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Nu-Values:  Act 9 - School Violence begotten by carefully Schooled "Vileues" & Vileness.

Prom Night Reflections on the Day From Hell at Columbine High School, and the Aftermath of Ruins.

- or - Little Lessons 'Learned' from the Little Incident in Littleton (truths tragically evidenced yet once more, this time in Littleton, CO).

.  After the monstrous evil of so many young lives being sadistically slaughtered, the enormous wounding and suffering inflicted upon so many others, whom the murderers savagely tried to murder, and the life-ravaging trauma visited upon so many others: sweethearts, spouses to be, parents, brothers and sisters, best friends, friends, others,..., another enormous evil proceeds from the aftermath of the carnage, to add exceedingly deep insult to life-destroying injury: the wrong headed, and wrong hearted 'forgiveness' of the bloodthirsty murderers of their fellows.  This is but one of many glaring similarities shared by the satanic murderous rampages witnessed over the past year and a half in predominantly white, suburban, middle-class schools and communities, e.g. Jonesboro, Arkansas; Pearl, Mississippi; Paducah, Kentucky; Springfield, Oregon; Littleton, Colorado....Ft. Worth, Texas.

At Columbine High School, the murderers obscenely enjoyed every bloody, gory, hellish moment of seeking out and viciously, bloodthirstily slaughtering their victims, precious daughters and sons of God; their only regret was that they did not destroy more, many more.

All misinformed, misunderstood, unbiblical, illegal 'forgiveness' aside, Harris and Klebold are currently burning in Hell, and they will suffer for all eternity in the Lake of Fire created for Satan and his devils, and all who follow him, who serve him, who rebel against God, who hate God, who reject, resist, refuse the Lordship of Jesus Christ. And for the record, all of those cowards, (i.e. the student who Harris 'liked' and warned to flee, the policeman and security guards who fled rather than stopping the murderers from entering Columbine, the policemen and S.W.A.T. team members) who failed to lay down their lives to prevent and/or to stop this massacre will spend eternity in Hell and the Lake of fire and brimstone also (Revelation 21:8), unless they repent and cry out to God for forgiveness, according to the Bible.  And God's Word is true, regardless how it offends anyone's politically correct, or christian-correct sensibilities.

In Columbine High School, judgment began at the House of God, with God's children, it is unmistakably clear that many of them will be with the LORD for all eternity.  In fact, those who were truly martyred for their faith (by those who gave themselves over to serve Satan), will be returning in a few short years with the triumphant return of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Lord to the glory of God the Father).

Regarding the well-meaning gentleman who constructed the 15 crosses as a memorial to the dead, including the butchers who committed the slaughter: he had made crosses before, but only for victims, never for murderers, somehow or other he lost his way this time, and lumped the murderers together with the murdered, All co-victims, All God's children ... REALLY!!!  Even so, I do not question whether the man meant well, unfortunately he did NOT do well, regardless what the dear old media elites (who are such notorious worshippers of God) say. Instead, he grievously dishonored the murdered, the wounded/maimed/scarred for life, the nearly murdered, and their families.  Well intended, yes, but Wrong!  Terribly Wrong!  Talk about adding insult to injury, this well-intended man did such wrong in the most extreme sense!  Lest you think this is too extreme, you should see what God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost have to say concerning those people, governments, and nations who refuse or fail to avenge the slaying/the shedding of innocent blood.

God testifies that He will overthrow such nations, as if He were to vomit the inhabitants out of His mouth, resulting in the destruction of all the inhabitants, righteous and wicked!  Thus failure to execute righteous judgment and justice, far from being merciful, is in truth the diametric opposite, resulting in the destruction of all of the innocent, and occasioned by mistaken 'mercy and compassion' for the guilty and the wicked.

.  Did you happen to notice coverage of a 'delightful' little college celebration following the Columbine slaughter?  It was either on the night of the day of the slaughter, or on the next night.

NO?  You mean to tell me you missed it?   Well, allow me to describe the celebration, albeit poorly.  It took place at the campus of Michigan State University I believe, but perhaps it was the University of Michigan.  The National Nightly News media covered it and clearly thoroughly enjoyed it.  They seemed to think it was an example of good clean fun for American young people; you know, something we need to see more of; the kind of thing that makes America Great....

OK enough prelude, what happened Brad?  Well, multitudes of college students, predominantly girls & young women, formerly known as Co-eds, lined an avenue and boisterously sounded their wildly enthusiastic approval as a large number of hunky, bully boys & young men, vain young men, jogged past displaying their nude bodies, exposing their sex organs and buttocks for admiration..., it was great fun you know !  And so of course it was treated as such by the media elites.

I must say, I couldn't help thinking it was just too bad that Harris and Klebold hadn't struck there, instead of at Columbine.  And I confess, I still feel that way.

So, what do you make of it?

Allow me to describe and explain by means of an illustration.


The Titanic

The 'Unsinkable' Titanic

.  Imagine if you will, a huge, state-of-the-art, world superpower oceanliner coming to blows with a phenomenally overgrown ice-cube, i.e. a mere Iceberg.

As counter-intuitive as it is, the unsinkable steamship, the creation of sinful, sin-laden, sin-sick, morally bankrupt man (the highest creation of God on this earth, but a corrupted, perverted creation) falls to the iceberg, an inanimate creation of the holy God, what a morality play.  As for what bearing this titanic event has on the school-centered slaughters suffered of late in this nation, the answer is several.

  1. These slaughters are not the following: an anomaly, an oddity, macabre and monstrous to be sure, but not to be seen again anytime soon; rather, they are tidings of things to come, they are the proverbial tip of the iceberg, in one sense.

  2. The slaughters are the fruits of a society/culture which has perverted itself and lost its way, which has rebelled against God for decades, and which has very little further to go.

  3. The slaughters are not an indication of a need for some attention to a problem in its infancy, but rather the slaughters are the culmination of decades of successful war in this nation to turn this nation away from God, and to literally embrace devils in God's place.

  4. The slaughters, perpetrated by slaughterers, are one in a series of final warnings from a holy, just, yet merciful God, warnings of judgment at the doors of this God-created nation, judgment which will fall upon this entire nation except that it utterly reject its rejection of God, turn from its rebellion against God, repent and confess its gross and nation-damning sins, and sincerely beg God's merciful forgiveness, submitting to God as one nation UNDER God, again for keeps (or else).

.  As further evidence of this proud nation's grievously morally bankrupt condition and gross rebellion against God, consider the following:

  1. The media-parroted outcry of shrill criticism directed at the evangelical pastors preaching at the memorial service for victims of the Columbine High School massacre, which preaching focused on sin, the wages of sin, the need for all sinners to confess their sins, repent of their sins/turn from their sins, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and convert to be saved from condemnation, and to inherit eternal life, while fleeting time remains.

  2. The media-parroted claims of certain people (who are at least unspeakably foolish), that a memorial attesting to the faith in Christ Jesus held by a number of the victims of the massacre, would be in violation of the (fictitious) Supreme Court created "separation between Church and State."

  3. The media trumpeted lawsuits filed by enemies of God who are hell-bent on preventing a faithful Christian memorial from being built to give testimony of the faith in Jesus Christ of several of those murdered at Columbine H.S., which faith and martyrdom is already begetting spiritual revival among multitudes of young people, despite Satan's murderous attack waged by Harris and Klebold, and Satan's efforts waged by his minions in the major media or media elites and their comrades.

.  The reality (Fiction) created by Hollywood never ceases to seek to undermine the truth, as is witnessed to most recently and tragically by the 'blockbuster' fiction Titanic, it is but one more example of 'revisionist slop' which passes for accurate depiction of history in this debased age, this age of lies.

One would think from the titanic movie Titanic that there was no moral to the story of the Titanic after all, which is utterly amazing given what an overpowering moral was actually communicated through the tragedy of the Titanic.  As the Titanic had been the 'personification' of man's evolutionary triumph, and God's demise; the sinking of the Titanic, and the sacrifice by men to save their womenfolk and families (their wives and children, and other women), was the embodiment of Christian faith and duty, of Christ-like sacrifice for the beloved, or the true triumph of faith in God and obedience to God over the inhumanity of atheism and evolution.  Almost all of the men voluntarily yielded, indeed most insisted on giving place on the lifeboats, to "women and children first" so much so that the death ratio of men to women was nine men for every woman" (this was decried by feminists as 'patriarchal' and oppressive!).  The feminists, the suffragettes insisted that women on the Titanic should have refused to accept lifeboat seats in the place of men! (and presumably these 'brave' women would have followed their own advice had they been aboard!)  And of course today we have arrived at the triumph of such 'pro-woman' activism; yes we've come a long way baby, we have precious little further to go, except to the bottom.

But alas, our nation has lost decency, heroism, the fear of God, the love of God, the defense of babies, children, girls, young women, women, ..., witness the Columbine High School slaughter as the most recent example.  Yes the murderous terrorist attack was fearful indeed, but that still doesn't excuse the multitudes of bully young men refusing to fight for their lives and for the lives of those girls being cold-bloodedly preyed upon, nor can anything excuse the cowardice of the one young 'man' who fled for his life when told by murderer Harris, that he liked him, and he should leave, which he immediately did rather than lifting a little finger to stop what he knew was going to be a blood-bath.   The 'sensitive' young 'man' of course had no misgivings about volunteering to be interviewed repeatedly by the media after all of the carnage which he occasioned by his refusal to act like a man, or even like a boy!, nor does it excuse the unimaginably great cowardice of the armed, trained policeman and security guards who, like any good mercenaries when required to risk their lives on the behalf of others, turned tail and fled for their precious safety knowing they were the only line of defense between the murderers and the 1,900 unarmed students and numerous teachers and administrators, and these trained armed men excused their cowardice as necessary owing to being "outgunned" by the cowardly murderers Harris and Klebold (indeed, had a student's mother been on the scene with even a small caliber handgun, or a single shot shotgun, or a student's little brother armed with even a bolt action 22 rifle, the murderers would not have been given a free pass into Columbine, but what do you expect from grown men trained in the deadly use of weapons, being paid to protect the students lives to do? risk their own? perish the thought.  The ferocity of the murderous attack in no way excuse's the televised gross cowardice of the S.W.A.T. teams who did everything while the cameras rolled except of course what they had to do, i.e. charge the school and root out the murderers; those mighty S.W.A.T. teams should truly be showcased for their glaringly outrageous cowardice, holding their assault rifles aloft, crouching and hiding behind cars, waiting for the students to save themselves, and bravely frisking them when they ran out of Columbine, while the brave police Captain gave the news crews briefings!  Kindly excuse me for being so indelicately undiplomatic, but the entire spectacle was a fittingly obscene crowning to a monstrosity birthed by a nation which has betrayed its maker.  In years long-gone by the policeman and security guards, and S.W.A.T. teams and commanders would have been summarily executed for outrageous cowardice, but not in the USA of today, we're above that, we're even above criticizing such moral failure, or to quote a well known leader speaking on behalf of a 'great American' who would have been President many times, and 'first gentleman' too, "its beneath his/our dignity."  Indeed, what dignity does this nation still have intact?  It has suffered under the leadership of too many 'great Americans' for too outrageously long.

What are America's vaunted police, S.W.A.T. teams, U.S. Marshals,..., good for anyway except for arrogantly abusing and premeditatedly brutalizing good, decent, loving, peaceful, pro-life people (frequently women and youths), engaged in such 'subversive,' 'hateful,' 'dangerous' activities as praying, and sidewalk counseling, at abortion holocaust grist mills.  And why are our bully troops used for such persecution of good, simply to intimidate and to stamp out all opposition to the holocaust, and thus to keep the grist flowing?  This they are very experienced at, and 'very bravely' enjoy doing with lusty gusto, as you would expect of cowards, and bullies, but let them face the possibility of getting hurt and their enthusiasm wanes markedly (curious don't you think?).

If and when this nation is invaded, the only real defense offered will be by fathers and mothers and sons in defense of their families, if our benevolent government has not succeeded in disarming the only force for peace in this nation, the families..., while the oh so brave professionals run for cover for themselves.

John 10:10-15

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to murder, and to destroy.  I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheepThe hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.  I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.  As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep."

Do you really think "Troopers are your best protection"?  If so, then you really should think again, or begin to think.

The Titanic Sinks

The 'Unsinkable' Titanic Sinks!

"...even God himself could not sink this ship" so repeatedly boasted the builders and promoters of the Titanic.  In this magnificent ship was embodied man's purported triumph over nature and over destiny, and thus over God.  But man being in honor and supplanting God, is a rebellion against God not to be suffered for long, especially among 'christian' peoples; so down the Titanic went, and was laid at the bottom of the ocean, as a testament to all peoples of the world He had created, of His, that is GOD's, preeminence over His creation.

{How many days does the unsinkable, almighty, only world superpower USA have left? and how many Americans will survive?  Back then it was cried "Women & Children First!" meaning that the women and children were first to be saved.  But what will it be like this time, may I suggest a representative refrain would be "each person for him, her, or itself."  It's a pity and a shame, and I do mean a SHAME, but that's what we have devolved to in the USA.}

Postscript - February 14, 2000, Valentine's Day!

Two Columbine 'sweethearts' were found shot to death early Monday at a sandwich shop within sight of Columbine High School. 

Perhaps they were sweethearts, perhaps not, he was 15 she was 16, they were 'senselessly' murdered on Valentine's Day.  'Senseless,' because all murder is senseless, an abomination against God and man.  It runs rampant where life is devalued, cheapened, and degraded, as in America, by perpetual attacks against God, God's Word (The Truth), God's Law, by institutionalized evils e.g., Abortion, Infanticide, Euthanasia, Pornography, Kiddie-Porn, 'Adult Entertainment,' prostitution, myriad sadistic, bloodthirsty entertainments and pastimes, and yes 'ironically' the failure to swiftly execute the murderers and destroyers.

She was beautiful, quiet, enjoyed sports, and did not go out much except to stop by the sub shop to see him; her cousin Courtney Scott (same last name as Rachel Scott who was martyred at Columbine), said Stephanie Hart had not been at Columbine the day of the massacre, last year.

He was only 15, and he had only been working at the shop for 1 month, but the manager 'responsibly' chose to have him close the shop, it made things easier for the boss you see!

They were murdered in the wee hours between Sunday and Monday, or in other words on Monday the 14th of February, Valentine's Day.

They were both good young people (good meaning not evil, vs. meaning without sin), and they were slaughtered by monster or monsters.

I pray they are with the Lord now.

What else has transpired in Littleton, CO since the Columbine High School daymare slaughters of 1999:

What has this once godly, Christian nation come to.

As it is written in the Bible, our land is given over to murderers, indeed it is, we have reaped what we christians have quietly, tolerantly, passively, meekly sewn, by sitting by while the nation has fallen to evil leaders, evil groups, evil..., and now our sweethearts, darlings, children, babies are preyed upon and led to the slaughter.   But don't worry folks, we should be in store for some kind of a tax cut before too long, and oh yes in case you hadn't heard, Permanent Prosperity is just around the corner.

Good Day.

.  And speaking of that panacea that all 'thinking people' cry out for, Gun Control....

Adolph Hitler, in 1935 stated, "This year will go down in history.  For the first time a civilized nation had full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police...more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future."  (He took over in 1933.)

The 'Honorable' Christopher Dodd, Democrat U.S. Senator from Connecticut, needed help, expert help, in crafting his gun control legislation to accomplish exactly the effect he had in mind, therefore, he looked (where else but) to Adolph Hitler's Nazi Third Reich for boilerplate legislation to use as the master plan or template for his (Dodd's) USA version, which Adolph was considerate enough to leave on file for our later use!  One minor snag though, it was in German, no problem really, he (Dodd) merely elicited the assistance of the Library of Congress in translating dear old Adolph Hitler's Nazi Gun Control Legislation from the German to English, which request they were (of course) only too willing to accommodate; something the News Media did not, and has not, seen fit to report to the American public.  You know, no need to trouble our little minds over such minor and trifling details as this.  Thus, we can take pride in being well on our way to having the most effective Gun Control Legislation possible, just ask the Germans who were so effectively controlled by it some years ago.  Ah yes, "CONTROL" is a wonderful thing, something every despot, tyrant, murderer, and destroyer seeks to impose on his targeted victims (or should I say her targeted victims? after all I ought to be inclusive, don't you think so?).

If you care to read more of Hitler's plan for youth, using the mechanism of public education, click here.

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