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Nu-Values: Act 11 - Aggie Agony, Aggieny.

The litany of the Aggie Agony:

Sept. 18, 1999, five people were killed in the crash of a plane used by the Ags Over Texas Skydiving club;

Oct. 10, 1999, six students walking to a fraternity party were killed two miles from campus by a pickup driver who had fallen asleep.  One student was from Texas A&M, the others went to other Universities;

Nov. 18, 1999, more than one dozen students were killed in a tragic mishap during final preparation of the annual Texas A&M Bonfire, and multitudes were seriously injured.

These were all tragic losses of young people, and have shocked the A&M campus deeply and profoundly.

So, What's It All About Aggie?  The News accounts of the bonfire tragedy focus on the height of the structure - 55 feet, approximately 40 feet at the time of the accident, the number of logs - approximately 7,000, the number of volunteers on the pile at the time of the accident - 60, the time of the accident - approximately 2:30 AM.........

.  But nowhere do we get a scintilla deeper in terms of what was really involved in why this accident took place.  The reason was not carelessness, the reason was not bad design, the reason was not bad luck, the reason was not fate, but the reason was spiritual!

While it is true that the upper height for the bonfire has been limited to a maximum of 55 feet for years, and while there are numerous Christians in the A&M student body, the bonfire nonetheless represented the following: (1) Aggie Pride; (2) an A&M tower of Babel; (3) worldliness & foolishness; (4) human accomplishment, man's ability to do whatever he puts his mind to, vs. submission to God; and (5) irreligion.

Time after time during this past year especially God has permitted judgment to begin at the house of God, it is possible that this is another such case, i.e., that all Aggie jokes aside, the A&M campus and student body are more godly than the majority of college campuses in America.

You know the old saw (or saying) that good things come in threes, well A&M's campus was struck by three tragedies during the Fall of 1999, and it appears these tragedies resulted in A&M students falling to their knees,  praying to God, crying out to God and humbly seeking Him.  If so, then what Satan intended for evil has in fact been turned to ultimate good by the good God. 

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