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Nu-Values: Act 12 - Turkey Day, Gobble Day....

In case you have not gotten out and around for a few years, nor tuned into television programs for a similar period of time, perhaps you are unaware that Thanksgiving has been relegated to being called Turkey Day/Gobble Day/Football Day by many people, e.g., many broadcasters.

OK, OK, so what's all the concern about, what's so bad about Turkey Day, or Gobble Day, or Pigskin Day...?  They're kind of cute don't you think?

No, I don't think they are cute; I think they are a shameful supplanting of something Holy, a holy day of gratitude and thanksgiving to God Almighty for sparing the Pilgrims, for bringing them safely to the New Land, for protecting them and providing for them.  The official commemoration of Thanksgiving however represents a thanksgiving to God for establishing this Nation under Him, to serve and glorify Him before all peoples of the world.

Contrary to the lies of the revisionist historians (akin to the likes of ficto-biographer Edmund Morris and his fanciful "Official" discrediting of President Ronald Reagan), the national holiday Thanksgiving was not established to pay honor to the Indians, but to glorify God Almighty!

The devaluing of Thanksgiving then is an extremely vivid, and concrete example of the dumbing down of the American people and the spiritual decline and ruination of the United States of America.

So Thanksgiving is diminished to the secular level of being about such mundane things as turkeys and football games, and Christmas is officially dishonored with having its name perversely changed to Winter Holiday, Sparkly Holiday...and whatever other empty secular exercises in futility can be fashioned for it.  Meanwhile, demonic pagan Halloween, the unholy, antiholy celebration of Satan, and his devils (angels whom he corrupted and seduced into rebelling against God), and the worship of Satan, i.e., Satanism, Witchcraft, and all manner of evil, sadistic, macabre destructions of innocents is elevated, and honored, to  indoctrinate vulnerable, impressionable children (using a greater public education expenditure of money collected from taxpayers than is used for any legitimate and deserving Holyday).

Yes, the USA has come a long, long way, and it has precious further to go!

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