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Nu-Values: Act 10 - Camelot, The Kennedys, The Kennedy Mystique, The Kennedy Dynasty....

. Camelot, Camelot...Camelot?!

  No, that's not a statue of 'honorable' Gary Condit silly, that's of JFK! you know, John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

As was the case with the death of Princess Diana, I received a phone call (but from a different source); the call came in on Friday.  The caller told me of the disappearance of John F. Kennedy, Jr's. plane, and of some harebrained theories concocted by some supposedly knowledgeable people, to the effect that John Jr. purportedly had committed suicide....   I told the caller that such theories were either idiocy, or worse, deliberate obfuscation of the truth.

My immediate sense of the situation (based on inaccurate information from the caller) was that one of the following could be true: 

(a) the alleged disappearance could be a mistake and a ridiculous overreaction by the ever 'vigilant' press corps;  (b) the alleged disappearance could be a hoax intended to attract attention and generate support for Jr's. imminent campaign for the U.S. Senate from NY State (ala Robert F. Kennedy), and his campaign kick-off announcement to that effect; (c) the alleged disappearance could signal Jr's. having been murdered and thus eliminated from a political contest he would assuredly (if undeservedly) have won, and from fulfilling the Kennedy family pursuit of the Presidency.

Sadly, it was no mistake, nor overreaction, and it was no hoax, nor publicity stunt; but instead, horribly, his plane had crashed killing his wife, her sister, and America's crown prince.  They had been on their way to a Kennedy family wedding, they were within range of the destination, and the plane went down.

As in the case of Princess Diana, I knew that if John F. Kennedy, Jr. was dead, he would be eulogized in utterly overwhelming fashion for great duration, including tearfully by those responsible for his death.

In case you were unaware of it, John Jr. had been being prepared to fulfill the Camelotian 'promise' of his progenitor since his early childhood, he had very powerful friends amongst the media elites, publishing...and in the shadowy corridors of power controlled by the Kingmakers.

The Kennedys, i.e., the JFK branch of the Kennedys, were feted at the 1996 Democratic Presidential Convention.  This was done for three reasons and with the consent of competing factions.  The Kennedys and "Camelot" were featured as a means of imparting heroism & chivalry (by association) to the top of the ticket, which sorely needed it; it was used as a means to rehabilitate the image of the party's incumbent nominees; and it was used as a means of setting the stage for John Jr. to ascend to his predetermined place of power.  The truth of this was intimately appreciated by all concerned, i.e.. the competing factions within the party, vying for the control and headship of the party and thus the presidency (this would come to play heavily in time to come, i.e., those who stood to gain from the Kennedy/Camelot lionization, but who would not permit the obvious fulfillment of the Kennedy gang, excuse me, Kennedy family pursuit of the presidency).

LIFE Magazine & TIME Magazine have featured the Kennedys perennially, and at the time of John's death had just commenced rolling out the red carpet for the imminent commencement of his political promotion via LIFE's feature cover-story (the two-step plan for John's ascendancy to the White House would consist simply of first gaining the Senate [in the footsteps of his uncle Robert], and then gaining the party nomination leading to his ultimate coronation over the United States in the foreseeable future).  The feature story was ostensibly of his mother Jacqueline "Jackie" Bouvier Kennedy Onassis ( I received the issue one or two days before I heard of John, Jr's. disappearance).  The feature photo-story emphasized JFK & Jackie, but generously included John, Jr., repeatedly.

As always the Kennedys were portrayed in a glowing halo-like light crafted to persuade we mere mortals of the unmistakable superiority and royalty of the Kennedys.

The power brokers behind John, Jr. must have been stunned by the shockingly untimely demise of their heir apparent, not that their hearts would be touched mind you, but their grandiose plans tragically dashed.  Had they been less painstakingly slow in proclaiming their protégé's candidacy, his death would have been much, much harder to sell (even to the gullible public) as an accident resulting from foolish, reckless, adventurous Kennedy bravado; but the big boys behind Jr's. presidential aspirations played their cards a little too deliberately, and their carefully crafted plans have been permanently dashed (a personal tragedy for JFK, Jr., for Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, for Lauren Bessette, her sister, and for their parents and families, but not a national tragedy, except that evil-doers perpetrating such evil-doing are allowed to succeed, to go unpunished, and to be rewarded with being able to carry out their further malevolent machinations, which are dependent on the prior evils wrought).

JFK & RFK had money galore, charisma, women (did they ever have women, but then all the Kennedy boys always had hot and cold running maid-service), they also had abundance of low friends in high places, power brokers, and media elites.  JFK & RFK were smart, talented, fairly good looking, extremely ambitious, immoral and ruthless, they had it all, including a crafty, unscrupulous, master-mind father, and political savvy in their genes, with nothing to stand in the way, certainly not conscience; but, they were also and fatally supremely self-confident, and they came up against opponents who were at least as immoral and ruthless as they themselves were; as well endowed with low friends in high places, power brokers, financial backers; and who frankly were more daring and bold than JFK & RFK.  The Kennedys' adversaries knew that crime pays in the USA of today, so JFK & RFK went down to the sword, they were laid in the dust, and EMK (Teddy) did not have the courage to attempt to avenge it, besides he had his own political fortunes and enjoyments to look after.

The JFK Memorial 

JFK, Jr., too, had it all, but he came up against others who would not permit the possibility of his competing with them and supplanting them, so he has met an untimely and tragic end, but the greater tragedy is for the United States of America, not that JFK, Jr., will not rule and rein over it, that would have been a disaster, but that the evil ones who do, will continue to destroy America!

Of course, and not inappropriately, the next issue of LIFE magazine featured John Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (regrettably, since the crash relatively little attention has been paid to the loss suffered by the parents of Carolyn and her sister Lauren, while the focus has been squarely on John Kennedy, Jr., and the Kennedy promise, the Kennedy Mystique, the Kennedy Dynasty, Camelot, Camelot, Camelot...).

Jackie, the creative mind behind the appropriation of the mythic "Camelot" legend for JFK & she and their progeny, for the JFK family, the JFK White House years, the JFK Administration, the Kennedys....   A talented, clever, ambitious woman, and a very shrewd, capable, valuable political ally.  If she had been alive things might have gone differently for John, Jr., i.e., John likely would not have been as hesitant to announce his Senate candidacy....

Postlogue - Summer of 2001 (July), immediately prior to Caroline Kennedy being featured on the cover of one of her family's favorite news media magazine vehicles, there was a little story about Carolyn Bessette's mother receiving a judgment from a judge permitting her to reach an out of court settlement for the "wrongful death" of Carolyn and her sister, presumably at the hands of the dashing John Kennedy, Jr.  I confess, I was, and am, a trifle perplexed how the Bessettes' mother could successfully sue the Kennedy estate for millions and millions of dollars with a "wrongful death" claim, when John Jr. either was caused to crash (the odds of which I believe to be in the area of 99.999999999999999999999999999_% likelihood), or accidentally crashed (the odds of which I believe to be in the area of 0.000000000000000000000000000_1% chance).  But, the quiet 'little' settlement (reportedly in the vicinity of $15 Million) does help tie up loose ends and all-importantly tongues, and thus keep the Kennedy mystique alive, and even permit Caroline to ascend.  Yes, the Kennedy family has always shown a fanatical penchant for keeping the mystique alive, rather than pursuing the truth about the murderers of their family members, and the execution of judgment and justice.  Interesting family, the Kennedys; great political pragmatists!  

Then too, almost back to back to news of judgment in the Bessette "wrongful death" suit, came news of the "untimely" death of the lone star witness for the prosecution in the murder trial of Michael (?) Skakel, the Kennedy nephew charged in the brutal murder of a lovely teen-age girl neighbor of his, many many moons ago; interesting sequence of events, pity to have the key witness die just prior to trial, alas.

And now the roll out of the current youth generation of Kennedys, it will be dizzying to see how many campaign for major office in the next three years, it should be something like half a dozen!!!  Of course, John, Jr., the heir apparent, will not be at the top of the ticket, as he would have been! and so ends the "Camelot" that never was!

Tell me, if it were ever discovered that the murders of JFK, & RFK, and dare I say JFK, Jr., have been perpetrated by members of their own party, would it perhaps dampen the enthusiasm of, or diminish, the sympathy vote for whomever the current Democrat party nominees happen to be?  Oh well, no danger of any proof being discovered that is sufficient to persuade people, especially Democrats; no, not after all the witnesses have been murdered, and all of the evidence destroyed; besides these 'operations' were very carefully plotted and committed by professionals who were very proficient, and the cover-ups have been very aggressive and thorough.

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