CHRIST's Bride, Ministries' flower girls welcome you to our Contributions Corner.

I contribute to a few ministries which I am convinced are among the christian ministries most deserving and worthy of the support of christians; these include: The Voice of The Martyrs, Gospel For Asia, ChinaAid, and Hovsepian Ministries.

Tax-deductible contributions to these exceptionally godly ministries enable ministry through God's servants (who lay down their lives daily to serve their Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ) to reach the lost in the greatest harvest fields in the world.

To learn more about these most praiseworthy ministries and contribute to them, please visit their websites at the following addresses:

The Voice of the Martyrs - VOM - Founded by the late and great Richard & Sabina Wurmbrandt, The Voice of The Martyrs ministers to the Lord's suffering church around the world.

Gospel For Asia - GFA - Gospel For Asia supports native missionaries and ministers the gospel in Asia, particularly in India, Nepal, and Tibet, as well as other nations such as Burma/Myanmar.

ChinaAid - Bob Wu's China Aid Association serves to give voice to the suffering Church in communist China.  ChinaAid is affiliated with VOM, but engages in separate ministry.

Hovsepian Ministries - Founded by the children of the late and great Haik Hovsepian who was martyred in Iran, Hovsepian Ministries shares the Gospel through testimonies & music with Persian people throughout the world including in Islamist Iran.

Some other ministries I recommend you consider assisting are

Open Doors

Christian Aid

& International Christian Concern

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries' Mission Statement

CHRIST's Resurrection of Life, Body (CRLB) - Services

.  In 2009 I submitted a request to the IRS to relinquish Christ's Bride Ministries' 501 (c)(3) Private Foundation status, thus, no contributions to Christ's Bride Ministries are eligible to be claimed as deductions on itemized tax returns.

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries (CBM), was originally classified as a charitable, religious, educational, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization.  Then owing to dearth of contributor funding* it was reclassified as a Private Foundation.  CBM was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  CBM never had any membership nor dues structure, nor any fundraising operation, i.e., no mass-mailing funds-solicitation programs, no telephone-bank funds-solicitation programs, no fundraising special events...nor has CBM ever contracted with any fundraising professionals.

[* Due to failure to receive charitable support.]

CBM's works have been limited heretofore by a dearth of contributed funding, and assistance, and contributed services, and by an abundance of concerted opposition from the servants of Satan (e.g., NAF, NARAL, NOW, PPFA,...), by former executive administrations of the USA, via the Dept. of 'Health and Human Services' (HHS) & it's tentacles, i.e., NIH, NCI, CDC.

CHRIST's Resurrection of Life, Body (CRLB), is currently a pastor without a congregation, this is due to dearth of funds for renting/leasing a facility, and due to the content of my preaching and teaching, which is other than "positive," "upbeat," or "popular."

You may address comments, suggestions, and recommendations to the following e-mail address:

mail - at/@ -

If you choose to contact me via email, graciously please keep contacting me until I notice your emails and respond to you....  I do not check for e-mail regularly, I apologize in advance, please be patient, and please send more than one email, with something in the Subject line to make it stand out from the rest.

Dear ones in the Body of CHRIST, the called out body of believers in CHRIST JESUS, saved unto eternal life by the mercy of GOD, your prayers are appreciated.

Thank you, truly,

Brad Thomas, Editor, aka "Ed"

CHRIST's Bride Ministries

Blessings, Numbers 6:24-27

And speaking of Blessings, please read the information regarding most wonderful books filled with extraordinarily wonderful true testimonies which will greatly bless you and your family and loved ones.

.  To read most incredibly beautiful, inspiring, true testimonies of GOD's tender enduring mercies, extended to ordinary people during contemporary times, and His willingness to help people who could not help themselves, and who others could not help, please write to the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, and request information concerning these wonderfully blessed, blessing, awe inspiring, true books:

I Believe In Miracles, God Can Do It Again, and Nothing Is Impossible With God, are compilations or collections of first person accounts, whereas Never Too Late, and Twilight And Dawn are extended individual first person accounts.

Additionally, The Greatest Power in the World sums up insights given to Kathryn by the LORD, concerning the third person of the Trinity, the HOLY Spirit/the HOLY Ghost/the Comforter/the Spirit of Truth.  This wonderful book will bless you greatly, in helping enable you to be blessed and to be the blessing GOD needs for you to be during these final pivotal times of human history, prior to the LORD's triumphant return, and His millennial reign (following the Great Tribulation, which is 'at the door!').

The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, P.O. Box 3, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) 15230


The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, 4411 Stilley Road, #202, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) 15227

Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation Telephone # (412) 882-2033

Official Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation website addresses:

The Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation gladly accepts prayer requests, offers many works of Kathryn Kuhlman for purchase, and additionally the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation website provides audio recordings by Kathryn Kuhlman.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  1962.  I Believe In Miracles.  Bridge-Logos Publishers.  Quality Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  1965.  God Can Do It Again.  Bridge-Logos Publishers.  Quality Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  1973.  Nothing Is Impossible With God.  Bridge-Logos Publishers.  Quality Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  Year.  Never Too Late.   Publisher.  Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  Year.  Twilight And Dawn.   Publisher.  Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  Year.  10,000 Miles for a Miracle.   Publisher.  Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  Year.  Captain LeVrier Believes In Miracles.   Publisher.  Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  Year.  Standing Tall.   Publisher.  Paperback.

Kuhlman, Kathryn.  Year.  The Greatest Power in the World.  Bridge-Logos Publishers.  Hardback.

I Believe In Miracles, God Can Do It Again, & Nothing Is Impossible With God  were previously published in hardback by Prentice Hall Publishing Co., and you may be able to find copies in used book stores, or at "garage sales," "yard sales"....  

Kindle versions of the compilations are now available, and they may have audio, and 'foreign' language versions as well, I hope so.

I have recommended these books to tens of thousands of strangers and acquaintances for years; I guarantee they will bless you greatly.

If you choose to seek to obtain the books created by the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, I recommend you obtain them directly from the organization responsible for them, i.e., the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation.

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries receives nothing from people selecting to purchase materials as a result of having seen them recommended here (at CBM's web-site), you will note that the hyperlinks I have provided contain only information for the organization, the same as if you had not seen them recommended here.  These recommendations are made to bless you, even as I have personally recommended them to tens of thousands of people over the decades.


Brad Thomas, Editor, aka "Ed"

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries

Blessings, Numbers 6:24-27

P.S. - All healing is from God, the healer; if you are in need, please resort to Him.  And though His healing virtue is the fount of life, health, youth, and beauty, love (which again is from Him) helps too, or so I hear tell.

AngelWedding FlowergirlsAngel

speaking of miracles, boy do we need a miracle, it's our job to marry off the boss!  we could be old ladies before we succeed; no silly, we will be old ladies before we succeed!  do you know of any lady that would want to marry our boss, and that our boss would want to marry?  it sure looks hopeless.  and i think he wants a pretty one with rosy cheeks and dimples!  wow, what are we going to do?  don't be silly, silly; it is not our job to marry off the boss, you just feel sorry for him.  besides silly, it truly is an impossible task (even if nothing is impossible with God); and if even God cannot do it, how do you expect us to accomplish it?  let's go play, and leave the miracle working up to God.

CBM's Expert Internet Staff on the job

(at least they are expert compared to the boss).

CBM's Supervisor of Paperwork, on a good day, with everything under control (but what about when it really gets hectic?).  If only we could get the boss as organized as this!  But he always says a cluttered desk is a sign of ... now what is it he says it is a sign of?

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Bride Bride

Bride Bride

All of these ladies in wedding gowns are beautiful, but beauty is certainly not limited to slender women, regardless what the entertainment industry and media portray.  God made women in a wide (no pun intended) variety of beautiful appearances, shapes, sizes, colors, personality types, sounds...and with a myriad of different gifts and talents.  God is the great Creator God and wise Creator God, and I am certain that God intended/intends for men to marry women of their own race or close to their own race (and wrote such instructions into our beings), as assuredly as he intended/intends for bluebirds to mate with bluebirds, cardinals with cardinals, robins with robins, orioles with orioles, gold finches with gold finches, chickadees with chickadees, doves with doves, barn swallows with barn swallows, tree swallows with tree swallows...(and wrote such instructions, aka instincts, into their beings).

But even as the world has, so the church has preferred foolishness, lies, and rebellion, often in the form of directions from sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists...and all of the other blind guides be they so-called "social scientists," social engineers, or otherwise, to God's wise, true, and inspired instructions.

James 1:17 - "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."  Amen

For instance, a Russian rose with roses.

Personally, I think beautiful slender women are beautiful, but not because of their slimness, as I believe beautiful heavy women are beautiful, despite their heaviness.  Yes, I did say beautiful heavy women.  So many people, women included, seem to view heavy and beautiful as diametric or polar opposites, or as mutually exclusive.  But, haven't you ever seen a beautiful heavy woman?  I have, and I would include pictures of beautiful medium size, full-figured, and heavy women, if I had such pictures, the better to illustrate that God-created womanly beauty is not limited to one shape or size, rather than what the electronic media, the movie industry, television, fashion magazines, 'women's' magazines, 'young women's' magazines, and 'men's' magazines would detrimentally have people believe.

do you suppose one of these beauties would want to marry the boss?no, i don't think so either.  oh well, i guess he'll never have any cute little fellers like me crawling around, except for me that is!

whatever you do, don't foolishly make the same mistakes as the boss!  get a life, er wife, er life (i will pray that you will be so blessed)

don't just sit there while life passes you by, or you could wind up like the boss!  no, there's not much chance of anyone being that absent-minded!

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