Ulysses S. (U.S.) Grant on mount before U.S. Capitol

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- what was, what is, what will be.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the Federal Government of the United States of America, under the Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, sent multitudes of young men away to foreign lands in Southeast Asia, to South Vietnam, ostensibly not so much to safeguard the Vietnamese people as to insure the continuation and survival of the the free democratic form of government enjoyed in South Vietnam, 'democratic process,' and democratic freedoms, which were under siege by invading armies from the North, supposedly those of neighboring North Vietnam, in a purported 'civil war' (though in fact it was a war of imperialist aggression waged by Communist U.S.S.R., Communist/Red China, and Communist North Vietnam, as the US 'leadership' knew, and as the media elites should have known).

The young men (many of whom were in their early twenties or were teenage boys) were sent away, not to win a war, nor to save the Vietnamese, but to 'play international peacekeepers;' they were sent to a part of the world populated, in large, by Asian people heretofore unrepresented within the USA (though certainly created in GOD's image, though the USA 'leaders' viewed them otherwise, having rejected any genuine belief in the Supreme Creator GOD); they were sent to risk life, body, mind, present and future, hopes and dreams, without honestly knowing what they were being sent to do; they were sent to be sitting ducks in a murderous duck shoot, to be sacrificed as human cannon fodder in a 'most dangerous game of international diplomacy' where Americans (whether caucasian, negroid, hispanic, semitic, Indian/native american...), with the exception of asian Americans, stuck out much more vividly than sore thumbs, and where the friends and foes looked and sounded alike; they were sent to be maimed, mutilated, and slaughtered, to die without the backing or the thanks of their nation or fellow Americans, as the above-mentioned scenario indicates (those who were politically adroit escaped being sent to harms way, i.e., the incumbent 'Commander In Chief').

After an obscene nightmare abroad and at home, the seeming final chapter was played out, culminating in politically advantageous 'Peace With Honor'!  There was no peace, it was one more outrageous lie, the then President, Nixon, celebrated with the murderous leaders of Communist U.S.S.R and Communist China, as 'honored, respected friends' (Nixon's daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower would later author a book honoring the greatest figures in the world, and included these fiends, er, friends).

Vietnam War Memorial

'Peace With Honor' included a frightful retreat from South Vietnam by the U.S., leaving P.O.W.'s to be tortured and butchered, and leaving the loyal South Vietnamese people at the 'mercy' of the monstrous Communist regime and brutal communist forces.

Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial, Veteran Remembers

Vietnam War Memorial

January 1973, veterans coming home for 'good' (while others were 'honorably' left behind): many came home in body bags, others only via 'dog tags,' so very many were 'worse for wear'; maimed; mutilated; disfigured; paralyzed; missing limbs - amputated, dismembered; burned; castrated, radically castrated; blinded; deafened; brain-injured; drug-addicted; emotionally shattered; permanently scarred and crippled in any number of other ways; many whose young lives were destroyed; and of course some with myriad afflictions yet to be seen, ala 'agent orange';...but the 'lucky ones' came home, even if to empty homes minus departed brides, or departed sweethearts, home to a nation which 'received' them by literally spitting on them, as if they had disgraced it, and as if it was ashamed of them, and blamed them for having gone (unlike how it treated those who condemned them, betrayed them, and sacrificed them).  Those that returned, came home to a nation which under the influence of the likes of celebrities Jane Fonda, Shirley MacLaine, Joan Baez (all of whom should have been exiled for life), and Honorable John Kerry, communist agitators like Tom Hayden, domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, and drug using/pushing, sexual immorality promoting, draft-dodging, anti-America protestors, had succeeded in forcing through the latest overthrow of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence (in their absence), with perpetration of naziist laws against humanity (Roe v. Wade, and Doe v. Bolton) which insured that every preborn male baby and every preborn female baby from conception through full-term birth, of every race and nationality, would be stripped of all inalienable, GOD-conferred rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the proud, 'free,' USA; that every one of these babes (the only completely innocent members of society) would be deprived of the constitutional right to be safe and secure in their homes from unlawful searches and seizure - the homes of these precious preborn baby humans being the wombs of their mothers (who being sinful, more or less grown human beings, are not "innocent"); and put at the fickle 'mercy' of the 'state,' the abortion racketeers, and their sinful, progressively indoctrinated, propagandized, psychologically seduced, desensitized, hardened, 'blinded,' deceived mothers.

Now a generation of slaughtered innocents lies 'underfoot,' and America looks brightly ahead into the 21st Century, for prosperity, success, and 'GOD's Blessing,' while of course continuing to turn the flames up higher, with partial birth abortions, RU-486 (mifepristone), stem cell 'research,' human cloning, 'safe sex,' and 'safer sex' promotions, 'AIDS Education' schemes, FACE, FOCA, and concerted, protracted government concealment of the Abortion - Breast Cancer Link (engineered by HHS and it's tentacles NIH, NCI, CDC, and all of the Abortion Racketeers.

Where is a godly leader, a righteous, decent, moral, knowledgeable, wise, able, strong, courageous, GOD-fearing leader?

What hope is there; only GOD.  Only a miracle from GOD.

As terrible as the suffering and carnage was in Vietnam, it was only a small fraction of the staggering carnage inflicted during the War Between the States (the 'Civil' War); and the question for you to consider is whether GOD is less grieved over the abominations and evils legally, proliferated with the full force of the U.S. Federal and State governments during the past decades and increasingly into the immediate future, than HE was grieved over the evil of slavery, legalized, legitimized, and thus advanced by the U.S. Federal and State governments then?                                                                                         

[Yes, I did say the U.S. Federal government, not just the Confederate government]

Ulysses S. (U.S.) Grant, Memorial of The War Between The States

Is GOD more tolerant of the myriad of pervasive government inflicted, enforced evils now, than HE was of institutionalized slavery then, and if so, why?   [Given that HE testifies HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever.]

[Slavery as it was practiced in the United States, at its worst was not the unspeakably inhumane evil that is committed in Sudan today by Muslims against Christians; yet, dear old apostate 'Christian' 'Reverend' Jesse Jackson, is not grieved over the truly unspeakable destruction of black African Christian families by Arab African and black African Muslims!  I wonder why, seeing as he is after all supposedly a 'Christian' Minister, and is such an ardent Champion of Blacks in the U.S., proudly, bombastically, publicly 'defending' them from every imagined slight or disadvantage.  Ah yes, could he possibly be a hypocrite and liar and demagogue; perhaps.]

.  In late 1992, immediately after the election results were in, I had the most profound sense that: 1) The die was cast for America, owing to it's incessantly mounting abominations, crowned by the election of absolute destroyers; and 2) That the incumbent would be the last "elected" president America would have.

I do not believe in relying on 'feelings', nor putting much stock in them, and clearly what I sensed at that time was not true regarding America having elected its last President.  Still, irrespective of what all others may think, feel, believe, and say notwithstanding, know this: America is at the end of it's 'rope' of GOD's long-suffering patience.  Time is perilously short!   God Save America!

.  Over the past decades, in response to the faithful prayers of many thousands of GOD-fearing people, GOD has mercifully deferred His judgment, HE has suffered long under the insults and outrages presented to HIM by this 'apple of His Eye', HE has allowed His sweeping overflowing judgment to be stayed temporarily, but know this, deferral of judgment is not forgiveness, deferral is not pardon, postponement in execution is not acquittal, nor exoneration, nor vindication, nor justification, 'probation' is not executive clemency, nor a decree of innocence.

Deferral is time bought, time in this case in which to confess, repent, reform...; suffice to say that this nation's government, people, and churches have not.  And what a terrible cost there has been for that time bought; instead of overflowing judgment, there has been daily bleeding to death, rampant 'senseless' bloodletting, chiefly at the expense of innocent babes, but ever so greatly also of infants, toddlers, children (chiefly little girls), youths (chiefly girls), young women, and women.  The bloodletting has taken the forms of murder in the womb and in the world; violent sexually charged destruction: kidnapping, rape, and murder; or kidnapping, rape, and sexual slavery; or kidnapping, rape, torture, mutilation, maiming, and murder (sometimes filmed!); or kidnapping, rape, forcible addiction to drugs, and prostitution/trafficking. The bloodletting includes ever increasing 'suicide,' including of youths, and disproportionately of women (such as women who have been persuaded to abort babies), and 'non-violent' sexually charged destruction via: 'sex education,' 'AIDS education,' school based 'health clinics,' condom promotion and dispensing/'safe sex' and 'safer sex' 'education,' pornography (and such pornography), sexual 'reorientation'/sensitivity training...the list is endless, the evil fruit is utterly predictable: rampantly pervasive precocious sexual sin, seduction, molestation, 'date-rape,' sexual promiscuity, rape, sexual perversion, sexually caused and transmitted disease epidemics (definitely including AIDS), teen pregnancy, rampant induced abortion, and rampant 'senseless' violence, murder, suicide....  Who would have dreamt?!  [This list does not make mention of myriad pieces of the puzzle, electronic media, printed media, the 'entertainment industry,' the rewarding, facilitating, encouraging of predatory violence...but you get the idea.]

Have you noticed how the news media (premeditatedly) dishonestly and misleadingly refer to rape as abuse, indecent acts, sexually inappropriate behavior, or molestation!

Today in the USA, how many babies will be aborted; how many young mothers will be rapaciously violated and degraded by abortionists and induced abortion, and made the execution chambers their babies can only escape by being slaughtered; how many children and young people and not-so-young will be kidnapped, how many will be raped, how many will be tortured in addition to the torture of the rape, how many will be slaughtered, how many will be enslaved in prostitution, and used to produce pornography, and other absolutely 'constitutionally protected' 'adult entertainments'...and what will ever be done about it by our public servants, our politicians (who are always "fighting for us," always "fighting for a woman's right to choose," our judges, our myriad perversely unjust judges...?  This corrupt nation's failure to restrain, punish, and execute the evil has resulted in the destruction of the innocent; this nation's leaders have chosen the evil over the good; only an evil nation does such things.

All across America young women and women are systematically targeted for destruction by sadistic, vicious, violent predators who increasingly commonly after kidnapping, and brutally raping lovely, precious girls, young women, and women, heinously murder their victims and discard their bodies as if they were trash, this truly has become the condom generation: kidnap, rape, murder, and dispose of!

And while young women and women are being hunted to be destroyed, they are often systematically prevented from constitutionally bearing force-multiplying guns for their defense!

No "gun-control" law or restrictive conceal carry law prevents the worst of criminals from habitually carrying guns and other deadly weapons while they hunt their innocent, helpless prey, but such laws systematically prevent young women and women from even having a fighting chance of defending themselves from destruction!   

Is GOD Dead?  Do we Trust In GOD?  Or do we trust that God is not to be feared even if He exists?

.  The proud United States of America is guilty, utterly guilty of monstrous premeditated murder of the only innocent members of the human race (her future), guilty of the premeditated seduction, corruption, subversion, and perversion of the young, the vulnerable, the little ones (her future), America is guilty of premeditatedly protecting, defending, justifying, rewarding, enabling, facilitating the predatory destroyers of the innocents, the young, the tender, the pure, the vulnerable, the helpless, the most impressionable, the harmless.  The United States is worthy of destruction, and not blessing.  For GOD to continue to bless America, requires HIM to permit the evil to continue, not only in 'christian' America, but in all of the nations of the world influenced, coerced, and corrupted by America.  Some gods could certainly go along with such evils, all gods could and can, all that is except for the ONE TRUE GOD!

Nothing short of a profound turn to GOD will spare this nation (the tragedy of this nation failing to turn to GOD, and being 'spared' His judgment is the great suffering that has been visited upon those who are not responsible for this nation's evils, this in concert with the tragedy of this nation's failure to fulfill GOD's will in reaching the peoples of the world with the lifesaving gospel of CHRIST JESUS).

 The United States Military Academy - Cadet Prayer

O GOD, our Father, Thou Searcher of Men's hearts, help us to draw near to Thee in sincerity and truth.  May our religion be filled with gladness and may our worship of Thee be natural.
Strengthen and increase our admiration for honest dealing and clean thinking, and suffer not our hatred of hypocrisy and pretence ever to diminish.  Encourage us in our endeavor to live above the common level of life.  Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be won.  Endow us with courage that is born of loyalty to all that is noble and worthy, that scorns to compromise with vice and injustice and knows no fear when truth and right are in jeopardy.  Guard us against flippancy and irreverence in the sacred things of life.  Grant us new ties of friendship and new opportunities of service.  Kindle our hearts in fellowship with those of a cheerful countenance, and soften our hearts with sympathy for those who sorrow and sufferHelp us to maintain the honor of the Corps untarnished and unsullied and to show forth in our lives the ideals of West Point in doing our duty to Thee and to our Country.  All of which we ask in the name of the Great Friend and Master of men.  Amen.

Clayton E. Wheat

Thoughts regarding the Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier(s)

When is the last time you viewed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery?

I visited the Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Soldier(s), and witnessed the changing of the Guard, of the Honor Guard assigned to said Tomb of the Unknown Soldier(s).  I did not witness what I expected.

Please understand, historically I have had great respect for the military and armed services of the United States of America; I expected to see a very special ceremony, which would reflect respect and appreciation for those men who have fallen in battle/in the line of duty, as they gave the last full measure of their devotion to their country, and those they loved, and their God!  But I witnessed nothing of the kind.

What did I witness?  A spectacle, to be sure, but one which attested to nothing of which I expected, or was certain I would see.  Instead I beheld in amazement as a macabre little pseudo-drama was played out.  What spirit permeated the entire performance, not patriotism, not reverence, not honor! not even duty! but pride, intense stinking pride, vanity, arrogance, pomp, and circumstance or ceremony, with the entire focus placed upon the actors (chiefly the officer in charge of the three man detail dominating the sorry episode), and upon the weapons (chiefly the rifle with fixed bayonet of the Honor-guard soldier due to replace the soldier who had been on detail for the preceding hour).

The spirit of the ceremony that I witnessed was as hateful, evil, and demonic as what one finds in Hitler's Nazi parades, Stalin's and Mao's parades (and those of their successors), Kim's, Nasser's, Khomeini's, Quadaffi's, and Hussein's parades of military might and spite, and indeed wherever evil communist and fascist totalitarian regimes reveal their evil nature formally. 

What else can be said of the spirit which pervaded the scene, it was a testimony of the worship of arms, the glorification of power, might, force, the perverse worship of those who bear arms and of the arms they bear, this was not a testimony of selfless sacrifice by young men to protect their country, nor to protect their family and loved ones, but rather a satanic, occultic, sickening, literal worship of weapons and those who wield those weapons.  The devilish ritual was 'altogether fitting and proper' for either one of the following: (a) a godless, anti-God, anti-people nation which worships forces and which is on the verge of starting wars in order to conquer lands and peoples that are not theirs (akin to the Roman Empire); (b) a godless, anti-God, anti-people nation which worships forces and which is on the verge of being violently, militarily overthrown (also akin to the Roman Empire).  Both of these scenarios fit the times in which we live, spoken of in the Book of Daniel as the very last times preceding the Triumphant return of the Lord of Glory, Jesus the Christ.

It was a series of pictures worth many tens of thousands of words, all of which spell disaster and destruction for the USA of Today!

But do understand, everyone else in attendance seemed to think the performance was impressive, exciting, macho, cool, hot....  I alone was sickened by the sorry spectacle (so chalk that up to something being wrong with me, as was the case with others of God's servants in years long gone by).

GOD Save America!

One Way: GOD's Man in Washington

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