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Martyrs & Martyrdom - compared & contrasted with Muhammad's Islamo-fascist terrorist mass-murderer "martyrs"

.  Yassar Arafat, Yassir Arafat, Yasser Arafat, a satanic slaughterer of the Jews is still a satanic slaughterer of the Jews, however you spell it's name, and regardless how many Nobel Peace Prizes you confer on it.  Yassar Arafat is as utterly evil and murderous and torturous an enemy of the Hebrews as there has ever been, but Arafat's evil has not been confined to the Jews, i.e., Arafat has personally committed and personally overseen the commission of the unbelievably sadistic destruction of vast multitudes of non-Jewish semitic people in and surrounding Israel, including men, women, young people, children, babies, women-with-child, and entire families, most notably during the eight year reign of terror Arafat directed in Lebanon.

Israel's army under the leadership of Ariel Sharon courageously liberated Lebanon and Beirut from Arafat's monstrous regime, only to be blamed for Arafat's atrocities by the media elites of the world, the United Nations, and fools, and evil people everywhere.

.  What is a martyr?  That is, what is the true meaning of the term martyr?

Again, what is a martyr?  According to the best, most reliable dictionary I know, The American Dictionary Of The English Language by Noah Webster, 1828 (even this best of dictionaries was altogether too heavily influenced by the thought of the Greco-Roman, Roman-Continental, & Roman-British Empires).

Martyr, noun. [a witness]  One who, by his death, bears witness to the truth of the gospel.  Stephen was the first christian martyr.

To be a martyr signifies only to witness the truth of Christ.  South.

2.  One who suffers death in defense of any cause.  We say, a man dies a martyr to his political principles or to the cause of liberty.

Martyr, verb.  To put to death for adhering to what one believes to be the truth; to sacrifice one on account of his faith or profession.  Pearson.

2.  To murder; to destroy.  Chaucer.  [To martyr a person is to murder a person, to destroy a person; to murder a person, to destroy a person, is to martyr a person.  Thus according to Chaucer, those who are murdered by "suicide bombers" are martyred by the bombers!]

Martyrdom, noun.  The death of a martyr; the suffering of death on account of one's adherence to the faith of the gospel [the gospel of Jesus Christ].

He intends to crown their innocence with the glory of martyrdom.  Bacon.

Martyrize, verb.  To offer as a martyr.  Spenser.

Thus a martyr is one who is murdered for his faith in Jesus Christ, and his refusal to disavow his faith in Jesus Christ.

.  What is Not a martyr?

A murderer is not a martyr.  A mass-murderer is not a martyr.  A terrorist is not a martyr.  A slaughterer is not a martyr.  A destroyer is not a martyr.

.  What is a massacre?

Massacer, Massacre, noun.  [to beat, a club, a mace; So smite in English signifies to kill, as well as to beat.]  

1. The murder of an individual, or the slaughter of numbers of human beings, with circumstances of cruelty; the indiscriminate killing of human beings, without authority or necessity, and without forms civil or military.  It differs from assassination, which is a private killing.  It differs from carnage, which is rather the effect of slaughter than slaughter itself, and is applied to the authorized destruction of men in battle.  Massacre is sometimes called butchery, from its resemblance to the killing of cattle.  If a soldier kills a man in battle in his own defense, it is a lawful act; it is killing, and it is slaughter, but it is not a massacre.  Whereas, if a soldier kills an enemy after he has surrendered, it is massacre, a killing without necessity, often without authority, contrary to the usages of nations, and of course with cruelty.  The practice of killing prisoners, even authorized by the commander, is properly massacre; as the authority given proceeds from cruelty.  We have all heard of the massacre of the protestants in France, in the reign of Charles IX; and frequent instances of barbarous massacre occur in the war between the Turks and Greeks.

2. Murder.  Shakespeare.

Massacer, Massacre, verb.  To murder human beings with circumstances of cruelty; to kill men with indiscriminate violence, without authority or necessity, and contrary to the usages of nations; to butcher human beings.

.  What is a massacrer?

Massacrer, noun.  One who massacres.  [A very bad word.  Burke.]

.  What then is murder?

Murder, noun.  [to die, which seems to be from marth, lying flat or plain; marthu, to flatten, to deaden.  If this is the sense, the primary idea is to fail or fall, or to beat down.]

1. The act of unlawfully killing a human being with premeditated malice, by a person of sound mind.  To constitute murder in law, the person killing another must be of sound mind or in possession of his reason, and the act must be done with malice prepense*, aforethought or premeditated; but malice may be implied, as well as express.  CokeBlackstone.

2. An outcry, when life is in danger.

Murder, verb.

1. To kill a human being with premeditated malice.

2. To destroy; to put an end to.

Canst thou murder thy breath in middle of a word?  Shakespeare.

Murdered, pp.  Slain with malice prepense*.

        * Prepense, a.  [to incline or hang down.]  Preconceived; premeditated; aforethought.  

        Malice prepense is necessary to constitute murder.  Blackstone.

        Prepense, verb.  To weigh or consider beforehand.

        Prepense, v.i.  To deliberate beforehand.

        Prepensed, pp. or a.  Previously conceived; premeditated.

Murderer, noun.  A person who in possession of his reason, unlawfully kills a human being with premeditated malice.

2. A small piece of ordnance.

Murderess, noun.  A female who commits murder.  Dryden.

Murdering, ppr.  Killing a human being with malice premeditated.

Murderous, a.  Guilty of murder; as the murderous king.  Milton.

2. Consisting in murder; done with murder; bloody; cruel; as murderous rapine.

3. Bloody; sanguinary; committing murder; as murderous tyranny.

4. Premeditating murder; as murderous intent or design.

Murderously, adverb.  In a murderous or cruel manner.

.  What is suicide?

Suicide, noun.  [to slay]

1. Self-murder; the act of designedly destroying one's own life.  To constitute suicide, the person must be of years, of discretion, and of sound mind.  Blackstone.

2. One guilty of self-murder; a felo de se.

Suicidal, a.  Partaking of the crime of suicide.

.  What then is a suicide bomber?

By definition, a suicide bomber is a person who murders himself by blowing himself up.  Any injury to anyone else would have to be merely accidental, otherwise the bomber would be a murderer of others in addition to a murderer of himself.

.  What is not a suicide bomber?

Again, by definition, a person who willfully, deliberately seeks to destroy other people by detonating a bomb or bombs in his possession is an attempted murderer of them if unsuccessful in murdering them, a murderer of them if successful in murdering them.

.  What is a kamikaze pilot?

Japan's Imperial Navy desperately forced multitudes of its pilots to crash their planes into U.S. Navy ships at the end of World War II, many of these Japanese pilots were chained into their fighter-plane cockpits.  The kamikaze pilots were in a declared war, engaged in mortal combat against the men of the U.S. Navy, they were ordered to die, to crash into U.S. Navy ships, and were all but forced to do so.  What the Japanese naval commanders did was an especially vivid portrayal of the utterly brutal pagan anti-God, anti-Christ religion of the Japanese people.  The Japanese paganism, as seen in the worship of emperor Hirohito, was demonstrated repeatedly by the Japanese against the Korean, Mongolian, Chinese, and Philippine men, women, young people, and children, and American servicemen.

.  What is a human bomb?

A bomb attached to, or carried by a human currier, delivered to a destination where it can be detonated murdering & destroying people & damaging property.

.  What is a murderer bomber?

A person who seeks to murder & destroy other people by attacking them with bombs, i.e., explosives.

.  What is a terrorist bomber?

A person who seeks to terrorize, murder, & destroy other people by attacking them with bombs, i.e., explosives.

The Al-Aqsa Murderers Brigade - oh yes, they vain-gloriously & disgracefully call themselves the Al-Aqsa "Martyrs" Brigade! what a demented, depraved joke on the bomb-laden murderers.  Yes, Satan does have a sense of humor, utterly evil humour.

.  What is the state of women, generally speaking, in Muslim-dominated & controlled nations?

Dominated & controlled!

.  What is the state of women in the Muslim-controlled nations of Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and everywhere Islam works its evil?

Dominated & controlled!

.  What are chattel?

Chattel, noun.  [cattle]  Primarily, any article of movable goods.  In modern usage, the word chattels comprehends all goods, movable or immovable, except such as have the nature of freehold.  "Chattels are real or personal.  Chattels real, are such as concern or savor of the realty, as a term for years of land, wardships in chivalry, the next  presentation to a church, estates by statute merchant, elegit and the like.  Chattels personal, are things movable, as animals, furniture of a house, jewels, corn, & c."  Blackstone.

.  What is sexual mutilation of women, which is damnably, and slanderously termed "female circumcision"?

Satanic maiming and mutilation of the external genital organs of women is typically committed while the women are young girls, they are held down by men and women, either family members and/or tribal leaders, and are brutally obscenely subjected to one of the most horrific pagan rituals Satan ever devised.  Parts of the women's God-created, God-designed, God-pleasing bodies are literally cut off, it inflicts terrible pain, debilitation, deprivation of sexual pleasure and blessing in marriage, and creates shame.  Not all girls survive the barbarism.  Some poor girls are subjected to repeat tortures after they have married.  It is from the pit of Hell.  It is the anti-woman practice of pagans (and often perpetuated by women who suffered the same while they were young).

Where is sexual mutilation of women commonly committed, i.e., in what nations?  How about Egypt, to name but one of the more "advanced" muslim nations, but it is also committed by muslims in western nations such as in England!  Don't blame antiquity for this monstrous, torturous, woman-hating practice, and don't blame God, instead blame Satan and all of his evil inhumane, anti-human attempts to overthrow the truth of Jesus the Christ, blame Satan's paganism including Islam.

.  What is the state of women in the Muslim-controlled Palestinian territories (belonging to Israel)?

Today girls and young women in the Muslim-controlled Palestinian territories are relegated to being indoctrinated and recruited to murder themselves (and thus the babies that they would bear when they married), in order to murder Israeli Hebrews/Jews; the Palestinian girls and young women are recruited to murder Israeli babies, girls, young women, boys, young men, women, men, and elders.

.  What is cannon-fodder? 

Cannon fodder, noun.  Soldiers subject to the risk of being wounded or killed by artillery fire.  [Webster's New Collegiate 1975]

Cannon fodder as the term is used typically denotes multitudes of subjects, frequently of low military training, and thus lesser military value who are callously ordered forward into "near suicidal" battle conditions.  Even the most elite of troops have been destroyed this way in desperate circumstances, e.g., Napoleon's elite forces at Waterloo.  As traditional livestock fodder is cheap, plentiful food, so cannon fodder is also cheap, plentiful, and as traditional fodder is food for livestock, so cannon fodder is "food" for batteries of cannons, or cannon fodder is "fed" to cannons, more likely than not to be consumed thereby.

.  What does cannon-fodder have in common with terrorist bombers?

Cheapness, i.e., lives viewed as being of little or no value, except to serve the purposes of a tyrant or tyranny.  Plentiful, i.e., readily available to be thrown into combat, battle, or terrorist attacks.

.  Why use young women as terrorist bombers?

Why not, after all they are viewed by the muslim men as being of the least value, i.e., dirt cheap, expendable, plentiful, readily available, ignorant, compliant, subservient, obedient, the least suspected, the most easily smuggled in to places where they can exact the most horrific damage upon civilian, civilian-military/para-military, and military populations.

.  What are young women terrorist bombers/human bombs?

Young women being monstrously exploited and actually murdered by evil cowardly muslim men, who gladly do the unspeakably evil murder of causing these young women and even girls to go to their deaths to take as many innocents with them as possible.

Question: Tell me women, young women, and girls, if murdering elderly people, men, women, young people, boys, girls, children, and babies by committing terrorist bombings is not committing murder, then when is murder murder? and what is murder?!

The girls and young women are dupes, fools, blindly, stupidly, ignorantly following the orders of evil beasts, seeking to slaughter multitudes of innocent "enemies."  Instead of paradise, these murderess bombers inherit eternal damnation, eternal burning, unbearable suffering forever.  According to the true God, ignorance is no excuse for committing murder.

Question: Tell me if you can, what is the method favored for training teen-age girls and young women to commit self-murder terrorist bombings? 

Answer: To rush the girls and young women through rudimentary training, completing the training in four to five days total from inception to sending them to their destruction and eternal damnation.

Question:  Why is such an extremely abbreviated period favored for training the girls and young women to carry out terrorist bombings?

Answer: So the girls and young women do not have time to think and repent of the evil.  The same tactic has been employed in the United States of America for 30 years to cause girls and young women to have their babies murdered by induced abortion; the collective "statesmen" and "stateswomen" in the state and federal governments of the United States of America to this day vehemently, and damnably refuse to even require even a 24-hour waiting period before a girl's or young woman's baby is aborted, and likewise refuse to permit a requirement of parents to be notified before their underage daughter's baby is murdered by induced abortion.  The Palestinian girls and young women are exploited, duped, deceived with the same methods as the American girls and young women are, with one notable exception; the Palestinian girls and young women are duped into murdering themselves to murder the Jews!

.  Martyrs & martyrdom - martyrs are those who are murdered for their faith in Christ Jesus, their refusal to renounce their faith in Christ Jesus.  True martyrs never seek martyrdom, never, but when faced with the ultimatum of renouncing their faith in Jesus Christ or dying as faithful witnesses to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, they lay down their lives: Cassie Bernall was a true martyr to the truth of Jesus Christ, as was her precious classmate Rachel Scott.

Genuine martyrs and martyrdom are not to be confused with the newspeak that fills the nightly news broadcasts in the USA of Today, nor with the malicious malevolent propaganda used by the satanic promoters of terrorism to justify, glorify, and magnify the practice of committing terrorist bombings against targeted purported "enemies" of Islam (typically Jews), in the most stupid robotic way possible, with the only catch being that the bombers have to die in order to succeed in murdering others.  The death of these bomb-carrying curriers, preferably ones seen as being stupid, unskilled, young, lackey, paeans, is a ridiculously cheap, small, bargain price to pay to accomplish the desired terror objectives as far as Yassir Arafat, Osama bin Laden, and myriad other terrorist VIPs, "great men," "prophets," and "holy men" are concerned; and Satan, their ultimate master feels exactly the same way.  Destroyers have always been willing to sacrifice multitudes of "little people" to get what they want, "little people" whose lives are dirt-cheap, just look at the practices of Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, Adolph Himmler, Josef Goebbels, Hirohito & Tojo, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein....

Martyrdom is the diametric opposite of the terrorist massacres committed by Islamic chattel and followers of Satan of any place and time.

If any people who have had the great misfortune to be born into and grow up in Islamist tyrannized countries want to learn what martyrdom actually is, there is a very simple way to do so, and that is for them to convert to Christianity!  They will almost certainly be martyred for their faith, i.e., murdered for renouncing Islam, and cleaving to the one true God through faith in Jesus Christ (the only name given under heaven by which any of us may be saved)!

The number of Christian martyrs has risen staggeringly during the 20th and 21st centuries chiefly due to the rise of Satan's political system Communism, but also due to Satan's false religions, including the resurgence of Islam.  During the brief time remaining prior to the victorious return of Jesus Christ, the world will witness the greatest measure of martyrdom of christians that there has ever been, as Satan wrests control of the world and seeks to destroy all who believe in Jesus Christ.  All who refuse to take the number, or mark, or name of the beast in their forehead or hand will be martyred; and all who take the number, or mark, or name of the beast will suffer eternal damnation with Satan in the lake of fire and brimstone.

Prior to the martyrdom of Stephen, many Hebrew prophets, priests, and servants were martyred for faithfully serving God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

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