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Nu-Values: Act 14 - Where Have All The Junior Misses - the Future Mrs.'s Gone?

They've been sacrificed to the damnable devils of Americans' Lust!

.  In Romans 12:20 it is written, "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him drink....", but we cannot bring ourselves to care for our very own, for even our youngest, tenderest, gentlest, most innocent, vulnerable, and deserving of protection, we choose not to protect them, to defend them, to safeguard them, to nurture them, to nourish them, we prefer to show our 'love for them and our humanity,' by going to great lengths to create predators and to encourage those predators to prey upon the darlings.  The result has been an unprecedented *'epidemic' of 'child-abuse,' and 'molestation,' aka RAPE, in addition to kidnapping, rape, prostitution, torture, and murder of children, especially of girls and very young women.

* Examples of life in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

.  In Matthew 25:40 & 45 it is written, "Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to ME...and, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to ME."

But we have chosen to side with the evil, the rapacious predators and murderous destroyers of our children, and all of this in the name of freedom, liberty, rights, Constitutionally guaranteed and protected Rights.

Additionally, those who side with the evil are pronounced the good, the loving, the kind, the considerate, the compassionate, the sensitive, the understanding; while those who stand against the evil are pronounced evil!

Yes, the evil are called good, and the good are called evil, and whatever 'reality' the media movers and shakers fashion passes for reality.

As long as Satan and his demons and sinful people are in the world evil and violence will continue, and until the Lord returns evil will increase and accelerate, but there are simple means to minimize violence, and these means or measures are laid out or proscribed in God's Holy Word, the Holy Bible.

Set a godly standard, establish godly laws, based on God's Word, to protect the innocent and to punish the guilty.

Forbid and eradicate pornography, prostitution, and all 'adult entertainment' 'businesses'....

Appoint God-fearing, God-obeying judges, who judge righteous judgment, execute justice, and exercise loving kindness (not to the evil!).

Quickly, slay those who kidnap, rape, torture, attempt to murder, murder, and/or enslave by pimping and prostituting.

Swiftly, Surely Avenge the taking/shedding of innocent blood.

Permit those guilty of accidental killing, i.e. manslaughter, to flee to "cities of refuge," exile cities, prison cities, there to remain for the duration of their penalty.  If those guilty of manslaughter leave the refuge cities, permit them to be hunted down and slain.

Barbaric you say?  No!  The furthest thing from it.  The modern, enlightened U.S. of A. is uncontrollably, and unbearably barbaric, while the spiritually blind, cruel, hateful, Islamic cult-enslaved nations of the world suffer virtually no violent crime against their own* Islamic people, because their governments amazingly imitate God's laws regarding Crime and Punishment.

* While they encourage, promote, condone, commission, and commit murder and mayhem of Christians and Jews, and even of Muslims who do not support their murderous "holy wars" waged against any and all Christians and Jews, aka "Infidels."

e.g. Saleema, in Pakistan, who converted to Christianity.  She was a 17 year-old virgin when she shared testimony of Jesus Christ her Lord and Saviour with her closest girlfriend, and gave her a Bible.  The friend converted, was beaten badly by her parents for converting to Christianity, fled to a shelter for safety, was found and executed!  Saleema was arrested, as was her Pastor, they were stripped naked and imprisoned together, to cause them to commit fornication and adultery, which they did not do.  They were then beaten brutally.  Saleema was savagely gang raped repeatedly while imprisoned.  She was 'tried' and convicted of murder! for having given a Bible to her girlfriend.  She was awaiting execution the last I heard.  ALL of these evils were done by the official government of Pakistan.  Needless to say, our benevolent, righteous, honorable government would not dare nor care to suggest there was anything untoward, i.e. less than proper about the Pakistani governments malevolent destruction of this teen-age girl.  Hey, how about a faith-based initiative?

Postscript: Crime will not cease until all of the evil are incarcerated in the eternal lake of fire and brimstone created for the Devil and his angels, but crime can be minimized by godly government If wickedness and injustice pervades a nation and prevails, this is evidence that the government of that nation is wicked, this is the case in the United States of America, from the top down, and the people of America choose to have it so, and there has never been a nation (original Israel included), with less excuse before God!

* .  Examples of Millions!!!  Sara Anne Wood, and Kimberly Kersey....

American Daughters we sacrifice to Devils.

a) Sara Anne Wood -

Reward: Over $10,000 for information leading to her return


Sara Anne Wood

Date of Birth: March 04, 1981    Age:  12     300 Hacadam Road  Frankfort, NY

Description: White female, 5 feet tall, 96 lbs., blue eyes, dark brown curly hair (shoulder length).

Last seen: August 18, 1993, at 2:30 PM, leaving Norwich Corners Church, Roberts Road, Town of Frankfort, Herkimer County on her bicycle.

Sara was wearing: A pink T-shirt with the words "Guess Who" (embroidered on the front in the same pink color), turquoise blue shorts, and brown sandals.

If you have any information, call New York State Police:  (315) 736-0121

1-800-68-4 SARA, i.e., 1-800-684-7272


b) Kimberly Kersey

Kimberly was a darling girl of 14 when she disappeared on her way home from Junior High School, while walking across a narrow, slightly wooded strip from the street to the housing complex her home was located within in Vancouver, Washington, outside of Portland, Oregon.

I believe Kimberly was abducted in 1985, but it may have been '86, '87, or '88.  As soon as I find a notice which I helped distribute throughout Vancouver at that time, I will correct this information.

Kimberly was a lovely, slight, quiet, gentle girl; she was fair, blonde, just a wisp of a girl, less than 5 feet tall.  She has never been heard from again; no demand was made for a ransom.  The only question is whether she was virtually immediately murdered after being captured and raped; or whether she was enslaved and prostituted.


c)  Bobbi Wofford


d)  Jessica Gulliam


e)  Jill Behrman


f)  Lacey Heider


g)  Mary Louise Batchelder or Marie Louise Batchelder


h)  A precious young, young woman from Radford, VA, whose name eludes me.


i)  Another young woman from Round Rock, Texas.


j)  Ilene (or Irene) Misheloff

Many girls, the oldest of which was 13 year-old Ilene, were kidnapped in the San Francisco Bay Area I-80 corridor, and raped, and murdered by a monstrosity known to the authorities, who has made himself known to the authorities, but he remains free to destroy as many more as he can - this is a picture of justice in the "good" "free" "just" United States of America, thanks in large part to the likes of lawmakers like former California Congressman Gary Condit.


You will note Chandra Anne Levy is excluded from this list, as she clearly was murdered by contract killers (and sadly, foolishly she jeopardized herself through her deliberate, willful, persistent sin); which is not to say she should have been murdered, of course not.

Multitudes of others have been preyed upon by destroyers thanks to the active complicity of all who have championed 'Adult Entertainment,' pornography; induced abortion/elective abortion, abortifacients, fetal harvesting, embryological "research and experimentation," infanticide, euthanasia; prostitution; sodomy/homosexuality; prohibition of the death penalty for murderers, attempted murderers, kidnappers, prostituters/pimps...all DESTROYERS!! even to extent of decriminalizing rape of children, and making pimping/enslaving/prostituting of others misdemeanors! 

[Dr. Alfred Kinsey was terribly successful in overthrowing the prosecution and punishment of predators (like himself and his cohorts) who commit evil against children, and in thus facilitating the commission of evil against children.  Dr. Kinsey's "legacy" has made the USA abominable for nearly six decades now!]

Polly Klaus - whose father actively opposes the death penalty for murderers of the innocents, what a daddy!

Meghan - whom "Meghan's Law" is named after


The Mintz sisters

and hundreds of thousands of others!!!  Yes, multitudes of precious girls, boys, and young women, have been monstrously sacrificed on the altar of self-serving self-interest, hedonism, and license to engage in anything, in the name of freedom and liberty, diametrically contrary to the intentions and foundational framing of the US Constitution by the Founding Fathers.

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