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What Is Truth? - What Hath The LORD Answered Thee, What Hath The LORD Spoken Unto Thee?

"Pilate therefore said unto Him, Art thou a king then?  JESUS answered, Thou sayest that I am a king, To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.  Every one that is of the truth heareth My Voice. [!]  Pilate saith unto Him, What is truth?" John 18:37-38  

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Martin Luther & The Reformation

The subjects of consideration within What Is Truth? will be the errors which are prominent within Catholicism and the Roman Catholic Church, and ruinous to those therein.  Eventually (when the editor has time to attend to such), much more space will be devoted to the errors and wrongs prevalent within Protestant Christianity than to the errors and wrongs pervasive within Catholicism and Roman Catholicism, but for the interim, greater emphasis will be placed on the sins of institutionalized heresy within Catholicism in general, and within Roman Catholicism in particular.  [Errors and wrongs within Protestant Christianity will be addressed in several chapters, but chiefly within Key Doctrinal Questions.  Cults are, and will be more extensively, addressed in chapters including Arise: Contend for the Faith.]  

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.  But before proceeding, I believe mention should be made of a good and courageous man who has recently passed on from this life.  John "Cardinal" O'Connor stood faithfully against the evils of induced abortion and sodomy.  He contended against forces of evil which sought to force their evil agendas (which were and are in fact tentacles of one evil satanic agenda) upon the people of this nation, and especially targeted the young, tender, and impressionable for destruction.  Though he was relentlessly, viciously attacked by a concerted front of evil, he never wavered in his devotion to his God-given duty to protect his flock from these damnable evils.  He was loved by those whom he served.  He was hated and feared by those he defended against.  He suffered much for his faithfulness.  He will be missed as the battles rage on.  He was among the very best of those who have led the Catholic Church.  He would have been the most outstanding possible instrument to lead the Catholic Church in time to come, but sadly he is gone from this earthly battleground, where he fought long, hard, and valiantly for the right.  Men of his measure come by only rarely, and speaking of men of his stature, Martin Luther's legacy of striving to right the myriad and ruinous wrongs of the Roman Catholic church's hierarchy remains to this day:

Reformation Day, Anniversary, October 31st

Martin Luther

Martin Luther's 95 Theses, Wittenberg, October 31, 1517 Revisited

Excerpts from Luther's 95 Theses -

Catholicism: Prologue

The subject considered here is: what is wrong with Catholicism in general (meaning not the universal Christian Church, but rather, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Orthodox Churches, i.e., Greek, Eastern, Russian), and what is wrong with Roman Catholicism in particular; additionally, what consequences have resulted and are resulting from wrongs within Catholicism (the rights and wrongs, errors, corruptions, heresies, apostasy of Protestant Churches will be addressed at length in separate discourses within Key Doctrinal Questions, Other Spiritual Questions, and perhaps here within What is Truth?).

The sole authority relied upon herein shall be the Holy Scriptures, i.e., The Holy Bible, the Authorized Version, or AV, also called the King James Version Bible or KJV.

The Holy Bible is The WORD of GOD, not the word of man, it is not subject to the private interpretations of sinful men (2 Peter 1:20,21); The WORD is spiritual and as such is spiritually discerned not carnally.  GOD's WORD will be shared simply, and plainly, in concert with what should be seen to be the true, spiritual, uncomplicated, uncontrived, unconvoluted, untortured meaning of the scriptures, as given forth in the context of the full counsel of GOD.

As for the necessity of contesting doctrine superceding that of contesting practice, the author defers to an earlier author, namely Dr. Martin Luther, "Others before me have contested practiceBut to contest doctrine, that is to grab the goose by the neck!"

Many criticisms leveled at Martin Luther can be charged to CBM's editor, and other denunciations as well (seeing as he [CBM's editor] is not a Catholic Doctor of Theology or Divinity, as Martin Luther was, nor is he bedecked with virtually any of Martin Luther's credentials, nor yet those of the learned and godly translators of the 1611 Authorized Version Bible, or King James Bible [who said the following, "So that if, on the one side, we shall be traduced by Popish Persons at home or abroad, who therefore will malign us, because we are poor instruments to make God's holy Truth to be yet more and more known unto the people, whom they desire still to keep in ignorance and darkness; or if, on the other side, we shall be maligned by self-conceited Brethren, who run their own ways, and give liking unto nothing, but what is framed by themselves, and hammered on their anvil; we may rest secure, supported within by the truth and innocency of a good conscience, having walked the ways of simplicity and integrity, as before the Lord"]; still, he [CBM's editor] is at least as lettered as the apostles [with the exception of Paul, who was not numbered among the original apostles, nor disciples], whom the 'Holy Roman Church' fraudulently claims as its originating Church fathers, and attributes its claim of a divine 'apostolic succession' precedent to), and even exceeding Dr. Martin Luther, he is still suffering without the blessing of wedded love and the marriage bed beyond the age of 53 years, while Luther was wed to Katharine van Bora while he was a mere 41 years of age (perhaps CBM's editor should become a Monk after all?).

Martin Luther

Whether it is nobler to indulge the papacy of the Vatican, or to obey the LORD and GOD of all living, that is the question.

The Battle Hymn of the Reformation - Martin Luther's A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

A mighty Fortress is our God, A bulwark never failing,

Our Helper He, amid the flood Of mortal ills prevailing.

For still our ancient foe Doth seek to work us woe;

His craft and pow'r are great; And armed with cruel hate, On earth is not his equal.


Did we in our own strength confide, Our striving would be losing;

Were not the right Man on our side, The Man of God's own choosing.

Dost ask who that may be? Christ Jesus, it is He;

Lord Sabaoth His name, From age to age the same, And He must win the battle.


And though this world, with devils filled Should threaten to undo us,

We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us.

The prince of darkness grim -- We tremble not for him;

His rage we can endure, For lo! his doom is sure, One little word shall fell him.


That word above all earthly powers -- No thanks to them, abideth;

The Spirit and the gifts are ours Through Him who with us sideth.

Let goods and kindred go, This mortal life also;

The body they may kill; God's truth abideth still, His Kingdom is forever.


The question addressed herein is not whether some or many Roman Catholic people are seeking to do right (many are, as evidenced on September 11, 2001, by the selflessly sacrificial exploits of many hundreds of New York City Firemen and Policemen, the majority [seemingly the overwhelming majority] of whom were Roman Catholic, and so many hundreds of whom tragically died as a result of unflinchingly jeopardizing their lives to save the lives of others).  Nor is the question whether some or many Roman Catholic people have sought to do, and have done, far more righteously during the past few decades in the USA concerning opposing and countering the monstrous evils of induced abortion, and the connected evils of infanticide, 'fetal harvesting' & 'fetal experimentation,' 'embryological research,' cloning, euthanasia/'mercy killing,' 'birth control' (destruction of conceived babies), the overwhelming majority of what is euphemistically referred to as 'family planning,' and the catalytic Trojan horse 'sex education,' i.e., the coldly calculated sexual indoctrination, enticement, corruption, seduction, perversion, and destruction of the young (many Roman Catholics have and do).  Nor is the question whether many Roman Catholic people have led the way in evidencing sacrificial love in seeking to care for unwed mothers and their babies, prior to the babies' births, and following their births, than the majority of people referred to as protestant, evangelical, charismatic, or pentecostal have (again, many Roman Catholics have and do).  Indeed it is difficult to imagine a 'pro-life' movement without the dominant Roman Catholic presence, i.e., Nellie Gray's March for Life, National Right to Life, Judy Brown's American Life League, Human Life International, even Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, Operation Rescue [inspired by the enormous self-sacrifice(s) of heroine Joan Andrews Bell], and Priests for Life...the Roman Catholic influence in the 'Crisis' Pregnancy Center and adoption movements or ministries, though less dominant has nonetheless led the way and continues to be vitally involved, e.g., via Birthright, National Life Center, 1st Way, and White Rose...among others.

The question addressed herein is whether extremely prominent teachings, beliefs, and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church are Biblical, are true, are of GOD, or whether they are of man at the best, or authored and masterminded by Satan, the enemy of our souls, the enemy of GOD, at the worst; additionally, whether these teachings are used to destroy those whom CHRIST came to save.  These questions are of the gravest importance, at all times, but most especially at this time in human history, as The Anti-Christ and The Great Tribulation draw nigh at hand!  And though this examination will likely and regrettably offend many good people, nonetheless, it must be engaged, as lives and eternities are weightier, more costly and precious than feelings, reputations, man-made traditions, and pride, even of good people.

Again the basis of this discussion will be whether certain teachings, communications, and beliefs, propounded as being sacred, holy, authoritatively from GOD, are in fact in keeping with the Holy Bible and the true Gospel of JESUS CHRIST; whether they are in agreement with the same, are supported by the same, or whether they are contrary to the Scriptures, contrary to the true Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, being repudiated by the Scriptures rather than reinforced, and are seen to be diametrically contrary to, at odds with, and warring against the truth of GOD.

As for those who insist that there is 'other proof' which must be viewed in order to validate the teachings, beliefs, and doctrines in question, and their underlying premise(s); let it be said that:

  1. Their is no Scripture to validate the fallacious claim that 'other proof' is to be resorted to in the absence of Scriptural proof, or when teachings are in conflict with Scripture (indeed 'other proofs' are resorted to deliberately to undermine, thwart, and veto God's Word!); 

  3. The Holy Bible scriptures are the only sure basis (according to no less an authority than JESUS CHRIST), being authored by the Spirit of GOD; 

  5. Additionally, any genuine revelation or prophecy must concur with the Holy Bible scriptures to be authenticated as being of GOD; 

  7. Furthermore, conflict with, and contradiction of, the Scriptures and the GOSPEL is proof of error, heresy...; 

  9. What is more, the cults (definitely including Islam) rely incessantly and indispensably upon 'validation' from 'other sources' and documents (of their authoring), the true GOSPEL does not!; 

  11. And finally, whatever cannot be proven from GOD's revealed Word, The Holy Bible, and yet claims to be spiritually true, is proven to be spiritually false!

Some people incorrectly believe Roman Catholicism is like the cults, these people are very seriously mistaken.

The Cults (definitely including Islam) are the wicked inventions of Satan, which were founded on lies, dedicated to the undermining, and undoing, of the finished work of JESUS CHRIST.  They depend upon plagiarizing the WORD of GOD to give themselves some semblance of credibility and respectability; they rely on 'creatively' editing GOD's WORD to suit their wicked intentions, perverting it to serve Satan in attempting to destroy those whom CHRIST came to save.

Catholicism however began with the truth; Catholicism was founded on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.  The question is how much of the truth remains and how much of what is taught, espoused, and communicated by the Catholic Churches generally, and by the Roman Catholic Church specifically, instead of being from GOD, is contrary to the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, and is in fact warring against the finished work of JESUS CHRIST, due to the accomplishment of what CHRIST JESUS, Peter, John, Paul, and Jude...warned of repeatedly and gravely, i.e., the flock being infiltrated, corrupted, and even overrun by wolves in sheep's clothing, false prophets, reprobate priests, hirelings, and enemies of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST?!!

This examination is not principally concerned with the wood, hay, stubble, and even dung which men have piled upon the true foundation of JESUS CHRIST ('benignly' harmful to the purposes of GOD, though they are), but is chiefly concerned with 'additions' to, 'changes' to, and deletions from, the true Gospel, which are of a more decidedly malignant nature (though both types will be examined, as both types are dangerously harmful, and yes both can kill, i.e., numbers of people do die every day as a result of "benign" conditions!).

.  As with all of CBM's communications, the answer(s) may be one(s) you and others would rather not know, but which demand to be told, which must be made known for the sake of those whom CHRIST came and suffered to save (such as you and your family and loved ones!).

You may feel free to copy and re-distribute the text of CBM's theses and treatises, enclosed herein, freely, if you care to (so long as you do so freely, i.e., so long as you do not charge for them [can you imagine trying to charge for them, i.e., sell them?  I have never been paid to minister, preach, teach, broadcast....]).

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