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Answers to these Questions are gleaned from The Holy Bible; The Scriptures; The Word of GOD; The Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms, & the New Covenant; The BOOK of Books; GOD's Word; The Truth of GOD...The Old Testament & The New Testament; The Living Word (Not to be confused with the so-called "Living Bible," or "Living Translation"!).

Editor's note: you will notice that most of these questions have yet to be addressed, apologies; once they are addressed they will have active blue hyperlinks.

  "All Truth is God's Truth!"?

  Beware of Romans bearing gifts, e.g., "Wisdom"!

  "God has a wonderful plan for your life"...?

  The "Happy Jesus"?

  The milksop Jesus?

  The "Rich Jesus"?

  God Willing - If It Is God's Will, or If God Wills It?

  "Pentecostal Churches" compared with the Lord's church at Pentecost

  "Speaking in Tongues," the acid test of "Pentecostal," "Full Gospel," "Spirit Filled," and "Charismatic" churches.

  "Let's Have Church!"?

  "Children of the Devil"?  Are all unsaved people, including youths, children, and babies, "children of the devil"?

  What's In A Name?

  What Makes A Jew, A Jew?

  "Living life to the fullest; Living for the moment...."

  "Why are you so glum; what is that sour/dour expression on your face?  ....  Christians should be the happiest people on the earth!"  Happiness: Now or Then?

  "Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk"?

  "Use It or Lose It!" (Instant gratification is next to Godliness!)  But what if you have already lost it, or never had it?  And what about waiting patiently, prayerfully on the Lord (i.e., "Good things come to those who wait [upon the Lord]"), versus taking things into your own hands?

  "Moving On," i.e., "Going On with Your Life," "Putting things behind you" so that you can pursue Your life.

  Don't Look Back, Don't contemplate nor reflect, "Just Keep On Truckin'"

  "Go For It!"?

  "Just Do It!"?

  "Waste Not, Want Not!"?

  "Nothing Good Lasts Forever!"?

  Stupidity or Foolishness?

  Fearlessness or Foolishness?

  Jealousy vs. Outrageous Jealousy

  The big bad sin of Jealousy? [Is it Jealousy or is it Envy or is it Covetousness?]

  "A Man's Home Is His Castle"?

  "Don't You Have Enough 'FAITH' For A New Car?!"

  When in Rome...Being All Things to All People?

  Christian Rap Music, Christian Rock, Christian Punk Rock, Christian Heavy Metal, Christian Hip Hop, Christian Jazz...and the clothing, walking/strutting, motions, misbehaviour to go with it - the ghetto-ization of Christendom.

  Tattoos, piercings with assorted jewelry/paraphernalia, "body art," "body modification," freakishly unnatural hair colorings, unnatural hair styles, unisex clothing, all manner of undress clothing "styles".... 

  Contemporary Christian Music's misappropriation/misuse of Scriptures, e.g., "let the weak say I am strong" (Joel 3:10)

  Contemporary Christian Music's reliance upon "style," over substance, e.g., "experiential" music instead of Biblical scriptures, unlike the great inspired Hymns of the church 

  Will Animals & Pets Be In Heaven?

  Wonders attributed to "Adrenalin."

  "Name It & Claim It" - Blab It & Grab It....

  Health & Wealth....

  The Prayer of Jabez....

  "I don't receive that!" - Refusing so-called "Negative Confession."

  Being POSITIVE!  Being Optimistic & Upbeat...at all times.  Looking on the positive side.  The cup is half full, not half empty.  You can do whatever you set your mind to do.  You can be whatever you truly want to be.

  Being POSITIVE!  Looking for the good in all people!

  "You Must Die to your desires, die to your dreams, before God can give you your desires"?!

  "God gives you your needs, not your desires!"?

  Aspirations & Ambitions; Plans & Purposes; Hopes & Dreams....

  "How's life treating you?"

  "Time heals all"?  [the late John Maynard Keynes, world-famous British Economist, and sodomite, was fond of stating "In the long-run we're all dead!"]

  "Mother Nature," "Acts of God"?

  Thomas Jefferson's Bible, i.e., his edited, truncated, disempowered version of the New Testament, and its relevance, its pertinence, to the Church of today

  Prayer: Corporate Prayer vs. Individual Prayer

  The "Church Growth" Movement, as seen in the modern American church

  So-called "Intentional, Relevant" Preaching and Teaching, in the modern American church

  Leftist Christianity

  Women in Ministry?  Women Pastors?

  A Good Reputation? [Matthew 10:25; 11:18-19; Luke 7:31-35 esp. 33-34;....]

  Issues: does God have absolute stands on issues such as Induced Abortion (aka Abortion), Infanticide, Euthanasia...and if so, how much can we disagree with the Lord and disobey the Lord, and still be christian ministers, or christians?

  Does God really have anything clear, definite, and unchanging, to say about marriage, what marriage is, what constitutes a marriage, who can marry, whether there is such a thing as sexual sin, if so what it is...?

  God's Ways or Man's Ways, with regard to conception?

  The "bald anointing," or "anointing of baldness/bald men" in ministry, i.e., as Ministers, Pastors.... [Yes, as unbelievably ridiculous as this is, such idiocy really is present in the contemporary evangelical Christian church in the USA of today, including so-called "conservative" evangelical affiliations of churches!]

  Omnibus - of Serious Questions

  Omnibus - of Notes and Comments

  Omnibus - of Mysteries

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