FACT SHEET: Oral Contraceptives ('Birth Control' Pills)

Primary Mechanism of Action:

1. Prevents ovulation.

2. Alters cervical mucous to prevent sperm passage and development.

3. Alters endometrial lining to make implantation of the fertilized egg difficult and in most cases, impossible (abortifacient effect).

***Side Effects***

Increased Risk of the following, commonly occurring, side effects:

* Headaches

* Depression

* Anxiety

* Insomnia

* Fluid Retention

* High Blood Pressure

* Increased Incidence of Acute and Chronic Yeast Infections

* Breast Tenderness

* Irreversible Facial Blotching

* Greatly Increased Incidence of Gall Bladder Surgery in women having taken oral contraceptives for a period of five years or more.

* Cholesterol levels commonly rise, being a contributing factor to circulatory problems such as atherosclerosis and heart disease.


These grave side effects, associated with oral contraceptive use (including the 'low dose pills' commonly dispensed since 1988), continue to occur randomly without warning ("random acts of violence").

* Liver Hepatomas


* DEATH from Cardiac Arrest


* Embolisms in various organs

* Increased Rate of BREAST CANCER, especially in women taking the pill for more than eight years and never having had a child.

***Other Serious Side Effects***

* A three-fold increase in miscarriage following conception, after taking oral contraceptives.

* Temporary or Permanent Infertility substantially increased for many women following discontinuation of oral contraceptives.

* Every Organ and Every Part of the Body is Affected by hormonal contraceptives.

Deserving special attention among these are the following:

* Oral Contraceptive pills effect the curvature of the eye, especially noted in contact lens wearers.

* The texture and content of the woman's saliva changes.

* The blood of women on oral contraceptives often takes on a green color!

The widespread occurrence of such side effects is seen by as many as 40% to 50% of women discontinuing use of "the pill" within one year, due to side effects (even though frequently the more devastating side effects are not seen within such a comparatively short time span).

***Abortifacient Effect***

The lower dose pills allow women to ovulate more; yet the lining of the uterus is still affected to such a degree that implantation of the fertilized egg is often prevented, thereby causing "silent abortions."

* The national pregnancy rate for women taking the low dose birth control pills is 3% to 6%, with about half of these 'electing' abortion as the 'solution' to the contraceptive failure.

* The children born to women who conceive while on "the pill", have a greatly increased risk of suffering birth defects. The full extent and magnitude of the long-term effects of oral contraceptive use have yet to be seen (but can be predicted and prevented by avoidance).

***Immune System Effect***

Oral Contraceptives are "steroid-base" chemicals and therefore create an immuno-compromising situation. This makes the user more susceptible to infections of all kinds.

* Oral Contraceptive users have a three-fold increase of HIV infections and resultant AIDS, over non-users.

[YES, a three-fold increase of HIV infections and resultant AIDS, over non-users!!!]

* Oral Contraceptives are promoted for 'sexually active' single persons to prevent pregnancy, yet the incidence of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDS) has skyrocketed.

***Relationship Effect***

The Divorce Rate exceeds 50% for couples using "the pill" and other forms of artificial contraception, compared to a Divorce Rate of less than 5% for couples using Natural Forms of Fertility Regulation.

Let's see: More than 50% Divorce vs. Less than 5% Divorce; is that significant enough to warrant telling people about?

[The major media elites apparently do not believe so, nor the federal government, state government, and municipal agencies entrusted with informing the public of health risks.]

[You know what they say, ignorance is bliss! (but only for those who keep the ignorant, ignorant)]

***Everyone Affected Detrimentally***

Everyone using oral contraceptives suffers some "side effects"; additionally, the family members, 'lovers', strangers, children, and offspring are affected negatively, directly and indirectly.  "The Pill" will effect every user in some negative ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even sexually, in the short-term and/or long-term.

(Japanese Health Authorities, because of these facts, had banned the use of any oral contraceptive pills, until political pressure brought about a reversal of that decision in February 1996, the very same time when CBM's "Loving, Life-sparing" Abortion - Breast Cancer Link PSC was revoked and shut down as a result of political pressure from PPFA, NAF, NARAL, NOW, NWHN, Donna Shalala's Dept. of Health and Human Services - including NIH, the National Institute for Health, CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, and NCI, the National Cancer Institute,..., other major players prominently included ACS, the American Cancer Society! the head of ACS was personally involved, and proudly, in shutting down CBM's ABC-Link public health risk disclosure service.)

Did you know that the famed Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute actually has seen fit to deliberately keep people from finding out about the best and least expensive ways to cure cancer? As an example, their Chief Statistician in charge of a project to test the effectiveness of alternative treatment methods vs. the medical profession's and pharmaceutical firms' preferred "Slash,  Burn, & Poison" "treatments," upon announcing the findings, i.e. that alternative methods were 9 times more effective than "Slash, Burn, & Poison" and without the disfigurement, pain, and suffering, and furthermore, that these alternate methods cost only one tenth as much as the preferred "Slash, Burn, & Poison," was immediately hustled out of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute permanently.  A curious way to reward a meritorious employee, don't you think?

Sloan Kettering is not alone, they have much company, HHS (NIH, CDC, NCI), the FDA, and the American Cancer Society.

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