Key Doctrinal Questions & Issues  Listing

Answers to these Questions are gleaned from The Holy Bible; The Scriptures; The Word of GOD; The Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms, & the New Covenant; The Old Testament & The New Testament; The BOOK of Books; GOD's Word; The Truth of GOD...The Living Word (Not to be confused with the so-called "Living Bible," or so-called "Living Translation"!).

Editor's note: you will notice that some of these questions have yet to be addressed, apologies; once they are addressed they will have active blue hyperlinks.

  The Bible - Dead or Alive?

  Beliefs - Temporally & Eternally


  Millennial Reign?

  Replacement Theology?

  The New Evangelism?

  True Christianity vs. the Congregation of the Dead

  Is Sin 'a big deal'; if not, is Salvation 'a big deal,' is Salvation even necessary?

  Eternal Security?  Once Saved, Always Saved?

  Born Again?  Must we be?

  Salvation - Whom Will Be Saved?  Who Decides/Determines Whom Will Be Saved - Man or God?

  Salvation: What constitutes salvation; how is one saved?

  Salvation: So you are saved; "when exactly were you saved?"

  Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life? [Rev. 3:1-6]

  Filled with the [Holy] Spirit, Again, and Again, and Again?

  Choices, Deliverance, Exploits....

  Lord Sabaoth; what of the Sabbath, the Shabbat?

  What is Martyrdom?  Why Martyrdom?  Must any be martyred?  Gasp; do you have a so-called "martyr's complex?"

  But there shall not an hair of your head perish.

  Going along to get along?  I may be taking the mark, or number, or name, of the Beast in my forehead and/or my right hand, but in my heart...or in my heart of hearts....  God understands, after all He is Love, Right?

  Moderation in ALL things?!

  "Everyone is the same," "There but for the grace of God go I"...; True or False?!


  Judge Not?

  Tolerance?  Toleration of Evil, the ultimate Christian Virtue?!

  Biblical response to evil, injustice, wickedness on high???  Pacifism versus Resistance....

  The "New" Earth, "New" World, & "New" Jerusalem.

  God's Ways, "God's Truly Mysterious ways," & God's "rules of engagement."

  The Lord's Return, When is it/When will it be?  Could it be at any moment?

  Fads & Winds of Doctrines: Fashioning Doctrines from a couple verses, a verse, or even a fragment of a verse of scripture & conforming the Holy Word of God to our desires?

  Out with the Old & In with the New!  What of the Old Testament?  The oh-so common, fatal, and inexcusable error of ignoring and contradicting the Old Testament, and in many cases despising the Old Testament (and the God and Christ of the Old Testament!).

  Satan & Hell, how negative!

  "A wrong concept of God"?  God as Holy God, Righteous Judge, Loving Father, or our Best Friend, buddy, & pal....

  Daddy God or Father God - are they really one and the same, if not which one is correct?

  Could you have "a wrong concept of Jesus"?!

  The Fear of the Lord?!


  Cults - What Constitutes a Cult? cultic doctrines & practices.  Culty, cultish or cult-like practices engaged in by too many christian congregations & affiliations of congregations.

  Unity?  "United We Stand, Divided We Fall...."  Unity is a good thing isn't it, you know "Christian Unity"?

  The Life of a Christian: what is the life of a christian really like?

  "But rather Rejoice, because Your Names ARE Written in Heaven."  Did Jesus really say that, and if he did, did he really mean it; and if he said it and meant it, then why don't Roman Catholics know if their names are written in heaven, i.e., whether they are truly saved and heaven-bound?

  "All are Welcome!"

  Losing your healing?!

  "Using the Holy Spirit"?  "Using the Holy Ghost"?  [Using God, Using Jesus, Using the Spirit?!]

  God is Not Willing that any should perish?!

  The Greatest Mystery

  Ministers and Respect of Persons

  "The One Unforgivable Sin" (so we are told); but Jesus never said there was Only One Unforgivable Sin!

  What is the foundation for your belief in the Lord?  A few thoughts on Why many "believe," and the implications for them in times to come....

  What is the foundation for your behaviour, i.e., what is the basis for your obedience to the Lord?  A few thoughts on the stark contrast between external restraints vs. internal restraint.

  Whom will you believe; what will you believe?

  "Letting your light shine"...vs. ever daring to witness to a faithless and perverse generation.

  Thou Shalt Not Impose!

  The Kingdom of God?  The Kingdom of Heaven?

  Jesus, the Model for Ministry and Ministers.


  What of the Lord's Parables?

  Have Times Changed?

  Healings & Miracles.... 

  "Signs" - Show us a sign (then we will believe...)

  Jesus, Why did He come?

  "God is in control!"?

  God - One or Three???


  Freedom of Will - or - Bondage of Will?

  Demonization, What is it?

  Saints & Demons?


  Satan's Ways

  What Manner of Generation Is This?

  Taking the Kingdom of Heaven by Force?!

  "Touch Not The Lord's Anointed!"?

  Entertaining, optimistic, "relevant," popular, positive, "preaching"

  Pastor, "God is good!" - - - Congregation, "Every day!" (variation, "The Lord is good!") - An Allegory

  Milk or Meat? & the terribly advanced, sophisticated, mature church in America

  Do-gooders - Is "Doing Good," of God?

  The Kingdom of God (Kingdom of Heaven) - Where Is It? - Luke 17:20-21; Luke 19:11-27; Luke 21:5-33; Mark 12:34

  Heaven - What have you been taught it is like and/or will be like?  What do you believe it is like and/or will be like?  And all-importantly what is it like and/or will it be like?

  Do you Have Faith in God?  Do you Have Faith in Him regarding all things?  [A confession: regarding God's great plans and purposes vs. personal ones.]

  Do you Trust God?  Do you trust Him regarding all things?  [A confession: regarding who will and will not inherit eternal life in His Kingdom.]

  "Be Careful What You Pray For!"? - or - "Be Careful How You Pray!"? ...

  Answer to Prayer?

  Building a 'better' church ala the business school "better mousetrap" model?  The modern mega-church movement: "seeker driven," "intentional," "relevant," "relational," "purpose-driven"?

  Cleansing the Temple, the LORD's House of Prayer, then and now

  The Names of the LORD, the Lord

  The Lord's Lineage

  The Lord's Nativity

  The Lord's Apostles - a listing

  The Lord's Apostles

  The "Inerrant, Infallible" Word of God Dogma

  Blasphemy, blasphemers?



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