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Nu-Values:  Act 8 - He Did It His Way, and regrettably now so does America!

The Washington Times, Sunday Edition, May 18, 1998, carried the cover story declaring that all of America was in mourning for the late Frank Sinatra, and that all of America loved Frank Sinatra; unfortunately the Times failed to discuss this with me, for I am still part of "all America" and I am not in mourning for old reprobate of reprobates Frank Sinatra, nor did I love despicable Frank. You see Frank Sinatra truly was an "ugly American," he epitomized all that is wrong with America, i.e. vileness, lewdness, shamelessness, obsceneness, gross immorality, proud rebellion against God, self-worship, and idolatry of every other form, perversity, materialism, lust, greed, drunkenness, debauchery, ruthlessness, viciousness, cruelty, vice and organized crime, and just plain vacuousness, shallowness, phoniness, cheapness, tawdriness, gross irresponsibility and negligence, selfishness, self-centeredness, self-service (serving self vs. helping others)...; I know what you're thinking, he was "Presidential material." Frank Sinatra truly was the personification of "American Ugliness."

When dear ol' blue eyes' daughter Nancy was a tender, pubescent 13 or 14 year-old teen, dear old dad, in his chivalrous, sensitive, loving, responsible, fatherly way took her to an ob-gyn (no doubt one he had occasion to use the services of at many a time), to be fitted with a diaphragm, yes with an internal contraceptive barrier device, the better to be able to precociously embark on a lifetime of sexual sin, with dear old dad's approval, encouragement, assistance, and coaching; well what do you expect from a good old boy, such a fine All-American boy like Frank Sinatra?

Dear ol' blue eyes cranked out the most miserable Christmas recording I have ever heard, and oh yes he had help from the original ol' blue eyes, Bing Crosby; point being that this duo proved themselves utterly devoid of any spirituality whatever, and how they, such accomplished, celebrated singers, could manage to produce such slop for a Christmas album, was a truly breathtaking feat.

So dear ol' blue eyes during the duration of his ignominious and long life set an example for all of foolish, sinful America to follow, and they did; no wonder 'all America mourns for Frank Sinatra, and all of America loved him.' Fools love company.

Yes Sinatra the sinmeister did it his wretched way, and ruinously now so does America!

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