* Editor's Commentaries - #89  And the next President Is...  Drum roll please

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.  I have not done much writing during the past five plus years, having communicated most of what I have had to say via broadcasting; consequently, the website is lacking much of what I have communicated.  The 9/11 attacks, the ambitious military/nation-building missions to Afghanistan and Iraq, the future of the USofA, the last Presidential go-round, and the approaching Presidential election (which may or may not take place, depending on whether the nation is still a nation), have been addressed repeatedly at length via broadcast media, but not on this website.  I will make a few comments regarding the approaching Presidential election, which are essentially restatements of what I have been saying for years.

.  First, the possible scenarios, including the winners and the losers.

1. The Republicans will be losers, they will not hold the presidency; the Republican nominee will lose, irrespective who the nominee is.*  The Republicans will lose ground in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, and likely in Governorships as well; so much for the new Republican majority crafted by "the architect," formerly known as the "boy genius," Karl Rove.

2. One Independent candidate could possibly win, that candidate would be "I don't have the fire in the belly," Colin Powell.  He is the only person that would stand a chance of winning as an Independent; he would almost assuredly lose as a Republican, even if teamed with John McCain.*  A probable running mate for Powell if he should choose to run for President as an Independent would be William S. Cohen (former Republican Congressman; former Republican U.S. Senator; former Secretary of Defense under "moderate" Democrat President Bill Clinton; renowned consultant on National Defense, International Affairs, Security, Diplomacy...).  Do not misunderstand, I am not saying that Powell deserves the presidency, he does not!!!

Powell/Cohen would be quite the ticket whether they ran as Republicans or Independents (but would fare better as Independents):

At the top of the ticket, a man of color, a "moderate" Republican who both major parties courted to be their Presidential nominee, back before Pres. George W. Bush (#43) initially ran for and was elected to be President.  Powell rose to the highest level in the U.S. Army, oversaw Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, aka the first Gulf War(s), as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under "moderate" Republican President George H. W. Bush (#41), and resigned from the Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under "moderate" Democrat President Bill Clinton (and unelected Co-President Hell-ary).  In response to questions prior to previous Presidential campaigns regarding whether he would seek the Presidency, Powell has repeatedly demurred stating he would not seek the Presidency because he "did not have the fire in the belly" needed to win the Presidency....

In the number 2 position or supporting role, a running mate who is a "moderate" Republican.  Bill Cohen while yet a junior Republican Congressman voted to impeach the President ("moderate" Republican Richard Nixon); Cohen then "served" in the U.S. Senate as a "moderate" Republican, who then left the U.S. Senate to accept nomination to become Secretary of Defense under "moderate" Democrat President Bill Clinton (and Co-President Hell-ary).  Cohen, divorced the wife of his youth Diana (Dunn) Cohen, and is remarried to Janet Langhart a very attractive woman of color (extremely light color, but "color" nonetheless).  Langhart, a former model, television personality, and Black Entertainment Television correspondent (she was correspondent to the Pentagon during Cohen's tenure as Secty. of Defense), is a VIP in major non-profit circles and corridors of power these days.

A Powell/Cohen ticket, should it come about and succeed in being elected, would provide the first Presidential ticket to be elected which included a "person of color," and if one were to include the wives, it would include three of four members (three fourths of the ticket) being people of color!  Now that would be a ticket seemingly extremely difficult for the Democrats to compete for black votes with; it might present such a formidable foe as to compel the Democrats to include Barack on their ticket in order to maintain their 95%++ ownership of black votes and voters (yes, the Democrats are not only the pro-slavery party of yesteryear, which the Republicans were created as a response to; but the Democrats are the de facto pro-slavery party of contemporary times).  Still, I would counsel the Democrats not to panic, after all Bill Clinton has been famously referred previously to as being this nation's first black President!

3. Bill & Hillary have command and control of the Democrat partyThe Democrat ticket will be one of the following:

3a) Hillary, with a weak, easily controlled VP (think in terms of the Al Gore type, but someone who possesses either gravitas, or some star appeal, but not so much as to threaten her), i.e., someone like Wesley Clark (retired 4-star General, or was it 5-star?), or Chuck Robb (husband of Lynda Bird, son-in-law to the late LBJ & Lady Bird Johnson), or gravitas-less John Edwards.  Of the three VP possibilities listed, Edwards certainly has no gravitas and the least experience, but possesses the most youthful good looks and ability to easily speak warmly and  enthusiastically to crowds (even if he is noticeably less than masculine and manly); Clark is a very wooden soldier indeed; and Robb apparently has the most personal baggage (though little compared to the Clintons).  My recommendation would be Robb for Veep; Edwards for Secretary of something, e.g., Commerce, or Education, or HUD, or HHS; and Clark for Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State.  The selection of Edwards and Clark should be announced early enough to permit them to campaign with the Rodham-Clintons and Robbs as the presumptive Cabinet members, thus lending maximum gravitas.  In any case, should this scenario pan out, i.e., Hillary winning the Presidency with a weak, irrelevant Veep, Bill would operate as the unelected de facto Co-President (as Hillary did back in the "good old days") when Bill was President.

3b) Someone else (i.e., Barack Hussein Obama) permitted to be at the top of the ticket, but ever so briefly, should the Clinton team and power-brokers behind the scenes determine that Hillary cannot succeed in being elected President.  The VP slot would be filled by Hillary or Bill, and after the man at the top of the ticket "tragically passed away," the VP would succeed the fallen President (circa JFK and LBJ).  Thus, whichever of Bill or Hillary was VP prior to the President's demise would be promoted to President, and whichever of Bill or Hillary was not VP prior to the President's demise would become unelected de facto Co-President (or perchance even be appointed Vice President)!

3c) Hillary, with Bill as VP; talk about high negatives, this would absolutely max out the negatives, but they have never lacked for chutzpah have they!  If their brain-trust thinks they can get away with this frontal assault, they may attempt it (it certainly permits them to exercise absolute control, as in "command and control," and they are absolute control freaks).

3d) A usurper as President (i.e., Barack Hussein Obama, with his wife Michelle as unelected Co-President), with a VP other than the Rodham-Clintons. For the VP nominee think of someone with maximum gravitas, someone along the lines of Joe Biden, i.e., an experienced high-profile Senator, who has National Security credentials, or "I don't have the fire in the belly," or Colin Powell.  This overthrow of the Rodham-Clintons can only take place if "the stars all align," i.e., if the Rodham-Clintons' control of the Democrat party machinery has eroded absolutely disastrously, and if Barack and Michelle are viewed as favorably by the evil power-brokers behind the scenes as the Rodham-Clintons have been for many years and still areFor the Obamas to be so viewed, they would have to be as evil as the Rodham-Clintons, a truly daunting requirement, but there are indicators that they may not be all that far behind.  It is very hard to imagine Barack opting for an all-black ticket, but it is possible, if so, Barack & Michelle & Colin & Alma would be the only ticket more colorful than an Independent ticket of Colin & Alma & Bill Cohen & Janet Langhart.


Now that he has reportedly undergone surgery and is undergoing treatment for a malignant, incurable brain tumor, and "given a year to live," my personal sentimental favorite for VP nominee is, drum roll please, pillar of virtue, character, and integrity, Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy!*

*The beauty of naming Teddy Kennedy to be Veep is that it would associate the Camelotian star dust of the Kennedys to Rodham-Clinton or Obama; it would permit Teddy to ascend to the White House; it would provide Rodham-Clinton or Obama with an enormous collective spasm of sympathy from all Democrats and many Independents, and it would permit Rodham-Clinton to nominate Billy Boy following Teddy's supposed demise, or permit Obama to stack the VP position with virtually whomever he chose following Teddy's supposed demise in Spring/Summer of '09!  Opportunities like this just don't get any better!  Hillary & Bill would be a new and substantially empowered two-fer.  Obama would have to refrain from nominating Louis Farrakhan, and perhaps from nominating Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, but frankly he would be given a rubber stamp approval for just about anyone including any black official, or VIP, e.g., Mayor, U.S. Representative, Governor, U.S. Senator, Judge, Professor, General, Admiral, current or former cabinet member, or CEO (or billionairess:).

But what about the other possibilities?  What possibilities?  The truth is there are no other realistic possibilities.

John McCain, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Thompson, Jim Gilmore, Michael Bloomberg, etc., are going nowhere vs. the Rodham-Clinton juggernaut.

As I already stated, no Republican nominee will win the Presidency, period.*

And what about the Republican dark horse candidates, i.e., Duncan Hunter, Tommy Tancredo, and Ron Paul?  They are the best candidates in the field, i.e., the worthiest, the most deserving, the most trustworthy, and the safest...but since when has the voting public voted for the best candidate, the best person...all lipservice from every worthless politician professing unshakeable confidence in the unerring wisdom of the American "people" notwithstanding.  Ronald Reagan was the strongest candidate the nation has seen for a very long time, he had it all, and look how long it took him to be elected President (think in terms of twenty years!); along the way he was defeated by Gerald Rudolph Ford (remember the token Republican on the Warren Commission who was nominated by Richard M. Nixon to fill the vacancy left by disgraced VP Spiro Agnew, prior to Nixon's resignation from the Presidency; remember Gerald Rudolph Ford who nominated Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller to be his Vice-President); and when Reagan finally succeeded in winning the Presidency, who did he defeat, none other than Jimmy Carter (think in terms of the American hostages of the Iranians; the American security detachment who were ordered to stand down, i.e., ordered not to resist the attackers of the American Embassy and not to defend themselves!); do you remember "trust me" Jimmy Carter?  Yes, Ronald Reagan succeeded in defeating Jimmy Carter, and then defeating Jimmy's Veep Walter Fritz Mondale.

What about another Independent candidate, e.g., Michael Bloomberg running as an Independent instead of as a "moderate" Republican; or Bill Gates; or Jennifer Lopez? [Jennifer has publicly stated that she wants to be the first woman President, and yes, I have to admit I really do like Jennifer in movies (I loved her in The Wedding Planner, and Maid in Manhattan, but then I am a single man, i.e., an unmarried man, and she is very lovely and appealing.]

Yes, you are right, J-Lo has as much chance of becoming President as any of the other "possibilities," perhaps more.

To recap: if there is another President of the USofA, the President will be a Democrat, and that Democrat nominee will be either Hillary, or a temporary place-holder, or Barack Hussein Obama as usurper; there is only one other possibility, and that would be a ticket with "I don't have the fire in the belly" Colin Powell (his best chance of winning would be as an Independent).  Were Colin Powell to join the fray, he would be typecast by the Democrats and their low friends in high places as an "uncle Tom," unless of course he ran with Barack Hussein Obama, in which case his "blackness" would be unsullied, unquestioned, even feted.  Regardless what the "experts" say between now and the election, there are no other possibilities, imagine what you will.

The dye is cast, and this will be the outcome regardless how little or how much attention you pay to the media hype, brouhaha, and multi-media coverage of the Presidential follies between now and election day (if election day arrives and the USofA is still a "free" nation, and a Presidential Election takes place).

But don't you believe in the power of prayer?  Yes I do, but again, since when do the American people select the best person and most worthy candidate for political office, any office, let alone for President of the United States of America?  And since when hasn't the political process been substantially rigged, so any worthy candidates are precluded from finding their way into the general election?

* Prezidential Ploys, Follies, & Hoo Done It?

* Editor's Commentaries - #48  And Speaking of "The West Wing" - The Clinton-Clinton Ticket, i.e., the Rodham-Clinton Ticket?!

  Occasionally I think while standing up, walking, or even chewing gum, though I can't say I necessarily do my best thinking while exerting myself in these ways - Editor/Ed.

Boys are so silly, I prefer to do my deep thinking, reflection, ruminating, and meditation, while I am reclining at length in the tub, preferably with several servants to attend to my every whim and need.  [One must be careful to only think in moderation while soaking, though, lest one should turn into a prune!]  Umm, I wonder if those silly hunky stone-age boys are thinking about me?  If they think they can use me like I'm some worthless disposable thing, they've got another thing coming! 

{No, bathing beauty.  If I had a lady like you to think about (but a little less "hard-bodied"), I wouldn't manage to think of anything else.  It is true, God does work in mysterious ways.}

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