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Services for the Service of God, per Ezra 6:18

CHRIST's Resurrection of Life, Body (CRLB) - Services

I am seeking the use of a facility conducive to holding services nightly; I will locate to the area the facility is situated in, e.g., greater Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA; Portland, OR; Reno/Carson City, NV; or Southern California.  Additionally, I am willing to consider preaching in other churches and settings, if God directs, or I feel led to do so

I also seek to broadcast daily from a commercial facility, preferably within a major media market such as Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego, CA. Broadcasts would depend upon the station format, but at a minimum would include a news/talk program; other programs could include a preaching program, a teaching program, and perchance broadcast of services. While I expect to broadcast via a station that has a program lineup of many broadcasters, I would also be very interested in a situation where I could assume operational control of a station and be responsible for all programming, in which case I would include all of the program types listed above.

It is my intention for Christ's Resurrection of Life services to be conducted each evening, and on Sunday mornings.**  All services will consist of worship***, prayer, preaching, teaching, and more prayer.  Hopefully, God will be pleased to honor His Word and perform healings during and outside of services (though I have not witnessed any healings to this point in time, much less been used by God to work healings).  No man-made programs (invariably referred to as "ministries") will be featured.****   Services are currently in the "prayer closet," owing to dearth of funds, and thus the lack of the use of a facility, much less the exclusive use of a facility; while broadcasts are limited to podcasts heard by next to no one.

* Other locales would include greater metropolitan areas such as: San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco Bay Area - East, CA; Portland, OR; and Seattle-Tacoma, WA, among others, and smaller metropolitan areas such as: Vancouver, Olympia, Issaquah, Everett, Bellingham, and Spokane, WA; Reno and Carson City, NV.

** Frequency of services will depend upon availability of a suitable facility, with nightly services requiring exclusive or nearly exclusive use of a suitable facility. 

*** I love good worship music, whether "classic" hymns authored by greats such as Fanny Crosby, or contemporary selections, or Psalms put to music; I also appreciate good praise music; but I see no Biblical pattern for extended music services whether when Jesus Christ walked on the earth, or within the Church at the beginning of the "Church age" (following the Lord's return to heaven), consequently, I do not believe music should be emphasized to the point that time spent on music exceeds the time spent on prayer, or preaching, or teaching, therefore, time spent on worship & praise music will be limited. There will be no predetermined list of songs; instead, music that will be featured will be spontaneously selected from a collection of pre-selected songs. I will make the pre-selection of songs, but will need help with song-leading as I am not gifted musically.

**** However, if any saints, aka "members," desire to initiate programs, which after prayerful consideration I believe would be useful and profitable or worthwhile, and that would not distract unduly from fulfillment of the church mission, I may grant conditional permission for them to be conducted at the church facilities. However, any such programs would be limited to being conducted during daytime hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and would be conducted by volunteer persons other than myself, and would not be permitted to interfere with the regular services. That said, it is impossible that such alternate use of the facilities would not weigh upon my mind to some degree, so any such permission will be conditional and will be the exception to the rule.

If you would be interested in helping to make these services and broadcasts a reality, such as by providing a facility in which to hold services, or permitting me to broadcast via your radio station facilities, please leave me voice-mail messages with your name and contact information at (323) 544-5043.

Thank you, truly, blessings,

Brad Thomas

Ezra 6:18: "And they set the priests in their divisions, and the Levites in their courses, for the service of God, which is at Jerusalem; as it is written in the book of Moses."

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