* Editor's Commentaries - #66  In a very small nutshell, What is Wrong With the Bush Administration's Militarily-based Nation-building in Afghanistan & Iraq?! 

What's the Question?  Stay 'tuned,' for the editor's answer.

.  The peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq are not the same as the peoples of the USA of today, much less the peoples of the American Colonies!

.  The peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq are almost exclusively Muslim, and though their Islamic beliefs vary, they are more alike than different.  

.  The peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq do not share political views with western nations any more than they share religious beliefs.

.  The peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq are opposed to "western-style democracy."

.  The peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq are and will be influenced, stirred up, egged on, infiltrated, attacked, preyed upon, and victimized by Islamic terrorist groups and terrorists from other muslim-dominated countries, resulting in ultimate failure, costly failure for nation-building, peace-making/keeping efforts by western nations.

.  The leaders of the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq are not the same as the leaders of the peoples of the American Colonies!  Indeed, even the leaders of the peoples of the USA of today are not the same as the leaders of the peoples of the American Colonies!

.  The USA of today is so far removed from what the founding fathers of America sacrificially brought forth, that even to reform the now anti-christian USA is an impossible undertaking, and that without trying to recreate the christian-led "american experiment" in muslim regimes absent Christianity!

.  How negative!  Now wait a moment, if memory serves me, the Pilgrims, Puritans...did not come to this land "temporarily" to share their God-inspired revelations of Christian "democratic" government with the Indians/native Americans, and then leave behind an enlightened, free society, did they?

But the US-led vast coalition of the willing of western forces, chock full of female military service personnel, sodomites, cultists, muslims, and minus any offense-arousing christian influence is going to establish modern western-style democratic government in these muslim-pervaded regions.  How can we possibly fail to succeed?

It certainly is comforting to have enlightened christian leadership at the helm of the USA of today!

Who me?  Don't blame me, I may be "western" but no one can claim I am a christian; I may be white, but whatever I am, I am not an American, whatever an American is.

Boys are so silly, I prefer to do my deep thinking, reflection, ruminating, and meditation, while I am reclining at length in the tub, preferably with several servants to attend to my every whim and need.  [One must be careful to only think in moderation while soaking, though, lest one should turn into a prune!]  Umm, I wonder if those silly hunky stone-age boys are thinking about me?  If they think they can use me like I'm some worthless disposable thing, they've got another thing coming! 

{No, bathing beauty.  If I had a lady like you to think about (but a little less "hard-bodied" please), I wouldn't manage to think of anything else.  It is true, God does work in mysterious ways.}

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Al's secret to his superior thinking - sitting down.

 Ah yes, now I see the resemblance between Albert Einstein and CBM's Editor, they are both hard-bodied hunks (almost as if chiseled out of stone) and undeniably dreamers.



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