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.  President George W. Bush's "moms" were featured in USA Today's USA Weekend April 12-14 Cover story titled "The White House Message Machine," reported by Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts.  

Who you ask are G.W.'s "moms"?  Good Question.  The President's "moms" are a covey of high-ranking advisors to the President, who are women, and who bring their more or less feminine perspective individually and collectively to the role of advising the President & VP, and framing the messages of the President, Vice-President, First Lady, the Administration as a whole, the Pentagon...and thus the United States of America, and yes, President George W. Bush has referred to them as "my moms."

A very few quotes from the story are presented here to highlight the nature of the counsel provided to the President and Government, by this elite band of women.  

You will not find the major criticisms made of these four women by [some of their detractors], which are mentioned in the Roberts's article, the focus here is on far more disturbing revelations than the typical criticisms made of these key administration operatives.

"Undisputed is the women's role as prime image-makers for an administration at war.  They're so valued by the president, he once told his chief-of-staff [Andrew "Andy" Card] not to 'run my moms off' with rigid work schedules."

"When we started writing this article, the women resisted the notion that gender influences their job."

.  Karen Hughes - 45 years of age, mother of a 15 year-old son, Counselor to the President [and though not stated in the article Karen is also the mother of an adult daughter, and is also a grandmother].

Karen Hughes, has been with President Bush since he first campaigned for Governor of Texas, served as his Press Secretary during his successful campaign for President, and was promoted to her current position of Counselor to the President following his election.

So what of the wisdom Karen brings to this extremely high-level, influential, and sensitive position: per Cokie & Steve, 

"Hughes is fond of saying, 'being a woman is no more relevant than having blue eyes.'"   

Mary Matalin - 48 years of age, wife of James Carville (that is not a misprint, the wife of James Carville), mother of 3 year-old and 6 year-old daughters, Assistant to the President & Counselor to the Veep.  

"Matalin recalls seeing pictures of women draped in burqas: 'Personally, I couldn't get over that these were the doctors and the lawyers and the teachers, and now they were under cover.  That was just an outrage!'"

Victoria "Torie" Clarke - 42 years of age, mother of three young children, Chief Spokeswoman for the Pentagon. 

"Clarke's husband, Brian Graham, an executive at Fannie Mae, takes on a lot of responsibility, and Clarke came home one night to find him asleep on their bed, surrounded by camp forms, photo orders -- the debris of daily life.  But if motherhood makes her job harder, it also provides motivation.  'It makes you appreciate how important it is to make the world a safer place,' Clarke says.  'That gets driven home to me every night when I go home to see my kids, and every morning when I leave in the dark and kiss them goodbye.'"

Charlotte Beers - 66 years of age, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs. 

"The message, Beers says: Muslims are esteemed in America, not ostracized, and 'the tension in modern life can be balanced with the honest faith of Muslim practice.'"

.  "Balancing family and a high-pressure job is never easy, and the trauma of terrorism makes it even more difficult.  Matalin arrives some days at 4 a.m. to compensate for time spent parenting."

.  So what is the overall picture?  Yes, there is one.  Certainly, you may choose to insist that too little is repeated from the article to glean an overall picture, or even a theme...much less to derive conclusions, but I beg to differ.  This little group speaks volumes about the current "compassionate conservative" administration.

Karen Hughes, a press relations expert for Governor and President Bush, and now Counsel to the President, is fond of saying, "being a woman is no more relevant than having blue eyes."  She does not merely accidentally, rashly, thoughtlessly drop this idiotic line while under duress, while flustered, at wits end, and on the spur of the moment, No; rather, this line is a favorite gem of hers, honed to rhetorical perfection, one of which she as a consummate press professional, and top adviser to the President, is particularly fond of, and repeats deliberately during this calm, cool, collected, relaxed, on message, non-adversarial get together with her image-making chums and the Roberts's.

The mildest conclusion I can make is that Karen Hughes (despite her reference elsewhere in the article to church...) is at the very least totally blind, deaf, and dumb to God's creation of man and woman as inherently distinct and different, though complementary human beings.  Indeed, the line she is so fond of is exceedingly feminist, and corresponds with the front-line propaganda of feminist and sodomite activist organizations, e.g., that being homosexual is no more relevant than being black, having blue eyes....


Mary Matalin, a political strategist, recent former radio Talk Show Host (which she left to accept the position in the Bush Administration), the woman whom Bob Dole attempted to appoint to run his Presidential Campaign, but which he aborted at the last hour due to internal outcry by conservatives, who were outraged that James Carville's wife would be given such a sensitive position (of course, "conservatives" George W. Bush & Dick Cheney have far outdone, poor old Bob Dole). 


Victoria Clarke, the chief spokeswoman for the Pentagon, is the ideal choice to serve as the spokesperson for the modern U.S. military, the feminist military, the sodomite military, the politically correct military, the military which is ignorant of the true Constitution of the United States, and thus of their constitutional duties, the pluralist military, the pagan military, the heathen military, the infidel military, the technology-trusting military, the doomed military.  


Charlotte Beers, our gal in the State Dept., a career State Department bureaucrat, a smart, capable, and confident woman who reflects the modernity of the Bush Administration, it sure is up with the times, and utterly clueless of the future. 

Update - Tuesday, April 23, 2002 (one and a half weeks after the cover-story in USA Weekend was featured)

It was announced today that Karen Hughes has tendered her resignation, and will be leaving her post this Summer to return to Texas with her husband and son.  But while Karen Hughes, who is always referred to as Ms. Hughes [not Mrs. Hughes], will step down as Counselor to the President, her position will not be filled, i.e., she will not be directly replaced; furthermore, she will continue to advise/counsel the President from afar, i.e., Texas.   

"That's Karen being Karen," said a top White House Official.

Update - Thursday or Friday, June 27 or 28, 2002

Tom Brokaw interviewed Karen concerning her imminent departure (he also spoke with Mary Matalin and Victoria Clarke about Karen's departure).

'I'm going to move my family back to Texas.'

'I'm going to do what's best for my family.'  ....

Karen's husband did come up, thanks to the ever-helpful Tom asking Karen questions about her husband, otherwise one would not have even known she was married!

Karen is supposed to be so very smart, and so conservative, and so traditional...such a woman, but tellingly this communications specialist, whenever she speaks of her family...says I, Me, I, Me, My, Mine....  Do you start to get the picture?

Karen Hughes began her career as a television newswoman, then segued into a political role rising to the head of the state Republican party in Texas, before becoming George Bush's chief communications guru (for the past 10+years), including stints as his  Press Secretary, and then Communications Director after he was elected President [should I state that differently Al?]; her career culminated in the position of Counsel to the President, prior to her sabbatical/hiatus during which she has continued to advise the President from Texas, from Washington, D.C. (in her at least once per month trips to the Capitol, and has become a featured speaker (purportedly receiving $50,000 per speaking engagement).

Update - April 2004

In a couple interviews on PBS, following her responding on television to charges made by Richard Clarke, Karen Hughes stated that she would be joining the President's reelection campaign in August, that she would be travelling with the President for the duration of the campaign, and that she had communicated this to the President before she left her full-time staff position at the White House in the Summer of 2002.

Curiously too, the networks again stated that Karen Hughes had "moved her family back to Texas" when she left the White House; what manner of man is her husband Jerry anyway, and how is it that Karen always refers to herself as if she were the head of her family; is it any wonder that she is so oblivious to the press always echoing her profoundly feminist sentiments?  Appropriately enough Karen always seems to wear pant suits, I imagine you get the idea, without me repeating the old saw.   

Karen has routinely been referred to as being somewhere between conservative, very conservative, and extremely conservative, christian, a traditional woman, a traditional mother, and even old-fashioned...but as is the case with all of the prominent Bush Administration women the truth is very far from this characterization.

The only reason that Karen Hughes, Victoria Clarke, Mary Matalin...are able to be seen as being traditional women is because of how far the United States has shifted over the past few decades.  A person critical of this shift might refer to it in more negative terms than the value-neutral term shift, terms more nearly akin to an earthquake, a landslide, a cave-in, or other such disaster, e.g., because of how far the United States has slid, fallen, deteriorated, degenerated, been corrupted, been perverted...during the past few decades.

Indeed, not one of these women is a traditional, typical, old-fashioned, feminine, motherly woman; each one has chosen to delegate the raising of their small children to others so that they may pursue their all-important careers, each one in very considerable measure "wears the pants" at the least while operating in their official capacities, each one is in fact a modern-contemporary feminist, though of the stripe accepted and even expected in so much of the church and within Republican and conservative political circles.  And all-importantly, as feminists, none of them brings the perspective of genuine traditional women to the Bush Administration, rather they enable the Bush Administration to market itself to multitudes of other feminist women, something of great tactical and strategic political importance today.

Charlotte Beers, is considerably older than the other "moms" mentioned herein, and apparently is a single mother of grown children; she looks many years younger than she is.

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