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The editor's ongoing review of public affairs in general, and life & death issues in particular.

China (and America!),

don't junk

these precious babies and darling little children!

Propaganda for Red China's: One Family - One Child forced abortion, forced sterilization program Another example of Red China's skillful use of propaganda

Red Chinese 'Family Values' = Don't have more than one child, or else suffer the wrath of the communist regime! 

And you thought that the Clinton's were the original spin doctors, masters of using the media/communications/photo-ops/public blind, deceive, pervert, and destroy?

Chinese children who survived Bloody Red China's incessant Abortion Holocaust - Model 'population control'/'global warming control' program

{Chinese children who survived Bloody Red China's incessant Abortion Holocaust, i.e., children who survived the bloody communist Chinese regime's model 'population control'/'global warming control' program.}

Geachte President van China,

De moeders en vaders van China lijden onder uw een-kind bevolkingspolitiek.  Miljoenen kinderen worden elk jaar in uw land door abortus vermoord.  Stop deze schending van de mensenrechten.  Wij willen u helpen en bidden voor u.

  Please, don't slay the babies; their Heavenly Father will not acquit their slaughterers, not in this life, nor in the next (i.e., for all eternity).   Save the baby people!


. New, New, New, New, Nu-Values, Null-Values, Nasty-Values, Vile-ues, Evil-ues

Ballerina statue

Her Doctors Told Her She Would Never Go Beyond The Third Grade.

Obviously, She Wasn't Listening.

Heather Whitestone has the ability to hear, all right, it's just that through her disability she chooses to listen to a different voice than most of us.  She doesn't hear those voices that tell us that we're not good enough, or smart enough, or brave enough to pursue our dreams.  Or in Heather's case the ones that told her being deaf would keep her from accomplishing any real goals or even living a normal life.

But Heather, you should hear what they're saying now.

Congratulations to Alabamian Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995.

Alabama Where Good People Accomplish Great Things {Contents of message, courtesy of The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama}

But the rest of the story is that in the USA of Today, pre-born babies who are suspected to be at risk of being born with disabilities like those of Heather Whitestone, and Helen Keller...are at very grave risk of being put to death prior to birth, to prevent their 'needless suffering' during their only opportunity at this temporal life (thanks to the 'merciful' medical profession, academia in the persons of so-called 'ethicists' (the likes of Peter Singer), wicked judges and jurists, and 'concerned others,' such as the abortion racketeers...and of course all of the other enablers in the mass media, entertainment industry, and halls of political power).

Mother nursing babies

.  The sophisticated newswoman gravely commented on the criticisms leveled at the young couple for not having chosen 'selective reduction' to reduce the number of babies, this only bare weeks since the young mother had given birth to the sextuplets.

Mother nursing baby

What a wonder it is what can be done with language, with perverting language to serve evil.  If one really believes that murder of pre-born babies can be excused, legitimized, and championed as 'selective reduction,' then why not the use of 'selective reduction' for post-birth babies?!

.  Indeed, Australian Philosopher Peter Singer, the 'father' of the radical 'animal rights' movement, has proposed not conferring humanity/personhood/human rights on people until they reach the age of six years post-utero {almost seven years from conception}, stating that prior to this age, young humans are no more valuable than grass, weeds, chickens, piglets.... 

Interesting perspective, don't you think so?  Terribly learned?  Terribly wise observation don't you think?  No wonder Princeton University (which has been ranked the number one university in the USA of Today, and which carries such weight in the corridors of power, chose to confer its prestige and reputation and honor upon Peter Singer, and to give him its platform from which to wage his war against humanity as Dean of its Ethics Department.  Don't you agree that enlightened, high-minded, deep-thinkers such as Peter Singer should be entrusted with indoctrinating the best and brightest young people in this nation, who will be tomorrows movers and shakers?  Don't you agree that enlightened, high-minded, deep-thinkers such as Peter Singer, should be entrusted with establishing government policies to govern who should be 'permitted to live,' and who should be 'allowed to die,' i.e., what non-criminals should be "eliminated"?

After all, the 'right' to put people to death, people who have not even been accused of, much less been found guilty of,  committing capital crimes, is surely a necessary government function, don't you agree?  Margaret Sanger the founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation taught this, espoused this, promoted this until her dying day (poor misguided dear - or - a great visionary ahead of her time), and she did not stop with the pre-born, nor the elderly, enfeebled, and infirm, heavens no!  She included the 'mentally deficient or inferior' notably including, blacks, soldiers....  Compassionate, loving, motherly woman, eh?  'Planned Parenthood' is terribly proud of Margaret, and with good reason, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America & the International Planned Parenthood Federation are faithful to the 'vision' of Margaret Sanger to this day.  Her vision was consistent with Adolph Hitler's, but to give her her due, Margaret Sanger has enjoyed far greater success than Hitler did!  Her plan was and is the same as her master Satan's, to seduce, corrupt, and pervert the young (especially the young), to cause people to rebel against GOD, to cause people to sin against themselves, to cause people to die in their sins, to cause people to suffer eternal damnation, and thus to inflict as much damage on GOD's kingdom as possible by taking as many of GOD's children to Hell as possible.

Interestingly too, that as radical, ludicrous, obscene, and lunatic as Singer's propositions are, the United States of America has in the following respect exceeded Singer: i.e., to cause the death of pre-born piglets in the USA is a crime; but to deliberately, premeditatedly, practice the murder of pre-born human beings, multitudes of human beings, all the way through full-term, right up to their very birth is an absolute right! championed by the U.S. Senate, and virtually unassailable, incredible but true.  There is no criminal culpability, no liability, no legal repercussion for doctors and medical professionals who have chosen to prostitute themselves to maliciously, malignantly, wantonly destroy life via induced abortion whether by way of surgically aborting babies, performing 'selective reductions,' prescribing of abortifacients, abortifacient contraceptives...implanting IUDs (intra-uterine abortive devices), performing infanticide, 'fetal harvesting,' 'embryological research,' 'organ harvesting,' and euthanasia, versus using all of their abilities, talents, knowledge, expertise, and technological prowess and facilities at their disposal to protect, preserve, nurture, and nourish life, to facilitate birth, to seek to cure and heal.  If the social engineers and ethicists have their way, the nation will soon be on record as defending any and all who attempt to abort babies, by whatever means, and whether they are or are not licensed doctors.  Interestingly enough the legalization of induced abortion, and thus the licensing of doctors to commit abortions was based on the premise that girls, young women, and women of childbearing age needed to be free to eliminate their babies, and needed to be protected from unscrupulous, incompetent, and dangerous practitioners of illegal abortion.  But now the abortion racketeers in their all-out offensive to further inundate the nation in the murder of babies and exploitation of their mothers is demanding protection from liability for all abortionists, so that even those abortionists who have been stripped of their medical licenses for grossest malpractice resulting in death will enjoy total freedom from liability. 

This is why the Hippocratic Oath has no place in America today; as it was dismissed during Hitler's Nazi Regime and campaign of selective reduction for millions and millions; as it was (and continues to be) dismissed under the Communist reigns of terror in Russia/Soviet Union...Blood Red China, North Korea....

Dr. Peter Singer, the 'father of animal rights', states,

 "Christianity is our foe.  If animal rights is to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian Religious tradition."

[Peter Singer, Enemy of God & enemy of God's people, is a secular Jew, an atheist by his own description/admission, some of his relatives were slaughtered in the Holocaust, and like a shocking number of such Jews he is a proponent of latter day holocausts!  He has moved to the United States to head up the "Ethics" Department at Princeton University, the better to advance his latter day Holocaust agenda! and is an especially honored guest of Charlie Rose (ah well, we Jews who serve a master other than God must stick together.)  You do realize that Princeton University, where the good Ethicist-in-Chief Peter Singer now operates from was founded as a divinity school, a theological seminary, as Harvard and Yale were!  And to think that Princeton University was important to the forming of many founding fathers of this nation; what a long way we have come, we have precious little further to go!]

David Foreman, in Earth First!, writes, "We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists and their projects...  We must reclaim the roads and the plowed land, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions and tens of millions of acres of presently settled land."

[This is the radical environmentalist agenda, how do you like it?]

Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth's husband), Founder of the World Wildlife Fund, states, "If I were reincarnated, I would wish to return to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."

{What a jolly fine chap that Philip is; Bloody good, eh!  The good news is that, dear Prince Philip will only be reincarnated in his dreams; the bad news is, he is doing what he can in his own small way to accomplish these lofty, visionary, and of course 'humane' ends.  Ah yes, it's really grand to have a Royal family (bankrolled by the British people), don't you agree?}

Dr. Jacques Yves Cousteau, "In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day." {The world mourns the passing of this deep thinker, scientist, adventurer, 'humanitarian,' who left many to carry on with his 'noble' work of destroying the world's people!}

Let's see if I've got this right, Adolph Hitler was a monster for exterminating 6 Million, or so, Jewish people, not to mention the multitudes of others that were slain during WWII, and this over a period of six years or so; but, dear old 'humanitarian,' scientist Dr. Jacques Yves Cousteau would have us exterminate 6 Million people in 17 1/7th days! (that's two and a half weeks!), and then keep right on exterminating people at the rate of 127,750,000 per year! (127 million seven hundred and fifty thousand per year!)  until the world was safe (from overpopulation)!  But he and those of like mind, Prince Philip, the Rockefellers, Margaret Sanger's follower/leaders... are sensitive, compassionate, charitable, humane, enlightened, progressive leaders, right?

John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie...had similar 'sentiments,' and regrettably practiced what they believed, in so far as they were able (given the limited funds, resources, influence, and contacts at their disposal).

Theodore Roosevelt in 1913 stated, "I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding."  It is not unreasonable to assume that this is what William Jefferson Clinton finds praiseworthy about Teddy.

Oh Teddy, could you please take a moment or two to tell us who would be "the right people to decide who should be permitted to breed"?  Should those "executive decisions" be left up to the likes of the Clintons, Rodhams, Gores, Kennedys, Roosevelts, Rockefellers...Sangers, Cousteaus, Singers, Kervorkians, Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, Kims, Pol Pots...?!

Apparently T.R. thought that the waves of immigrants from Europe, Scotland, and Ireland were a threat to American society (and then too there were men from the Orient, and what about the people from Africa, and what of the native Indians???).

Whales  "Save the Whales," "Save the Bay" (the Chesapeake Bay), save anything and everything except for the baby human beings, the baby people created in GOD's very own image!  Why?   Because that is Satan's age old agenda, in his incessant murderous rebellion against GOD; Satan's war against GOD predates this earth and we sinful people.  And isn't it interesting, the pattern - Dr. Peter Singer the 'father of animal rights,' Prince Philip the 'founder of the World Wildlife Fund,' Dr. Jacques Cousteau as honored by the National Geographic Society as anyone I know of, all so dedicated to advocating for animals (typically wild animals), and so utterly determined to save the earth from people (by 'selectively reducing,' 'sterilizing,' 'eliminating'...people; and it all sounds so humane, compared to the wanton savagery they are working to accomplish, doesn't it, i.e., the murder, slaughter, annihilation, of multitudes of innocent people).

.  Dr. Jack the Ripper Kevorkian has a penchant for putting people to death, and taking very deep bows for doing so.  His specialty has been women, and the younger the better; but he will put men to death too.  He hasn't officially taken credit for putting any minors to death yet; he's afraid he might really get in trouble for that.  But some day, some day in the future we can look forward to that; after all that is his objective).

He, like Nero, the Marquis de Sade' an egomaniac, and sadist of the first rank, and glories in publicity, as he has proved ad nauseam.  Yes, I agree, he sounds like 'Presidential Material.'

Again, in case you have not noticed, his stock in trade is preying on young to middle-aged women, women with no proof whatever of suffering from any deadly disease; foolish, deceived, depressed women, who have been deceived into believing that premature death holds some promise of peace, and happiness, that life has not provided to them to date, who have embraced the awful lie that putting themselves voluntarily into the hands of a vicious murderer 'to be put out of their perceived misery' will result in an improvement of their circumstances, though it will only tragically ensure a one-way 'ticket' to eternal damnation, for those who insist on fleeing from GOD, rather than turning to GOD.

Jack the Ripper Kevorkian has a deep-abiding, passionately consuming, satanic desire to remove foolish, sinful people from this earth and 'escort' them to a Christ-less eternity of condemnation and eternal suffering; sweet fellow, good man, eh?!

His latest 'twist' is seeking to be permitted to sell his victims organs, ostensibly for charitable causes; ah sweet Charity!  By all means he should be deemed to be owner of the poor fools who would have him murder them don't you think?! or do you think? do any of us think anymore?!

You've got to give the Devil his due, he is an innovative fellow, with any luck he should be tapped for Surgeon General before much longer; a most appropriate time for such an announcement would be Satan's favorite celebration time of all, Halloween/HELLoween.


Yes, as these comments attest, some of us are so narrow and intolerant, alas; Jack, and Bill, and Hill, and Al, and Ted, and Henry, and Dick... ought to be able to take care of that, right?  Right, and they have made unimaginable headway in the pursuit of doing so!

But thanks be to GOD, HE who created we people for His great and good purposes; when the music on this temporal stage stops, when this temporary stage is bare, His great and good will will be done, and all who have chosen to love and obey Him, all who have proven their willingness to submit to Him, and embrace His love, will rejoice with Him forevermore.

The Ballet

Yes Virginia, there is a GOD, and HE wins, and all who oppose Him lose forever!

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