President Abraham Lincoln

The Memorial Mystique Press: presents "The Lincoln Letters"

"Letters" pertaining to the Constitution of the United States of America, the undermining thereof, and the overthrowing thereof, committed by political leaders of the USA, provided in remembrance of a most gifted, shrewd, dedicated, and determinedly effective politician, leader, & "public servant."

  { Lincoln Letter # 1 }

.  Politics is typically referred to as "the art of the possible," but it is also, and not inaccurately referred to as war waged by other means.  Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, successfully accomplished momentous ends via a mixture of politics, media, and war (and the war he initiated and prosecuted, was a war of dimensions and of a nature unlike any other waged by the American people: it was waged by the American people against the American people, by the industrial force of the northern states, and the men and young men of the northern states, in violent aggression against all people of the South, except against the slaves; it was even waged against those people in the northern states who via media and politics opposed the war against the South.  Lincoln even waged war against the Constitution* which he had sworn to God and to all of the people of the Nation to protect, preserve, and uphold! 

Lincoln, his administration, and his generals chose to wage a "total war" against the South, i.e., the people of the secessionist states, in order to destroy the South, and thus ostensibly to save the Union.  Lincoln's war, for that is what it was, was a war in which the end purportedly justified the means, but though the end was required (as God knew and saw to), the end did not "justify" the very mean means used.  Lincoln wielded the people and force of the northern states as a battle-axe against the South (and ironically ultimately against the North); the effect was not entirely dissimilar from that wrought by the great Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar against the kingdoms and peoples of Judah and Israel thousands of years before.

So, were the chief ends attained by victory in the war of aggression against the secessionist states evil, no, far from it, indeed they were necessary and God-ordained, which is why God permitted Lincoln to succeed, though the war was unconstitutionally initiated, unconstitutionally prosecuted, and unconstitutionally won.  The chief ends of victory in the war were the forcible reunion of the Union, and the abolition of slavery within the Union.  As for the secondary ends, which were the means to the chief ends, i.e., the utter destruction, the gratuitous destruction, of the South, and thus the violent subjugation (enslavement if you will) of the southern people, these ends were unconstitutional, unlawful, inexcusable, and evil, and what is more, the secondary ends were blind, ignorant, and foolish, for they directly resulted in the decades of violence and oppression of blacks, as surely as the conclusion of WWI led to the rise of Hitler & Mussolini, the Third Reich, and the enormous destruction wrought in the European theatre of WWII.

* "I felt that measures, however unconstitutional, might become lawful by becoming indispensable (in his opinion) to the preservation of the constitution through the preservation of the nation."  

In other words, Abraham Lincoln put himself above the law, above the supposedly highest law of the land, The Constitution, which he was sworn to obey, uphold, and protect.  The Ends Justify the Means!  Might Makes Right!  I can & will do Whatever it Takes to Win!  & ultimately The Constitution and The Law are what I say they are!  Whatever happened to his famous line "Government of the People, By the People, & For the People"?  Lincoln may not have been a bad man, but he was only too willing to lie, cheat, steal, kidnap, unlawfully imprison, and destroy wantonly, in order to accomplish his ends which he had determined were the necessary ends.  His warring was ever so much more a matter of destroying than saving!

Among the trespasses of the nation's Constitution that Lincoln initiated and oversaw

Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus (and kept it suspended for the duration of the war); 

Lincoln ordered federal military and law enforcement forces to make arbitrary terroristic arrests of civilians, typically prominent citizens (e.g., of newspaper editors and journalists, political leaders, businessmen, and others);

Lincoln ordered federal military and law enforcement forces to seize printing presses and shut down newspapers (that he determined were detrimental to his administration and his administration's unconstitutional war campaign);

Lincoln wielded his administration to censor news reports, beguile reporters, plant false stories, and repress factual news accounts (which he deemed detrimental to his unconstitutional war campaign).

Lincoln wrote, "A limb must often be amputated to save a life, but a life must never be given to save a limb."  Interesting, yes, you could say that Lincoln was extraordinarily well-qualified to speak of amputations, after all, hundreds of thousands of arms and legs of men, young men, and boys (some of whom were freed slaves), were amputated due to the war that Lincoln initiated, prosecuted, pressed, and would not let go of, but prior to the "total war" he initiated, prosecuted, and maintained, amputation of limbs was comparatively very rare!  But what about amputating a different "limb," say a neck and head? and indeed, even amputation of an arm or leg routinely resulted in death, but good "Old Abe," he always had such a plain, homely, comfortable way of communicating, and so often succeeded in spinning and twisting the reality into unreality and falsehood.  Lincoln was a master spin-artist, a master of propaganda.

Lincoln was intimately acquainted with the "cadences of the Bible," and manipulated them to utmost effect in concert with sentence fragments lifted from the Bible, but the essence, the truth, the righteousness, and the Saviour of the Bible were strangers to Lincoln.

Lincoln was expertly adroit at manipulating the people of the press and thus the press, and manipulatively perverting the Word of God for his ends.

Though he was a tyrant, a consummate politician capable of Machiavellian machinations, more a secular humanist than a  christian, more a pragmatist rather than an idealist, still Lincoln was a brilliant, courageous, indefatigably industrious, extraordinarily gifted and strong leader, a magnetically charismatic personage, and I believe he sincerely believed he was going about doing a work which no matter how horribly costly, how monstrously sad, and bad, still had to be done, and that no other man could do it.

The combination of the following factors should have guaranteed a relatively quick and decisive defeat of the secessionist states, instead, even all of these overwhelming advantages combined with the autocratic super-leadership of Lincoln only won out after four years of a "total war" of attrition disgracefully waged against the whole of the South, e.g., including women, young people, and children: 

Still, the war would be waged until the nation was bled and torn, mauled, maimed, mutilated, amputated, and devastated, in the name of necessity.

So what of the legacy, the enduring legacy?  Instead of slavery peaceably being ended, as it was in Britain, the aftermath of the "civil war" would convulse the nation for more than four score and seven years to come!  This would not have been the case if Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jonathan Jackson, and those like them had been permitted to continue to pursue a peaceful end to slavery instead of dear "Honest Old Abe's" murderous end to it.  Lincoln's "olive branch" statements to the contrary, Lincoln forced the war, and relentlessly forced it to the end, over the dead bodies of any and all.  Was Lincoln the last casualty of the war, no, the casualties would mount for another 100 years or so.

  { Lincoln Letter # 2 }

.  "Americans," i.e., citizens of the USA of Today, routinely accept imposition of manmade laws by the US Congress/the Legislative branch; Departments and Agencies of the Executive branch of the US government; and by the US Supreme Court, which are unconstitutional; while they also routinely accept rampant injustice and perversion of judgment committed by the same US government, while the "public servants" who commit these outrages are sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the US Constitution which they routinely, and all too often deliberately undermine, sabotage, and overthrow. 

Most US citizens take very little note whether proposed legislation is constitutional, as long as they think that it is in a "good cause," even while they readily accept ruinously ungodly, unrighteous governing, rife with miscarriage of justice and perversion of judgment.

While ignorance is no excuse, ignorance is a key ingredient responsible for the public acquiescence to and acceptance of such unrighteous governing.


President Abraham Lincoln

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