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Nu-Values: Act 13 - Politics As Usual.

Politicians & Politics....

As I noted previously, my favorite quote concerning politics was provided by a rather well qualified individual, a man who at one time was the closest friend of a particularly famous President of the United States (Theodore Roosevelt), a man who served as a foreign Ambassador, as President of the United States himself, and as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, William Howard Taft.  The Honorable Mr. Taft stated, "Politics make me sick."

Amen & Amen!  

Can you imagine what he would feel and say about the current state of politics in this nation's federal government, particularly its executive branch?  Can you?

I took in a political show recently, it is an annual event that was of course much lauded by those political candidates who participated in it.

The multi-race debate was awash with demagoguery by practically all of the candidates of all parties at the ...Voter Public Forum.  The 'compassionate, sensitive, conscientious' candidates endlessly attempted to outdo one another in decrying the shame and disgrace of ...County children being schooled in, gasp 'trailers!'  Meanwhile, the 'responsible' "public servants" and wanna-bees evidenced an utter dearth of concern over what the children are being taught and indoctrinated, and will be taught and indoctrinated and exposed to, except of course for also decrying the current State School Standards as being anywhere from terrible to utterly dire need of drastic overhauling to outright elimination (because they successfully expose the sham-state of current public education).

This inglorious display of the crème de la crème of political systems and governments in the world took place in an exceedingly well-advantaged one of Virginia's counties and cities.

While there were some candidates for sure who distinguished themselves by their wretchedness, in the whole inglorious display there was only one candidate I heard who was possessed with sound wisdom and godly character; an exceedingly sorry comment on what the State/Commonwealth of Virginia has degenerated to.

To judge by the 'enlightened reasoning' of the 'enlightened' leaders of Virginia, one would have to conclude that knowledge, learning, wisdom, skill, readiness for life (including public service) is a function of how luxurious and permanent a temporal physical facility one is educated in, rather than how one is educated, what one is taught, how children are led and directed, encouraged and modeled to behave.  Perhaps this bias of theirs is due to how they were educated and what they were taught!

But never fear, the answer to all of the societal ills they perceive (versus the actual ones, definitely including themselves), is simply to extract more and more from self-governing, independent families, the better to deny them independence and self-government.  It's an old 'solution,' but then it's an old game, and grievously it has just about accomplished its intended ends of destroying education, families, and society in this land of the free and home of the brave.

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