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. Once upon a time, long ago, for a certain brief period of my life I used to watch a certain program on television, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  At times I considered pursuing hosting TV talk-variety programs, for I knew that if I were given the opportunity I could host a variety talk TV program as well as Johnny, but each time I considered it I was stopped dead in my tracks, because I was not willing to be a court jester, which is what Johnny Carson was, and what Jay Leno & David Letterman are (though sleazier versions, you might say representative of the times)....

. Have you ever had the experience of meeting a person and realizing that they reminded you of someone else, but you couldn't place the person they reminded you of.  Perhaps there is only one point of strong resemblance or similarity, and perhaps they rarely even evidence it, so that you are not even reminded of the similarity except every now and then that you meet them, for instance perhaps its their smile or laugh, or dimples when they laugh...and the person usually does not smile or laugh when you meet them....

. As I saw George W. Bush during the 2000 Presidential Campaign occasionally I was aware of his reminding me of someone else, but I couldn't "put my finger on it," and I didn't think anything more of it.  But finally, the more I saw of G.W. after he became President, aka "43," it dawned on me.  The more I saw of President Bush, the more I saw of his schmoozing efforts to charm...and his set of antics and his smirk, and it finally dawned on me, it was Johnny Carson all over again, we now have the Tonight Show President!  Instead of drumming pencils, we have head-buts, instead of pretend golf shots on stage, we have golf shots in D.C., Kennebunkport, ME...instead of Johnny's smoothing the tie mannerism, we have G.W. doing so, instead of Johnny playing to the audience, we have G.W. doing so, instead of Johnny's patented laugh, we have G.W.'s hee haw, instead of any and all of Johnny's honed mannerisms we have G.W.'s.  But what remains constant is the court jester vs. wise leader, and we should fear and pray.   

Occasionally I think while standing up, walking, or even chewing gum, though I can't say I necessarily do my best thinking while exerting myself in these ways - Editor/Ed.

Boys are so silly, I prefer to do my deep thinking, reflection, ruminating, and meditation, while I am reclining at length in the tub, preferably with several servants to attend to my every whim and need.  [One must be careful to only think in moderation while soaking, though, lest one should turn into a prune!]  Umm, I wonder if those silly hunky stone-age boys are thinking about me?

{No, bathing beauty.  If I had a lady like you to think about (but a little less "hard-bodied"), I wouldn't manage to think of anything else.  It is true, God does work in mysterious ways.}

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Al's secret to his superior thinking - sitting down.

 Ah yes, now I see the resemblance between Albert Einstein and CBM's Editor, they are both hard-bodied hunks (almost as if chiseled out of stone) and undeniably dreamers.



what's a hunk, am i a hunk too? boy, i think that lady has the right idea, a relaxing soak in the tub home (toc)

ok you little feller, but while you are splashing around, pretend you are winston churchill, and not a seal.

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