do all manner of evil, with the approval of the obscene federal state; license for the abortionists, the euthanisers (the Dr. Death's and all those who aid, abet, and employ such for their family and 'loved ones'; license for the fetal experimenters; license for the pornographer/prostituters and pimps; license for the rapist/murderers; license for the monstrous sadistic torturers and tormenters; license for the murderers and destroyers...and license for all of the supporters and facilitators of such as these within the ranks of our most highly privileged politicians, judges, bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists, media personalities and media moguls, movie and television show producers..., ghetto rap crap & hip hop "song"-writers, "singers," & performers, entertainers, authors, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, therapists, counselors, ministers, educators, nurses, accountants, businessmen & businesswomen, military officers, policemen...bakers, candlestick-makers, movers and shakers, there is no liberty nor justice for the innocent victims they damnably prey upon daily.

Conclusion: My country, right or wrong, my country!  {Not exactly a godly conclusion, nor a wise choice, but rather a prescription for utter destruction!  And yet many of the better sinners and professing christians in this nation essentially unwittingly embrace this very thing!}

Another view of the Flag of the United States of America

George Washington's Vision (presented at the end of this 'page')

What Passes for the State of the Union in the USA of Today

.  January 2002, yes, it's that time of year, here it is Tuesday January 29, 2002 - "State of the Union" time.  How much has changed, or has it?

The State of the Union can be expected to feature certain refrains which have been oft repeated and drummed in by the administration's spokespeople, the major media elites, and virtually everyone else who has had an opportunity to address current events....

But, if you can get past the pet lines, and suspend your belief long enough to seriously consider what is the state of life in the "Union" and the world, you may find that the "truths" you and I are being fed are not true at all, nor helpful.

A few of the "truths" we have been "educated" about:

[Interestingly enough, it is permissible for University Professors (especially if they creatively claim to be native Americans) to opine that the Bush administration deliberately caused the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but condemnable to even consider the possibility that the former President(s) could have been involved.]

The exceedingly brief True State of the Union Message penned years ago is still regrettably true, but even more so, I will let it continue to speak, rather than revising it here, but I will provide an expanded version one day, if time permits and I can improve upon it.

.  Come Tuesday, January 27, 1998, 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, we in the United States of America, along with multitudes around the world, will be treated to the best performance Bill Clinton can deliver, after having practiced and practiced and dress rehearsed his delivery of the ever so carefully crafted demagoguery for several days (this after his gang of polling whizzes have privately polled the 'American Public' to determine how best to fool the 'American Public' concerning the latest scandals, and have devised battle plans accordingly.  Don't you think, that if the 'man' is innocent of wrong doing, he should simply tell the truth, instead of using every tool available to predict what message(s) and tactics will 'play best' with Mom & Pop America, before sharing with America 'the truth' which he is so desirous to share with us).

Early in the 1770's (prior to the War for Independence), one British Crown-appointed Colonial Governor wrote to England, "If you ask an American, who is his master?  He will tell you he has none, nor any governor but Jesus Christ."

Fortunately for Bill Clinton and his cohorts, this is no longer true of Americans; Caesar, Mammon, and Self are master, governor, and god in the United States of America of today, and thus are the gods in whom we trust!  Sinful, adulterous foolish people prefer sinful, adulterous, even wicked, rulers who will condone, legalize, encourage, facilitate, support, and reward the people's sinfulness and adultery. Bill knows this.

Bill Clinton performing Bill Clinton mesmerizing Bill Clinton basking

Our Hero.

Desired main themes of the Clinton/Rodham-Clinton Regime's State of the Union Message would include: The Attack on Iraq tact (which they may be afraid to push too aggressively, lest it appear they are attempting to divert attention from 'problems on the home front').  The imperative necessity of thwarting murderous villain Saddam Hussein at all cost (never mind murderous, habitual liar villains Clinton/Rodham-Clinton...).

Interesting to note the battle plan relative to the Lewinsky Crisis (apart from other possibilities, e.g., a tragic 'suicide' by a 'depressed, emotionally distraught Monica Lewinsky,' and/or perchance a tragic 'accident' for Linda Tripp; not to mention what could befall the ever-smooth Vernon Jordan should he get caught and decide to cut his losses by testifying against the big bosses):

* Main themes of an 'ideal State of the Union Message' by guess who, continued:

If our fearless Commander-in-Thief, Bill Clinton, compels the United States to strike Iraq, we can expect to see a very different result from that of the Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm, very different: massive American casualties; loss of warfare systems, i.e., aircraft, ships; expenditure of precious resources of munitions and arms; failure to inflict such losses upon Iraq and others; and ultimately the USA's inability to prevent an assault and invasion of the USA!  The Commanders-in-Chief, e.g., the Clintons & Gores will warrant a huge measure of credit for such destruction.

Bill Clinton is no one's buddy, not even Buddy's; though to hear Pastor Robert Schuler, Evangelist Billy Graham, and self-proclaimed 'Prophets' Rick Joyner & Paul Cain repeatedly tell it, he is a genuine Christian, with a real heart after GOD, and more remarkable yet, he is GOD's hand-picked man of faith and power for the hour!  Oh well.  They must know (after all they get it from God), right?!  Still, their take on el Presidente & his gal pal sure isn't the "politics of personal destruction Bill & Hill" that I have come to know and loathe, and Bill & Hill only choose that methodology when the outcome can be achieved without resorting to something a wee bit rougher (or at least that's how it seems to me); but gracious me, I must just not be understanding and appreciating the true essence of Bill & Hill the way that these great friends and "prophets" of God are.

.  Come February 04, 1997, if the United States of America is still standing as a nation, and the election dust has settled, regardless who delivers it, the American people will be 'treated' to the usual lying gruel of the annual State of the Union message; which will tell everyone that everything is basically OK, fundamentally in good shape, sound, strong, great, with a little room for improvement of course, which is a good thing, a healthy thing, perish the thought that there should be no room left for improvement, the theory of evolution you know!  (Ah yes, that precious little pack of lies, that Darwin himself renounced, as being the unformed, or ever so imperfectly formed, ideas of his more youthful, and less wise days).  But back to the state of the 'Union'; all things considered, surely the U.S.A. is secure and in good (responsible, capable, moral, courageous, wise, trustworthy) 'hands'...and headed for a glorious 21st century, right?  (REALLY?  You've got to be kidding.  God save America!)

The remains of the Roman Coliseum

The True STATE of The UNION - an honest State of the Union message!

What is the truth?

The truth is what the vast majority of people do not want to hear, to see, to recognize, to be apprised of, to be confronted with, to believe, nor to know, but which they instead choose to take great 'pains' to avoid like the proverbial and historical plague, lest they should be held accountable for what they know. (i.e., the multitudes of 'good' people who pretended not to hear nor notice the sights and screams of the young woman being brutally raped and savagely murdered directly outside their apartment building in Chicago decades ago, which has been reenacted multitudinous monstrous times since then to the destruction of multitudes of girls and women sacrificed on the altar of 'the American Way'/'brilliantly' championed "rights" to do murderous evil!).

If you are willing to consider what the truth of the condition of the USA really is, please read on.

First, by way of analogy, consider the next few examples, limited though they are:

1) A person is not feeling too well, but reasons that whatever is amiss should be detected during his annual comprehensive medical examination.  The doctor gives the person a 'clean bill of health,' and pronounces him to be healthy...; following receiving his medical exam results, i.e., his 'clean bill of health' the person leaves the doctor's office and drops dead.

2) A person experiences feeling poorly for some time, and consults a doctor to seek a remedy; the doctor states that overall the person appears to be healthy, though perhaps tired and run down, 'stressed out,' overworked...and thus prescribes accordingly.

The person's ill feeling continues over time and worsens, with the person now feeling badly; doctors are consulted, tests are conducted via outpatient and inpatient hospital facilities, comparatively superficial therapies are tried, with no genuine, lasting improvement.

The person's condition deteriorates to the point where it becomes alarming, and the person is scheduled for exploratory surgery, the operating team discovers cancer, cancer that has metastasized, spreading throughout the person's body and invading the major organs, the person is deemed beyond surgical help, consequently the team sews the person up and sends him home to die, or commences a medicinal, therapeutic, killing regimen of 'chemo-therapy,' and/or 'radiation-therapy,' which results in accomplishing the destruction of the person's immune system, and typically, the person's eventual death.

[I am personally acquainted with example 2.]

3) A person follows the prevailing wisdom of the age, in the pursuit of going for the gusto, grabbing all of the pleasure, gratification, happiness, and excitement that he can in his one go round (i.e., in this life).  This requires keeping from being sexually 'inactive', un-adult, immature, repressed, suppressed, abnormal, dormant...thus he yields to the sexual temptations of this most sexually provocative, sexually enticing, sexually seductive and encouraging and promoting of ages, with all of the provocation, enticements, temptations, encouragements, and promotions designed to result in causing sexual sin, precocious sexual sin, fornication, promiscuity, adultery...but 'safely' with latex rubber condoms.

He becomes 'sexually active,' but 'responsibly' practices 'Safe Sex' with every playmate he 'plays' with, no not some 'Magic'al 10,000 or 20,000 breathtaking babes, but a bevy of 'consenting sinner' beauties nonetheless.  After an incubation period he is diagnosed as being HIV positive; he does not have AIDS you understand, he just has HIV.  Later his condition is 'upgraded' to that of full-blown AIDS.  Yes, unthinkable but true; despite responsibly degrading himself and others, apparently one of the beauties passed on an unwanted bonus from a previous responsible liaison, perhaps with a star athlete or a sensitive politician.

The Truth of the State of the Union:

The first and second examples err, as there are no obvious cause and effect, sin and recompense, relationships to be observed; therefore, these will only serve to give notice to those who believe that the USA is a good nation, that such destruction can indeed befall the good.

The third example errs in not picturing the violence, the depth of idolatry, the governmentally sanctioned, condoned, legalized, legislated, facilitated, rewarded, enforced wickedness, depravity, and violence that have been advanced and have 'progressed' as incessantly updated standard operating procedures, in business-as-usual fashion, in this nation, this 'christian' nation, for so damnably long; but, notwithstanding this notable limitation, this comparison is closer to the mark (is it not?).

While a great many believe it is 'unpatriotic' to reveal this nation's wickedness, much less to call for this nation's repentance and reformation, the United States of America might be thought of as being deathly ill, incurably diseased, hopelessly, and irreparably ruined, ravaged, and perverted, as a direct result of forsaking GOD, refusing GOD, rejecting GOD, rebelling against GOD, trusting in idolatry, trusting in injustice, trusting in violence towards the innocents, and choosing to provide aid and abetment to the violent, the vicious, the ruthlessly predatory and heinously monstrous...the list is a very long one and shall be added to as time permits.

Suffice to say, there is no hope for America without miraculous forgiveness and cure from GOD; and there will be no miraculous cure forthcoming from GOD absent this nation's confession of it's abominations, repentance of it's wickedness, and genuine, true, wholehearted submission to GOD; barring these profound changes, and soon, there is only utter overthrow in America's future, owing not to a 'diseased condition', but to being under the condemnation of The Living GOD, for having rejected HIM, and having chosen to become His enemy, His blood enemy.

Without a genuinely profound turn to GOD, the question of America's future will be settled profoundly, but not according to what most of us would choose.  As for when the end of the American experiment will come; only the LORD knows the answer.

This is the abbreviated/condensed version; the expanded version will be available one day if God's judgment tarries.

'Safe Surf' - 'Safe-Snuff'

Another analogy to consider: The USA is a bit (quite a bit) like AAA's Matilda, the 'only Safe Surf Engine.'  How's that?   Well, glad you asked.

They both engage in much hoopla and hype regarding allegedly being so responsibly concerned for the safety and welfare...of children, young people, missing persons...; and take pride in behaving as especially responsible citizens.

They defend 'to the death' the 'right' of those 'persons' who choose to engage in, solicit, and promote all manner of sexual sin, corruption, prostitution, perversion, degradation, depravity, brutality, barbarism...and fantasizing or acting out of same; all in the name of 'adult entertainments,' 'adult themes,' 'freedom of speech,' 'freedom of expression,' 'the pursuit of happiness,' pretending that as long as children, youths, and young people are 'screened' from direct exposure to these abominations (which of course can directly include the abuse, rape, prostitution, and vicarious thrill-seeking associated with preying on the young and innocent), then there is no harm from defending and promoting the 'robust' proliferation of such evils.

Meanwhile, Dear Grand Dame Matilda's, "Protective Blue Ribbon" notwithstanding, AAA and The USA go on proudly championing the destroyers of the innocent, the harmless, the tender, the most vulnerable....  How gloriously free can you get, and heroic, and wholesome, and public spirited?  They give their all to legitimize, legalize, condone, justify, rationalize, and vindicate the proliferation of license to commit wickedness with impunity.  Oh but they care about the children; yes, and abortionists care about babies and girls and young women and women; and pimps respect girls and young women and women (as does a certain female U.S. Supreme Court Judge, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton, and received a rubber-stamp ride through Senate Confirmation proceedings, after all she's a she, so what self-respecting, self-serving, self-honouring, self-promoting, self-loving, self-worshipping Senator could possibly dare to object to her nomination, and to oppose Billy Goat Gruff's impeccable female appointee).

It is remarkably reminiscent of an interview conducted years ago, by a prestigious journalist/author/publisher/thinker on his television program, with a renowned guest, a famed lawyer, Constitutional Law expert, and 'Champion' of 'defending' 'constitutionally guaranteed freedoms' (and now nationally syndicated columnist, Felix Frankfurter Fellow at Harvard Law School...) who has been prominently mentioned repeatedly as a favored candidate for vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The guest was asked for his learned and considered opinion concerning the legality of so-called "snuff films."  For those of you unfamiliar with the term "snuff film," no it does not refer to a film glorifying the use of tobacco products; but rather it is used to designate a film featuring actual 'live' (not simulated) footage of unspeakably horrific, hellish, monstrous sexual torture murders, typically of young women, though children, youths, young men, or any human beings may be slaughtered in these "films."

The guest's answer was a tour de force for 'freedom' cause celebre cases everywhere, of every sort (except for legitimate freedom issues), no matter how 'personally distasteful' they may be to less intellectually superior and enlightened members of society, the gist of this most respected and eminent of legal experts was this:

The lawyer stated that while he would not support publicly advertising the showing of said "snuff films" by movie theater owners, he would 'defend to the death' the right of said movie theater owners to show "snuff films," as long as the "snuff films" were not publicly advertised!!!!  One may naively question how such movie theaters would be innocent of aiding and abetting the destroyers, and facilitating their destruction of the innocents; but the learned lawyers and judges know better!

First, I must acknowledge that I realize the vast majority of ordinary people will not believe that even the most vile and wicked lawyer would dare to publicly declare he would defend the showing of 'snuff films' in movie theaters; as it is too impossibly horrible, too macabre, and flagrantly evil to be true, right?  What an ironic twist that the evil can not only get away with doing such impossibly evil things, and if ever prosecuted can be defended 'to the death' by the most brilliant legal minds...but then the ignorant masses can dismiss such actions, being too farfetched & too horrible to be true!

Now back to the great lawyer Alan Dershowitz's brilliant judgment: He would poetically, 'defend to the death' not the victims being preyed upon, kidnapped, lured, seduced, raped, tortured, mutilated, maimed, and murdered while 'movies' capturing their 'artistic torture murders' are produced; but rather, he would 'defend to the death' those who have shown and do show the 'movies' depicting these monstrous abominations (or Halloween treats), and he thus would aid and abet the satanic destroyers who have premeditatedly tortured and butchered their victims, and in so doing would encourage, facilitate, reward, endorse, justify, rationalize, condone, legislate, legalize the free exercise of such 'constitutionally protected freedoms' (one day very likely rendering supremely high judgments, thereafter forever guaranteeing the unassailable 'constitutional right' to commit these most extreme evils)!  But fear not, Alan Dershowitz is not heartless, he does care about children, youths, young people...who knows, he might even encourage movie theater owners who choose to profitably show such "snuff films," to responsibly exercise voluntary self-regulation, and allow posting of missing persons notices, and exhibit blue ribbons at their entrances.

Ah yes, the land of the free, and the home of the brave; The Land of the Free to commit all manner of evil with impunity; The Home of the Brave, for destroyers to blatantly, brazenly, flagrantly, 'bravely' murderously destroy the innocents, the near innocents, and the comparatively innocent!

The United States of America has degenerated to become an obscene, shameful, destructive lie; appropriately enough run by obscene, shameful liars, and destroyers.

Sweet land of liberty, GOD shed his grace on thee?  GOD Save America!

The Flag of the United States of America, at night

Is Paris Burning?  Could be, I don't know, but that's a whole other continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, this is the U.S.A., the reigning world power, the reigning world super-power, the only World Super-Power!

Firefighters fighting a fire

No problem, we've got it under control, it's in good shape; of course, there is still a little room for improvement, but all in all it's looking good.

General Washington's Vision - Prelude.

General George Washington, Commander in Chief of the Continental Army (which by the grace and providence of GOD Almighty wrought independence for the American colonies from the British Crown), and founding President of the United States of America was conspicuously protected by GOD, directed and led by GOD, used by GOD, and blessed by GOD. Indeed he was first in war, and first in peace.  In a time of great Americans, he was the greatest American.

While he was General of the Continental Army, GOD Almighty revealed to him in a vision the future that lay ahead for America, the following is the entire vision given to George Washington, GOD's chosen leader of America, as related by Anthony Sherman to Wesley Bradshaw on the Fourth of July, 1859.

This was originally published by Wesley Bradshaw, and is copied from a reprint in the National Tribune, Vol. 4, No. 12, December 1880.

General Washington's Vision

The last time I ever saw Anthony Sherman was on the Fourth of July, 1859, in Independence Square.  He was then ninety-nine years old, his dimming eyes rekindled as he gazed upon Independence Hall, which he had come to visit once more.  "I want to tell you an incident of Washington's life--one which no one alive knows of except myself; and which, if you live, you will before long see verified."

He said, "From the opening of the Revolution, we experienced all phases of fortune, good and ill.  The darkest period we ever had, I think, was when Washington, after several reverses, retreated to Valley Forge, where he resolved to pass the winter of 1777.  Ah! I often saw the tears coursing down our dear commander's careworn cheeks, as he conversed with a confidential officer about the condition of his soldiers.  You have doubtless heard the story of Washington's going to the thicket to pray.  Well, he also used to pray to God in secret for aid and comfort.

One day, I remember well, the chilly winds whistled through the leafless trees.  Though the sky was cloudless and the sun shone brightly, he remained alone in his quarters nearly all afternoon.  When he came out, I noticed that his face was a shade paler than usual, and there seemed to be something on his mind of more than ordinary importance.  Returning just after dusk, he dispatched an orderly to the quarters of the officer I mentioned who was in attendance at the time.  After a preliminary conversation of about half an hour, Washington, gazing upon his companion with that strange look of dignity that he alone could command, said to the latter:

"'I do not know whether it is due to the anxiety of my mind, or what, but this afternoon, as I was preparing a dispatch, something seemed to disturb me.  Looking up, I beheld, standing opposite me, a singularly beautiful being.  So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of the visit.  A second, a third, and even a fourth time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor, except a slight raising of the eyes.  By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me, and I would have risen, but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible.  I assayed once more to speak, but my tongue had become useless, as though it had become paralyzed.  A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistible, took possession.  All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor.  Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed to become filled with sensations, and grew luminous.  Everything about me seemed to rarefy, including the mysterious visitor.

"'I began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations which I have sometimes imagined accompany dissolution.  I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move; all were alike impossible.  I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly at my companion.

"'Presently I heard a voice saying, "Son of the Republic, look and learn," while at the same time my visitor extended an arm eastwardly.  I now beheld a heavy vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold.  This gradually dissipated, and I looked out upon a strange scene.  Before me lay spread out in one vast plain all the countries of the world--Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.  I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America the billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific.

"'"Son of the Republic," said the same mysterious voice as before, "look and learn."  At that moment I beheld a dark, shadowy being as an angel standing, or rather floating, in mid-air between Europe and America.  Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of his hand, he cast some on Europe.  Immediately a cloud raised from these countries, and joined in mid-ocean.  For a while it remained stationary, and then moved slowly westward until it enveloped America in its murky folds.  Sharp flashes of lightning gleamed through it at intervals, and I heard the smothered groans and cries of the American people.  A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it out as before.  The dark cloud was then drawn back to the ocean, in whose billows it sank from view.

"'A third time I heard the mysterious voice saying, "Son of the Republic, look and learn."  I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages and towns and cities spring up one after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them.  Again I heard the mysterious voice say, "Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh; look and learn."

"'And this time the dark, shadowy angel turned his face southward, and from Africa I saw an ill-omened specter approach our land. I flitted slowly over every town and city of the latter.  The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle against each other.  As I continued looking, I saw a bright angel, on whose brow rested a crown of light on which was traced the word, "Union," bearing the American flag, which he placed between the divided nation.  He said, "Remember, ye are brethren."  Instantly the inhabitants, casting down their weapons, became friends once, and united around the National Standard.

"'Again I heard the mysterious voice saying, "Son of the Republic, look and learn."  At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his lips and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it on Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene.  From each of these countries arose thick black clouds that were soon joined into one; and throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of cloud.  And I dimly saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns, and cities that I had beheld springing up.

"'As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, the slashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I again heard the mysterious voice saying, "Son of the Republic, look and learn."  When the voice had ceased, the dark angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth and blew a long and fearful blast.

"'Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shown down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America.  At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shown the word "Union" and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits.  These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well-nigh overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.  Again, amid the fearful noise of the conflict I heard the mysterious voice saying, "Son of the Republic, look and learn."  As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America.  Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious.

"'Then once more, I beheld the villages, towns, and cities springing up where I'd seen them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them, cried with a loud voice: "While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last."  And taking from his brow the crown on which blazoned the word "Union," he placed it upon the standard while the people, kneeling down, said "Amen."

.  "'The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I, at last, saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor I had at first beheld.  This also disappeared, and I found myself once more gazing upon the mysterious visitor, who in the same voice I had heard before said, "Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted.  Three great perils will come upon the RepublicThe most fearful is the third [The help against the third peril comes in the shape of divine assistance], passing which the whole world united shall not prevail against her.  Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land, and his Union."  With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown me the birth, the progress, and the destiny of the United States.'

"Such, my friends," said the venerable narrator, "were the words I heard from Washington's own lips, and America will do well to profit by them."

Editor's Postscript:

The difficulty I have with George Washington's Vision is the matter of the United States of America purportedly continuing until the New Jerusalem comes down from GOD Almighty (following the passing away of the heavens and earth).  But I do welcome this to be so, as I am dedicated to doing what I can to save and preserve the Union from evil and destruction; nonetheless, I do not see how this aspect of George Washington's Vision can be true, as it does not square or agree with scripture, e.g., all of the world being devoured, tread down, and broken in pieces by the last world conqueror (Daniel 7:23), and all of the world being gathered together to go to war against Jerusalem.  Nonetheless, may George Washington's vision prove to be true on all counts, Amen.  But I fear the following scriptures will be fulfilled concerning America, Jeremiah 15:1 "Then said the LORD unto me, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people: cast them out of my sight, and let them go forth."  II Kings 24:3-4 "Surely at the commandment of the LORD came this upon Judah, to remove them out of his sight, for the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he did.  And also, for the innocent blood that he shed: for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood: which the LORD would not pardon."

.  The late, great Dumitru Duduman's Visions for America while undeniably troubling, unfortunately do not clearly contradict scripture; therefore, I recommend them for your consideration.

Question: What kind of man will America need to guide her through the most terrible hours of her history?

Clue to Answer: What kind of man did God use to bring the children of Israel through their most terrible times of trial?

Men like Joseph, Moses, Samuel, Josiah, Daniel, Mordecai, Ezra, & Nehemiah, and men like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, & Elisha.  In case you have not noticed, the likes of these men are not to be found in contemporary American society, not only are they not to be found in the ranks of the politicians, and talk radio hosts, they are not to be found among the famous ministers and pro-family spokesmen either; but God's men are in hiding until God promotes them to leadership, contrary to prevailing wisdom; and perhaps He has one or more in store for America's final hours.

December 7th - what better way for the mortal enemies of the USA to celebrate the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, than to re-enact it, but on a much more massive and all encompassing scale; yet irrespective of the date America's external or foreign enemies will select, assuredly surprise attack remains the favored method for the mortal enemies of the United States of America to attack us (US), and all of this is thanks to our mortal enemies within the USA, those who have been in power and leadership lo these many years, and those who currently are in positions of power and leadership, America has been made a vile, corrupted, perverted, destructive sitting duck ripe for and deserving of the wrath from a holy GOD, which we have wrought.  GOD Spare America, GOD Save America, but not the evil doers!!!!

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

The Titanic

The 'Unsinkable' Titanic

"Even God himself could not sink this ship!" repeatedly boasted the builders and promoters of the Titanic.  In this magnificent ship was embodied man's purported triumph over nature and over destiny, and thus over God.  But man being in honour and supplanting God, is a rebellion against God not to be suffered for long, especially among 'christian' peoples; so down the Titanic came, and was laid at the bottom of the ocean, as a testament to all peoples of the world that the LORD  had created, that GOD reigns preeminent over His creation and over His creatures!

.  The reality (i.e., fiction) created by Hollywood never ceases to seek to undermine the truth, as is witnessed to by the 'blockbuster' fiction Titanic, it is but one more example of 'revisionist slop' which passes for accurate depiction of history in this debased age, this age of lies.

One would think from the Titanic movie that there was no moral to the story of the Titanic after all, which is utterly amazing given what an overpowering moral lesson was actually communicated through the tragedy of the Titanic.  As the Titanic had been the 'personification' of man's supposed evolutionary triumph, and God's supposed demise; the sinking of the Titanic, and the sacrifice by men to save their womenfolk and families (their wives and children, and other women), was the embodiment of Christian faith and duty, of Christlike sacrifice for the beloved, or the true triumph of faith in God and obedience to God over the inhumanity of atheism and evolution.  Almost all of the men (with the notable and glaring exception of the crew of the Titanic) voluntarily yielded, indeed most insisted on giving place on the lifeboats, to "women and children first" so much so that the death ratio of men to women was nine men for every woman" (this was decried by feminists as 'patriarchal' and oppressive!).  The feminists, the suffragettes insisted that women on the Titanic should have refused to accept lifeboat seats in the place of men (but unfortunately those feminists were not on board the Titanic, pity, we would have missed them!  And of course today we have arrived at the triumph of such so-called 'pro-woman' activism; yes we've come a long way baby, we have precious little further to go!

A contemporary example of a mini-Titanic:

A man and his wife took their 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son on a sightseeing trip aboard a float plane in Maine, as the pilot brought the plane in for landing on the lake which served as its airport, the plane flipped over in a somersault.  As the plane immediately filled with water and became dark, the mother escaped through a rear cabin exit with her 3-year-old son; meanwhile the father saved himself by kicking out the windshield, leaving his 5-year-old daughter strapped in her seat behind the unconscious pilot.  A man who arrived at the scene attempted to rescue the little girl; but after he could not figure out how to release the seat belt harness she was strapped in with, the mother took his goggles and dove in and rescued her little daughter.  Had it not been for the mother, both little children would have died along with the pilot, and indeed if the mother had not been able to extricate herself she too would have died; instead both children survived, absolutely no thanks to the father (who was probably the one who thought such an adventure with little children was a responsible thing to undertake).  But in case you haven't noticed, men of the caliber of this father are very popular with the girls, young women, and women of this nation.

To a frightening extent this nation has lost its decency; heroism; fear of God; love of God; defense of babies, children, girls, young women, and women; witness the Columbine High School slaughter as the most recent example.  Yes the murderous terrorist attack was fearful indeed, but that still doesn't excuse the multitudes of bully young men refusing to fight for their lives and for the lives of those girls being cold-bloodedly preyed upon.  Nor can anything excuse the cowardice of the one young 'man' who fled for his life when told by murderer Harris, that he liked him, and he should leave, which he immediately did rather than lifting a little finger to stop what he knew was going to be a blood-bath, the 'sensitive' young 'man' of course had no misgivings about volunteering to be interviewed by the media after all of the carnage which he occasioned by his refusal to act like a man, or even like a boy!  Nor does it excuse the unimaginably great cowardice of the armed, trained policeman and security guards who turned tail and fled for their precious safety knowing they were the only line of defense for the 1,900 defenseless students and numerous teachers and administrators.  Nor can anything ever excuse the televised unspeakably gross cowardice of the S.W.A.T. teams who did everything while the cameras rolled except of course what they had to do, charge the school and root out the murderers; those mighty S.W.A.T. teams should truly be showcased for their glaring outrageous cowardice, decked out in their helmets and flak jackets, holding their assault rifles aloft, crouching and hiding behind cars, waiting for the students to save themselves, and bravely frisking them when they ran out of Columbine, while their brave leader gave the news crews briefings!  Kindly excuse me for being so indelicately undiplomatic, but the entire spectacle was a fittingly obscene crowning to a monstrosity birthed by a nation which has betrayed its maker and become grotesque.  In years gone by the policemen and security guards would have been summarily executed for outrageous cowardice,* but not in the USA of today; we are above that, to quote a well known leader speaking on behalf of a 'great american' who would have been President many times, "its beneath his/our dignity." Indeed, what dignity does this nation have still intact?  It has suffered under the leadership of too many 'great americans' for too outrageously long.

* During the exceedingly uncivil so-called "Civil War," boys in the Union Army were executed for falling asleep while on guard duty!

For more impressive writing concerning the Titanic, you may like to visit World Magazine's web site

Thou, too, sail on, O Ship of State!

Sail on, O Union, strong and great!

Humanity with all its fears,

With all the hopes of future years,

Is hanging breathless on thy fate!

We know what Master laid thy keel,

What Workmen wrought thy ribs of steel....

Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears,

Our faith triumphant o'er our fears,

Are all with thee,--are all with thee!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

[The State of Maine proudly honours Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of Portland, Maine; it honours his poetry and his great fame to this day (while ignoring the spiritual convictions which are the foundation of his writings; it has no use for Longfellow's spiritual convictions which are irreconcilably opposed to the contemporary 'values,' 'morals,' and 'ethics,' of the "great state" of Maine, and of every "great state" in this "great nation," and of this "great nation" the USA of Today.  Yet the state of Maine sees fit to 'honour' Longfellow, its native son, because doing so provides a vehicle by which the state can honour itself, and its politicians can honour themselves.  So does the empty honour paid Longfellow actually honour the man any more than it 'honours' his God and Lord, whom the state has no honour for?  If you have ever witnessed one of William Jefferson Clinton's addresses, you should have noted a skill which he has mastered more than anyone else I know of, it is the art of honouring himself by honouring other people whom he uses as mere stage props.  Clinton is a master at this stagecraft, he pays homage to his goodness, decency, humility, charity...through the honour he feignedly pays to others.  Clinton learned this from a man who did it sincerely and honourably, a man whom he studied and copied at enormous length, Ronald Reagan.  In his temporary absence, Clinton has been succeeded by another man who has learned this stratagem from Clinton and uses it accordingly, George W. Bush.  But if God permits this nation to continue long enough (i.e., to January 20, 2009), Clinton will be back in position to demonstrate how it is really done, as only the master of such craft can.

I know, per the 22nd amendment to the Constitution, Bill Clinton cannot be elected President again, but that is quite another thing altogether from concluding that he can not regain the Presidency, because he can and I believe he will, either that or he will ascend to a new position of world power, e.g., Secretary General of the UN.

Clinton can regain the presidency via one of four scenarios:

1. Become unelected Co-President while Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected President.

2. Become unelected Co-Vice President while Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected Vice President, then gain promotion to unelected Co-President with Hillary when some 'tragedy' befalls the elected President.

3. Be elected Vice President while someone other than Hillary is elected President.

4. Be elected Vice President while Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected President.

Scenario #2 would be followed by Bill Clinton ascending to the Presidency if/when the President would become incapacitated or would die, ala LBJ succeeding JFK, Teddy Roosevelt succeeding William McKinley, and Chester Arthur succeeding James Garfield.

The Titanic Sinks

The 'Unsinkable' Titanic Sinks!

{How many days does the unsinkable, almighty, only world superpower USA have left? and how many Americans will survive?  Back then it was cried "Women & Children First!" meaning that the women and children were first to be saved.  But what will it be like this time, may I suggest a contemporary cry would be "each person for him, her, or itself!"}

Dumitru Duduman's Vision for America

Without A Net!

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