The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Question: Is one of these structures leaning? and if one is, can ordinary human beings correctly determine which one is off kilter, leaning, sinking, collapsing, falling?!  Stay tuned, for the editor's answer.

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.  Some 'great thinkers,' 'great scholars,' and the like, would have you and me believe that the only certainties in this life are that there are no certainties, that the only absolutes are that there are no absolutes, that the only moral morals are those which are immoral or amoral; they would have you and me believe that good is evil, and evil is good; that truth is falsehood, and lies are truth; that love is lust, and lust is love; that legitimate is illegitimate, and illegitimate is legitimate; that honor is dishonor, and dishonor is honor; etc....

These social engineers have succeeded phenomenally in accomplishing their monstrous ambitions of overthrowing truth, righteousness, decency, faith, hope, obedience to GOD, and the accomplished work of CHRIST Jesus; they have succeeded in beguiling unstable souls by the multitudes, and more is the pity.

But truth is not dependent on popular acceptance, nor upon public approval; truth is not determined by public popularity, "expert" analysis and commentary notwithstanding.

As displeasing as it may be to you or to me, our recognition, confession, and embracing of truth does not validate truth; neither does our rejection, resistance, and refusal of truth, deny or away with it's truthfulness, rightness, nor its powerful effect.

As you have undoubtedly realized, this 'website' was not and is not designed to be 'cool,' gimmicky, nor 'hot,' gasp (it does not cease to amaze me how many major corporations and corporate giants emphasize how 'cool' their websites and their offerings allegedly are; how ironically funny it is that companies which put such preeminent, and proud emphasis upon being 'professional' per their standards and those of the corporate world, within their corporate environs, turn around and feign their extreme 'coolness' within the Internet environment, incredibly absurd, bizarre, and phony).  CBM's website is not seeking nor pretending to be 'cool,' 'hot,' 'professional,' nor 'taking pains' to be different, distinctive, unique, original, nor controversial; but rather, it is committed to faithfully communicating truth to people who need, desperately need, truth, and hopefully are finally getting fed up with lies and liars, and being 'cooled' and 'fooled,' and are hungry for truth and reality, even if it is not altogether pleasant and enjoyable.  CBM's website is committed to helping people, rather than entertaining or pleasing them (though sometimes the editor's sense of humor gets the better of him).  CBM will continue to endeavor to faithfully communicate what others are ignorant of, afraid to communicate, unwilling to communicate, and/or are unable to communicate.

The foundation of truth is the giver of truth, the True One, the Creator GOD, without whom there is no truth, nor even the concept of truth.

Absent recognition of, and submission to HIM, there can not be truth.  When Jesus said, "I AM the way, the truth, and the life," HE meant it; HE is all of these, and more.  To reject CHRIST Jesus, is to reject truth, to reject life, to reject GOD's gift of love, and to account ourselves fit only for condemnation, and eternity separated from GOD, and from His love.

Chuck Colson, one of the brighter lights in this dark generation, has proclaimed (the ever so slightly controversial assessment of today's USA) that America is now a post-Christian culture or society; he doesn't miss it by much, but he does miss it; today's America (USA) is not merely post-Christian, or past Christian, it is decidedly anti-Christian as it has been for many decadent decades now.  The USofA Today is anti-GOD, anti-good, anti-innocence, anti-pure, anti-decent, anti-noble (ignoble), anti-baby, anti-child, anti-youngster, anti-youth, anti-young person, anti-boy, anti-girl, anti-young woman, anti-woman, anti-marriage (that is anti-holy matrimony), anti-life, anti-truth, anti-reality, anti-justice, anti-mercy, anti-faith, anti-human (inhumane); and today's America, the proud USA of today, is under judgment from the LORD and GOD it wars against, and is on the absolute verge of imminent overthrow (not the mere economic reversals, stock market corrections, and assorted trifles, that we worldly people seem to take most seriously).

The evidence of these facts is staggering:

How many children, youngsters, girls, young women, and women were kidnapped, torturously raped, and slaughtered this past year, in the land of the free and home of the brave?

How many children, youngsters, girls, young women, and women were kidnapped, raped, and enslaved in prostitution this past year, in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

How many children, youngsters, girls, minors, young women, and women are currently estimated to be enslaved in prostitution in the land of the free and the home of the brave (where preying upon young people and enslaving them in prostitution is categorized as a misdemeanor, while counseling young women outside of abortion mills, not to abort their babies, is categorized as a felony).

The number of minor-age United States citizens enslaved in prostitution per year is not in the single digits, not in the tens, nor in the hundreds, nor in the thousands, nor the tens of thousands, no, but the number of these victims is believed to be in the hundreds of thousands!

Over the past few decades how many hundreds of thousands, dare I say millions, of precious, darling girls like Polly Klaas have been savagely sacrificed to the modern American sacred cows of unbridled freedom of 'expression,' freedom from 'censorship,' freedom of 'adult entertainment enterprises,' freedom of hellishly fiendish, murderous 'pursuits of happiness,' i.e., freedom for destroyers to engage in the most viciously anti-humane, predatory, exploitative of attacks on GOD's children, with license, i.e., with virtual impunity....  This formerly great nation has suffered evil judges to conspiratorially create limitless/boundless, 'constitutionally guaranteed' 'rights' of those guilty of the most heinous crimes against the most precious of humanity, to have the most extremely exaggerated benefit of every possible opportunity to avoid justice, evade justice, escape justice, thwart justice, overthrow justice, and live free to 'joyfully' commit more of the same nightmarish monstrously murderous abominations!  The number of registered sex offenders is currently above one-half million, excluding most monsters that are currently 'serving time' behind bars, and those who have not been arrested, prosecuted, convicted...and designated to be 'registered sex offenders.'  Ironically, this unjust nation occasionally includes young men and men on its registries of 'sex offenders' who were teenage lovers and committed statutory rape of their high school sweethearts, while it fails to include vicious serial rapists, and perverters of children. 

How many sadistic destroyers after having torturously destroyed darlings have unconscionably been released, set at liberty, given opportunity to prey upon and destroy countless additional darlings, and have seized the opportunity to do so, courtesy of this debased nation's wicked judges and injustice system?! 

What hopeful end is in sight for the preyed upon, the targets for destruction at the hands of the monsters; what hope is there for the babes, the toddlers, the children, the youngsters, the girls, the minors, the virgins, the young women, the women? other than GOD's just and ironically merciful overturning of this nation's wicked government...? (and it is coming, like it or not, recognize it or not, deny it or not.)

Oh, how can you say such things, how dare you????  But, the truth is that it is not possible to even begin to scrape the surface of the extent and magnitude of the evil of the sufferings of those who have been given over to the slaughter by this nation, and who continue to be given to the slaughter by this nation's authorities: by it's high, and mighty, 'respectable,' 'honorable,' honored public servants/government officials, government employees, judges, 'justices,' journalists, educators, academicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers, lawmakers...lobbyists, industrialists, businesspeople, ministers....  The list is long, and deep, damnably so!  And speaking of lists, following is a list of commentaries, most of which I have not had the luxury of time to complete.

Editor's Commentaries  hyperlink list

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.  I do not believe in identifying with a life verse, i.e., one guiding verse, it is far too limited, how can you reduce, condense, or abbreviate the WORD of GOD to one verse?  That having been said, however, a verse which partially describes the editor's purpose for this web site is Joshua 22:34, "And the children of Reuben and the children of Gad called the altar Ed : for it shall be a witness between us that the LORD is GOD."

Amen, may this web site serve as a proxy altar, witnessing to the truth that the LORD is GOD, for indeed HE is!

The truth is that GOD was, God is, and God ever shall be, while the liars and destroyers shall be overthrown, judged, and removed to be punished in the lake of fire and brimstone, which will make Devil's Island seem like a resort by comparison.

Only GOD's grace helps me to maintain a sense of humor or to smile, given the terrible injustices and violence suffered by many during these times, and in the midst of these 'best and worst of times'; but thanks be to God to be on the earth during these last closing years of sinful civilization, and thus, to have the opportunity to serve HIM during these climactic endtimes.

Editor's note: No matter how bad it is down here, and regardless how little of heaven's blessings we enjoy now, eternity in the New Jerusalem, worshipping GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Spirit, will make up for all pain, suffering, loneliness, humiliation, deprivation, hardship, persecution...GOD's Word says so, and GOD is faithful and true, thanks be to GOD.

.  Now a word of recognition for a journalist who was of a different era, and of a different spirit indeed.

"Our republic and its press will rise or fall together.  An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery.

"A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself.  The power to mould the future of the republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."

Joseph Pulitzer

[This quotation is proudly displayed on a plaque at The Press Club in Washington, D.C.] to the utter condemnation of so many journalists who have frequented that landmark facility.

I will leave it with the reader to decide which type of press we are currently 'blessed' with, or pressed under by.

Ah yes, for those of you who thought I had forgotten about the Little Mermaid, and my earlier mention of explaining the connection between 'her' and CHRIST's Bride Ministries' web site, this is for you.

No Mermaid, but a real maiden

Across the spectrum of the worldwide web there is ever so much effort taken to persuade the males of mankind of the beauty and/or sexual desirability of the naked female body.  I for one can't help wondering what need there is to persuade men of such an unmistakably obvious, historical, and readily observable fact (even without the gratuitous unveiling or denuding of the women).  In any case, every opportunity imaginable is taken by males and females aplenty to display the beauty of naked young women, e.g., the sites allegedly dedicated to eradicating breast cancer; whereas CBM has instead chosen only to provide a few limited and veiled images of  naked pregnant women, at the "Loving, Life-sparing" Public Service Campaigns chapter, via genuine artworks of long ago (and modest ones at that), in concert with photos which do not show explicit nudity, but allude to women's bodily beauty, or depict something such as pregnancy or childbirth; there is no gratuitous nudity at CBM's site.   Photos are not provided to vividly prove how desperately far this nation and this enlightened, sophisticated, advanced western world have depravedly sunk (or devolved), in the name of fashion, style, progress, freedom, and provocatively, pervasively, acceptably promote sexual license and immorality to the young and not so young, at every turn.  This is irrefutably a most sinful, adulterous, perverse age (and the end of the final age, prior to the return of CHRIST JESUS).

CBM has adorned this web site with the little mermaid as a symbol or reminder of mankind's continual fascination with, and honor paid to the beauty of the female form.  Christianity has preserved, protected, safeguarded, nurtured, cherished, and honored the home, marriage, women, and children, whereas in the USA of Today (which purports to be so occupied with the protection of, dignity of, and rights of, girls, young women, and women), and the world of today, all manner of evils have been permitted and enabled to war against the home, marriage, women, and children, and to defile the land.

In this purported Communication Age, which is actually the Age of Lies, a perpetual and virtually omnipresent campaign has been waged employing vast resources over decades to communicate to the public what a terrible thing breast cancer is (which it is), and that all persons, but especially all females, must be properly informed and educated concerning what the risk factors related to breast cancer are, what possibly can be done to diminish the likelihood of contracting breast cancer, what 'cutting-edge' 'therapies' are available with which to treat breast cancer...and all the while, all of this most 'politically correct' facade has been acted out, there has been a grotesque, continual, and utterly unconscionable cover-up of the Abortion - Breast Cancer Link (after all, what a girl, young woman, or woman doesn't know, can't hurt her right?!  And what friends, family members, and loved ones don't know, can't hurt them, nor the girls and women in their families and lives, right?!).

For decades, combined forces of major media elites, the entertainment industry, the federal government, state governments, municipal governments...corporate America, and foundations, 'charitable organizations,' and assorted religious types, have partnered with the abortion racket to communicate, promote, legalize, legislate, facilitate, enforce, and reward the chief sacred cow of America, abortion/abortion 'rights', i.e., induced abortion/elective abortion...and all the while the awful truth of the methods, procedures, tools, techniques, and results of performing abortion have been kept hidden, concealed, censored, prohibited from being aired, viewed, discussed, all the while the manifold horrors of the degrading, rapacious, painful, nightmarish, cold-blooded 'abortion procedures' have been kept cloaked in privileged secrecy, the resultant ruinous ramifications to the girls and women so deliberately, ruthlessly violated and preyed upon have been kept under wraps to this hour, all in the interest of the 'rights' of these girls and women of course.  And all this while, the 'champions' of human rights, in the media and the government have conspicuously worked to 'defend' girls and young women from those who would attempt to communicate truth to them before they were herded to the slaughter.

The contemporary 'Champions' of 'women's issues,' the proud successors to Margaret Sanger, have been struggling along with the billions of dollars channeled their way, with a stranglehold on the media, with the top government positions dominated by ungodly males and females, and more often than not anti-GOD males and females; and if the funds extracted from taxpayer families had not been enough to fund this evil, the corporations, foundations, and wealthy individual givers have done their share in partnering with promoting and facilitating this evil; one would think the abortion racket was a hardship case, rather than a parasitically lucrative 'growth industry.'

In case you have not read what the heroines of the woman's suffrage movement (as wrong as they were about some other things) had to say, and do, about abortion, read on.

Susan B. Anthony (known for her stand against slavery and legalized prostitution), called abortion a "horrible crime of child-murder."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (also known for her opposition to slavery), in an article entitled "Child Murder," referred to abortion as a "crying evil" and an "outrage against the laws of nature and our common humanity."

No wonder then that a statue of these ladies has been closeted in the basement of the Capitol building; after all a statue commemorating the efforts of these ladies might prove a trifle embarrassing and troublesome to the anti-baby, anti-child, anti-woman, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-Church, anti-GOD, anti-CHRIST, anti-Constitution, anti-truth, anti-justice, anti-love, anti-peace, anti-nation, administration, government, and vested interests, might it not?

For decades now, children, youngsters, and young adults, chiefly females, have been suffering being preyed upon, kidnapped, raped, tortured, prostituted, mutilated, maimed, murdered, to a magnitude that is staggering.  Irrespective of what rhetoric they choose to engage in on a day to day basis, the 'champions' of 'human rights' and 'freedom' have been avidly promoting all of the evils which spur such horrors, i.e., pornography (and such pornography too, i.e., sadism...) and 'adult entertainments' and 'adult themes'...including 'kiddie porn,' 'topless clubs,' 'bottomless clubs,' 'lingerie modeling studios,' nude clubs, 'massage parlors,' 'escort services,' profanity/nudity/perversion/and other 'adult themes' on TV, eradication of censorship of any 'adult subject matter,' horror movies, 'snuff films,' bestiality, sodomy/homosexuality, sadism/masochism, bondage...'safe sex,' 'safer sex,' 'sex education,' sexual experimentation, 'free love,' lowering the age of 'consent,' not to mention induced abortion via surgery, via devices, via drugs and chemicals, 'fetal harvesting and experimentation,' 'embryological research,' infanticide, euthanasia...divorce, and of course rights, rights, rights (for our selves).

What have been some underlying themes:

a) Lies; all of these evils are rooted in lies.

b) Immorality; always pervasive immorality, the glorification of immorality.

c) The profoundly vicious lie that infliction of pain elicits pleasure for the ones being torturously afflicted by the tormentors.

d) The 'Constitutionally protected' 'adult' theme that inflicting pain results in powerfully gratifying pleasure for the tormentors.*

e) Violence, vicious, ruthless, barbaric, torturous violence, and the justification of it (i.e., that the tortured one 'desires' it and enjoys it)!

* There is a grain of monstrous truth to this theme, for utter fiends can obtain pleasure from premeditatedly, hellishly destroying others, especially destroying harmless, innocent, or near innocent, or nearer innocent others, and such 'others' too, babes, infants, toddlers, children, young girls, girls, young virgin women... bound, chained, tortured with 'tools' of you start to get the picture, and do you imagine that Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry...would stand still for this, would tolerate this evil, for one moment?  Whereas the servants of Satan  not only would allow such evils, but have all been dedicated to the commission of such evils, i.e., Hitler would delightfully take part in such ghoulish tortures, so would Caligula, Nero, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim & Kim II, Yasser Arafat...and let us not forget the pivotal role that the authors of the Hollywood horror spectacles have played, i.e., the authors and screenwriters of the Halloween, Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Friday the 13th, Child's Play/Chuckie, and Hannibal Lechter monstrosities...and the screen adaptations of Stephen King's horror tomes.  A cadre of sadistic horror purveyors have spawned a reign of terror on this nation for decades now.  All of Satan's wicked cohorts incessantly do their part to utterly destroy GOD's creation, with an insatiable thirst to inflict terror, agony, destruction, and annihilation upon GOD's people and those who would be His.

All of these evils are satanic at the root, at the source; they are all dedicated to the destruction of life, love, and truth, all of which come from GOD (the giver of every good and perfect gift); they reflect unquenchable, unappeasable murderous hatred and violence against, and ultimately the destruction of, everyone and everything that is innocent, tender, pure, peaceful, beautiful, harmless, helpless...holy, sacred, of GOD, all those whom Jesus CHRIST died to redeem.  All of these evils are manifestations of Satan's incessant war against GOD and His CHRIST and his followers.

Immorality leads to violence! Immorality begets violence! Immorality breeds violence!

Failure to act righteously to curb violence, failure to execute righteous judgment and justice, to avenge the blood of the slaughtered always leads to more bloodshed, and eventually to rampant bloodshed, ironically culminating in the destruction of the people who have allowed and participated in such evil (of course the news commentators, journalists, educators, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, anthropologists, historians...won't tell you this, nor will the theologians!, in fact they tell us the opposite!).  But, 'experts' notwithstanding, injustice begets violence; permitting, allowing, legalizing, legislating, facilitating, encouraging, teaching, promoting, rewarding evil, begets evil, increases evil, exacerbates evil, multiplies evil....

Consequently this nation goes on from gory to gorier, it becomes ever more steeped in the blood of the innocents by the minute, and rushes pell-mell to Hell!  Truly, this 'christian' nation has earned damnation for itself.  God Save Us & God Save US!

If you wish to write to CHRIST's Bride, Ministries, please direct your email correspondence to the editor at the following address: mail - at/@ -

Prayers to GOD the Father, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, GOD the Son, are needed, desired, requested, and will be sincerely appreciated.

For all who love the SON in spirit and truth, may you be blessed with all of GOD's great blessings, Numbers 6:24-27.


Editor, aka "Ed."

.  To all people reading this material: no matter how hopeless and desperate your particular case or situation may appear to be, and in truth may be (absent miraculous cure, deliverance/rescue, and other miracles), there is a GOD who knows no impossibilities (Luke 1:37).

When no hope nor help remain, GOD remains true, faithful, and available, through Jesus Christ, to those who will confess their sins, repent of their sins (turn from their sins), believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and humble themselves before the eternal GOD of creation, of life, of love, of truth, of justice and peace.

.  To read most incredibly beautiful, inspiring, true testimonies of GOD's tender enduring mercies, extended to ordinary people during contemporary times, and His willingness to help people who could not help themselves, and who others could not help, please write to the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, and request information concerning these wonderfully blessed, awe inspiring, true books: GOD is in the 'business' of helping people who cannot help themselves, and who others cannot, and/or will not help.

I Believe In Miracles

God Can Do It Again

Nothing Is Impossible With God

Never Too Late

Twilight And Dawn

The Greatest Power in the World

I Believe In Miracles, God Can Do It Again, and Nothing Is Impossible With God, are compilations or collections of first person accounts, whereas Never Too Late, and Twilight And Dawn are extended individual first person accounts; additionally, The Greatest Power in the World is a new release from The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation summing up insights given to Kathryn by the LORD, concerning the third person of the Trinity, the HOLY Spirit/the HOLY Ghost/the Comforter/the Spirit of Truth. This wonderful book will bless you greatly, in helping enable you to be blessed and to be the blessing GOD needs for you to be during these final pivotal times of human history, prior to the LORD's triumphant return, and millennial reign (following the Great Tribulation, which is 'at the door!').

The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, P.O. Box 3, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0003 - or - 4411 Stilley Road, #202, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) 15227


I have recommended these books to thousands of strangers and acquaintances for years; I guarantee they will bless you greatly.


Brad Thomas

Editor, aka "Ed," CHRIST's Bride, Ministries.

PS - If you happen to know of one of the following ladies, would you please contact me, and let me know how I might contact them: Yelena Sannikova, and Galina Vilchinskaya; whether you know of them or not, please include them in your prayers, that God will heal them.


Beautiful Bride

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