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Nu-Values:  Act 15 - Strange Bedfellows; "King's New Clothes" Juxtapositions

America, America!  Ah Sweet Land of Liberty?!

.  Examples of life in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Vermont's 'Supreme Court' & a high Ohio Court delivered decisions today (December 20, 1999) which will live in infamy.

Vermont, you remember the State whose motto is "Live Free Or Die" or "Don't Tread On Me."  has handed down a vainglorious decision to tread under foot all foundation of decency and righteousness, and to exalt gross wickedness and depravity.  Vermont's supremely shameful 'Supreme' Court has declared that sodomites must be afforded the same rights and privileges as married couples.  This stupendously lewd court ruling edges the State of Vermont and the Nation on toward the precipice of utter destruction from a Holy God at the hands of mortal enemies from without which this nation irresistibly incites by such profane acts.

Meanwhile, a highly base Ohio court has chosen to distinguish itself by declaring Ohio's educational voucher law to be 'unconstitutional,' as purportedly offending the mythological separation between Church & State.

We have chosen to side with the evil, the rapacious predators and malicious destroyers of our children, and all of this in the name of freedom, liberty, rights, Constitutionally guaranteed and protected Rights, yes RIGHTS!

Additionally, those who side with the evil are pronounced the good, the loving, the kind, the considerate, the compassionate, the sensitive, the understanding; and those who stand against the evil are pronounced evil!

Yes, the evil are called good, and the good are called evil, and whatever 'reality' the media movers and shakers fashion for the masses to blindly embrace passes for reality.

As long as Satan and his demons and sinful people are in the world evil and violence will continue, and until the Lord returns evil will increase and accelerate, but there are simple means to minimize violence, and these means or measures are laid out or proscribed in God's Holy Word, the Holy Bible.

Set a godly standard, establish godly laws, based on God's Word, to protect the innocent and to punish the guilty.

Postscript:   Crime will not cease until all of the evil are incarcerated in the eternal lake of fire and brimstone created for the Devil and his angels, but crime can be minimized by godly government.  If wickedness and injustice pervades a nation and prevails, the government of that nation is wicked, this is the case in the United States of America, from the top down, and the people of America choose to have it so!

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