* Editor's Commentaries - #62  The Columbia Tragedy & Reaching for the Stars, with God's approval, God's endorsement?

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. The Columbia Space Shuttle disaster.

The seven astronauts (including a famously heroic Israeli fighter pilot) who died when the Space Shuttle Columbia blew up over Palestine, Texas (yes, Palestine) were highly intelligent, highly educated, talented, accomplished, successful people...and will be sadly missed.  But the refrain oft repeated of "the best and the brightest," I don't know, personally, I think that description even more aptly describes those who were murdered at the schools in Littleton, CO; Springfield, OR; Pearl, MS; Jonesboro, AR; Paducah, KY; FL; VA...and the Church in Ft. Worth, TX.

The President made a fine speech, echoing the tribute paid by President Ronald Reagan to the crew of seven that died on the Space Shuttle Challenger which blew up after blast off.  The problem with the tributes was not in referring to God, and the Holy Bible, and alluding to the LORD; the problem was in using God, in putting God's imprimatur on the space program, in making it as if God personally endorsed and whole-heartedly approved of America's space program, its cooperative American-Russian space program, and of space exploration...all of which are based on atheist theories of evolution and  other imagined evolutionary civilizations...and thus are actually based on opposition and rebellion to God.  The NASA space program represents the vacuous, atheist, secular humanist, pluralist, multicultural, feminist morass that American Government, and increasingly society, has become.  The whole space program, like the nation itself, is wrong-hearted as well as wrong-headed, and is an exercise in the elevation of man as the measure of all things, and as such is an abominable affront to God!  Stop and think about it for a moment if you will; the ancient Tower of Babel represented a concerted attempt by man to displace God, not to commune with God, nor to submit to God, but to challenge God, and as such this ungodly challenge was dealt with swiftly and powerfully by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  The Challenger spacecraft was fittingly named Challenger.  Is this to say that none of the astronauts and others in the space program have been godly people, No it is not!  But, it is to say that the very notion of the space program, the underlying premises, and the mission of the space program have been ungodly and in concerted opposition to God.

The crews of Challenger and Columbia included women, this is in keeping with the modern, advanced, sophisticated idea that women should participate in the military (including combat support and combat), and should participate in policework, firefighting, Presidential security with the Secret Service, national security with the FBI...and spying with the CIA....  Fatal disasters in the space program have not been limited to missions including women crewmembers, but these two space shuttle missions did share this in common.

Currently two missions are headed up by women, one is a space shuttle mission, and the other is the joint American-Russian space station mission.  Having both of these related space missions headed up by women is being haled as a great leap forward for mankind (surely we need to replace that word).  The question is whether God views this development in the same light as sinful mankind does (but, sinful man does not care; sinful man, even church-attending, religious-acting man has no use for what God really thinks, and no willingness to obey God).


  Occasionally I think while standing up, walking, or even chewing gum, though I can't say I necessarily do my best thinking while exerting myself in these ways - Editor/Ed.

Boys are so silly, I prefer to do my deep thinking, reflection, ruminating, and meditation, while I am reclining at length in the tub, preferably with several servants to attend to my every whim and need.  [One must be careful to only think in moderation while soaking, though, lest one should turn into a prune!]  Umm, I wonder if those silly hunky stone-age boys are thinking about me?  If they think they can use me like I'm some worthless disposable thing, they've got another thing coming! 

{No, bathing beauty.  If I had a lady like you to think about (but a little less "hard-bodied"), I wouldn't manage to think of anything else.  It is true, God does work in mysterious ways.}

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