* Editor's Commentaries - #14  Anything Goes, Goes To Hell!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2001 - CompuServe (and presumably lead company AOL, in addition to major competitors) asks its subscribers what freedoms they are willing to give up to be safe from terrorist attacks!  Ah, yes, by all means, what Rights are we willing to surrender immediately in order to save our lives, aka "Better Red than Dead!"

CS Poll results:

What would you give up to wipe out the threat of terrorism?
Freedom of Speech
- 4%; Freedom of Travel - 22%; Right of Privacy - 8%; All of the Above - 12%; None of the Above - 54%.  

{So immediately after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, 46% of respondents to the CS Poll agreed to voluntarily surrender one or more of the following: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Travel, and Right of Privacy.}

Such wisdom and righteousness; what Rights, not what Wrongs, but what Rights are we willing to immediately surrender to be safe/safer/less unsafe from terrorist attacks!

What fools, or What dupes!

We'll fight to the death for the "right" (i.e. the freedom) to do evil with impunity (e.g., induced abortion of preborn babies, up to and including during delivery [i.e. partial-birth abortion]; "adult entertainment,"... ), but we will immediately surrender rights and righteous freedoms that our forebears risked, and many lost, their lives and families and loved ones to secure and maintain.  Still we insist on our "right" to anything goes, as long as that means any forms of sin, no matter how wicked or condemnable, until we go to Hell!

God Bless America!

.  Tuesday, October 02, 2001 - The offhandedly delivered statement (carefully premeditatedly crafted by the Administration's Foreign Affairs Team: Vice President, Dick Cheney; Secretary of State, Colin Powell; National Security Advisor, Condoleeza "Condee" Rice; Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld; Chief of Staff, Andrew Card....) made by the President of the United States George Bush, that he/we had always embraced a vision of a state of Palestine, as long as the right of the state (nation) of Israel to exist would be recognized. 

Tuesday, October 02, Wednesday, October 03, & Thursday, October 04, 2001 - The deafening silence by the major media elites, i.e. the non-reporting of the single biggest, most unmistakably explosive story that could possibly come out of this administration, the outright betrayal of Israel, and the absolute catalyst for war in the Middle-East. 

.  Thursday, October 04, 2001 - The Formal statement by Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, likening the statement made by President Bush to the appeasement of the Nazis in 1938, prior to WWII.

Friday, October 05, 2001 - The Official response from President Bush & his Administration, delivered by White House Spokesman/Director of Communications/Press Secretary "Jewish" Ari Fleisher, to the effect that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's response to President Bush's outrageously UNACCEPTABLE statement was unacceptable....

Wednesday, October 17, 2001 - Islamic Palestinian terrorist assassination of Israeli Cabinet Member, Minister of Tourism.

.  So then, we Americans when struck by terrorist attacks one day are asked, encouraged, expected to relinquish freedoms our forebears suffered to secure; but we, America, will use all of our influence, and persuasive leverage (as "the sole world super-power") to lean on tiny besieged Israel once again, to force it to officially recognize and endorse and certify its mortal enemies "right" to own and control the very heartland of the holy land which God gave to the Hebrews by right.  Tiny Israel has faced terrorist threats and attacks for 60 years, all of its modern existence, and has suffered at the hands of its "best friend" America under all Presidents of the USA, even preceding its modern statehood, and even during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan (is that what best friends are for?!).  

But it must be so, because before the Lord Jesus returns to rule and reign over the earth from Jerusalem, all, ALL, of the nations of the world will join under the rule of the antichrist and go to war against Israel.  God bless ungodly Israel; God save Israel.  

  Occasionally I think while standing up, walking, or even chewing gum, though I can't say I necessarily do my best thinking while exerting myself in these ways - Editor/Ed.

Boys are so silly, I prefer to do my deep thinking, reflection, ruminating, and meditation, while I am reclining at length in the tub, preferably with several servants to attend to my every whim and need.  [One must be careful to only think in moderation while soaking, though, lest one should turn into a prune!]  Umm, I wonder if those silly hunky stone-age boys are thinking about me?

{No, bathing beauty.  If I had a lady like you to think about (but a little less "hard-bodied"), I wouldn't manage to think of anything else.  It is true, God does work in mysterious ways.}

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