Memorial Testimony

.  She was born into the humblest of families, in the midst of a blizzard or blizzard-like storm, not even in a town; and though their worldly belongings would always be modest and she would know only the most common of upbringings during the "great depression," she was a princess from the Lord.  She would grow to be a queen, yet without any of the adornments, accoutrements, and perquisites, of such royalty.  She would never be honored in this world as being one of the important women, though (and in truth, because) she was the most righteous and virtuous of women, utterly faithful, loyal, true, devoted to her family, and to her one true love her husband, and to the children she would bear him.  She was not celebrated for her beauty (not even by her husband), though she was a natural wholesome beauty, more beautiful than most women who are celebrated world-wide for their beauty.  She was very intelligent, disciplined, gifted, and talented.  She was feminine and always a lady; yet courageous, selfless, and industrious.  She was gentle yet strong, humble and exceptionally wise, sensitive and extremely discerning; she was no one's fool.  She was not frivolous, nor materialistic; she always had the right priorities; she was always honorable and had a heart for truth (an exceedingly rare and precious quality).  She was exemplary and especially excellent.  She was the best gift her husband was ever given, ever entrusted with, though he did not and does not know it; she passionately loved him to the end of her days, despite being spitefully put away by divorce (at the prolonged, protracted, covert urging of many 'good men,' and 'good women'...).  Satan engineered the divorce of my mother by my father over a period of decades, employing all of the evil tools at his disposal in this most seductive time, and employing a veritable army of minions and operatives; it was a brutally savage campaign of shock and awe, of hook and crook, of propaganda and indoctrination, of literally incessant evil, which my father is utterly ignorant of to this very day, which is not to excuse my father for his gross and prolonged failure.  Satan's poisonous campaign did not end with my father divorcing my mother, far from it, and before the life-long campaign to discredit and destroy her was over it would impossibly even include commission of the largest terrorist attack against the USA being committed on her wedding anniversary, the timing intended to further poison my father's mind toward her and their marriage and reconciliation, as that date would be synonymous with monstrous evil for the remainder of her husband's life).  Throughout her very painful, difficult life, God permitted her to suffer great hurt, great loss, and much evil; God permitted her to suffer very much evil, exceedingly much evil.  Why God permitted her to be so terribly persecuted and afflicted I do not know; and worse, why God refused to defend her, to heal her, to cure her, restore her, answer her prayers, answer my prayers, honour her, comfort her, bless her, and use her more...I do not know.  God knows.  God forsook her and me, for whatever reasons of His choosing.  Yes, Virginia, God really does such things; He is no Santa Claus, and if you think He is, you have a very wrong concept of God!  My mother was the rarest of women, the rarest of people, and truly the best and brightest I have ever met, known, or can expect to encounter during the remainder of these very last times, these wicked and adulterous times which are upon us and which lie ahead, though disastrously and shamefully in the midst of the battle I forgot this was the case.  But though she suffered such gross dishonour in this life (as her Lord and Saviour did), I know she will receive honour in time to come.

Tragedy is a term that has lost its intended meaning, it is routinely perverted, and grossly overused, distorted, and misused by those in the media and others, but my mother's life was in fact a tragedy.

I owe my salvation to many (e.g., those who have gone before us whom we do not even know the names of), but after my eternal debt to Christ Jesus, I certainly owe the greatest debt to her.  She was the truest christian I have known, the best example in an adulterous and perverse age spanning generations.  Life with her during the past quarter century was extremely difficult, exceedingly trying, but even so it was less horrible than life without her has been.  Despite all of the evils which befell her and which I consequently suffered with her, I was truly blessed to be given the very best of women for my mother.  Satan sought to slay her even as he has sought to slay the woman in Revelation 12, and has always sought to slay the best of mankind.  And though God permitted Satan and his minions to work their evil, she is more than a conqueror of the enemies of Christ Jesus.  In hindsight I must say that I failed her horribly, though I did not forsake her, did not turn my back on her to pursue life, love, fame, fortune, pleasure...yet, I certainly and grievously did fail her!  I know that I should have and could have done greatly much better by her than I did, despite all of the incessant evil done to us for the duration of this lifetime.  Ironically, if I had managed to single-mindedly pursue marriage and wedded love successfully, it would have made an enormous difference for me and for my wonderful mother, and for all those whose lives we would have touched.

God has always chosen and used particular individuals, not from flawless bloodlines and lineages and heritages, but particular people; and so, Satan has always focused on attacking, destroying, and slaughtering particular people, to try to defeat God's purposes from being accomplished; and for reasons only He knows, God has permitted Satan to do so!  Such will be the case, the warfare waged, until the triumphant return of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords.  Fortunately, the end of these evil times, and the return of the Lord to the glory of God the Father is very near.

That will not be "The End"; that will be the Beginning!

As God is my witness,

Brad Thomas, Editor, aka "Ed," CHRIST's Bride, Ministries

P.S. - All healing is from God, the healer; if you are in need, please resort to Him (and if you care to you may include a prayer request via the email address at the bottom of the page, but be forewarned, my prayers are devoid of power).  And though His Healing Virtue is the fount of life, health, youth, and beauty, Love (which again is from Him) may help too.  God bless you,

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