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Nu-Values:  Act 7 - Overboard with Beyond the Borders and Barbaric & Ignoble.

Surely any Intelligent person can SEE that it is Erotica not Pornography, right?!  To put it another way, only stupid people and worse, i.e., narrow, small minded people..., could or would view this ART as Pornography, and Kiddie Porn at that!

As David Hamilton says, "a distinction must be made between eroticism and pornography."  "For those intelligent enough to recognize the difference, erotica will continue to hold a unique fascination.  Social evils should not be confused with the pursuit of true beauty."  Meanwhile, Hamilton's publicity material advertises his 'artwork' as "Lolita type pictures of naked young girls."

David Hamilton and Jock Sturges feature pre-pubescent and pubescent girls photographed in the nude with both external nudity and internal nudity displayed in the context of such artistic text as these selections from Hamilton's benign artistic masterpiece:

As the Los Angeles Times describes, "In a typical Sturges photograph, a girl about 10 years old lies back on a futon, her arms outstretched, her exposed genitals drawing the viewer's eye to the center of the frame."

What, you say, not suitable for children to see?  But suitable for Adults, for Intelligent Artistically Appreciative and Sophisticated Adults, for Adult Erotica, for Adult Enjoyment and Entertainment.

Interesting, and a bit curious, this most flagrantly voyeuristic exploitation of girls, little girls, pre-pubescent and pubescent girls, stripping them of innocence, robbing them of innocence, and passing for Art instead of what it is, Pimping of little girls, Prostituting of little girls, and enflaming the lust of countless youths, young adults, and adults to rape and violate, and ruin countless little girls, girls, young women....

Sturges says of the little girls that he plies, "I have a sincere and ongoing relationship with these women and their families."

Mind you the "women" Sturges has these "sincere and ongoing relationships with" range in age from 10 year-old 4th and 5th grade girls, all the way up to 13 and 14 year-old junior high school Minors, below the age of consent!

Note: According to the Times, Sturges had a sexual 'relationship' with a 14 year-old 'model' when he was 28; and Hamilton 'met' his wife when she was one of his 13 year-old 'models.'

Yes, America is certainly an enlightened Nation now, and so God-fearing, and so wholesome, and All-American.

And the Feminists and all modern, tolerant, intelligent, right-thinking people think this is good, acceptable, artistic, just ask Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and all of those who elected him.

Or ask Sally Mann, who like Sturges and Hamilton also produces 'socially acceptable kiddie porn' pedaled at such 'high class' booksellers as Borders and Barnes & Noble, all the better to enflame those who sexually prey upon children, and with which to entice multitudes of others to experiment with this exotic sexual variation, i.e., sex with children, with little, young virgin children!  'At a girl Sally!  You see these 'artists' are in the 'business' of (1) catering to those perverts who choose to sexually prey upon children, and (2) enticing others to try engaging in sexual crime against children.

.  In case you don't get it, sexually violating children, sexually corrupting children, seducing children, raping children,..., and encouraging others to do so is utterly SATANIC; it is just one of many of Satan's major tactics to corrupt, pervert, and destroy everything that is good, beautiful, innocent, gentle, kind, loving, vulnerable...of GOD.  Yes Pornography, 'Adult Entertainment,' 'free love,' 'Safe-Sex,' 'Safer-Sex,' contraception, sterilization, induced abortion, 'fetal harvesting and experimentation,' 'embryological research,' infanticide, euthanasia, homosexual promotion, feminism...are all Satan's tactics to steal, murder, and destroy, and thus to inflict as much damage upon the Kingdom of GOD, as he can.

.  Once upon a time, long ago - how long ago you ask, well, Richard Nixon was leaving office, and all of the wait staff where I worked was forever discussing the 'artistic' merits of Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones, if that helps (no I am sorry I really am not qualified to discuss those Porn flicks, having never seen them, and having steered away from the guys and gals that were so enamored with those 'entertainments,' alas!).  Back to the riveting story, I met a couple young fellows my age who had been in the same High School class I had been in, which had graduated the previous year, and these couple guys happened to recount one of their most outstanding Life achievements, you see they had been buddies in High School and had been in need of thrills besides getting drunk, using drugs, and using girls, so they hit upon a scheme to make a list composed of every 'nice' girl in school, i.e. every virgin girl in school, they then applied their talents to seducing, plying, violating every one of these nice girls before they graduated from school, these two Clintonian/Conditian fellows claimed they had succeeded with every one of the nice girls on their list (after which presumably every one of these former nice girls could be chalked up as white trash..., who were begging for it....).  Yes, after they had gotten their malicious way with each of these nice girls, these girls were no longer nice, but at least these girls were 10th, 11th, and 12th grade girls, unlike those Sturges, Hamilton, and Mann prefer to picture in the nude, spread for Ob-Gyn examinations or other recommended for violations.

PS - The "nice boys" mentioned here were 19 at the time I learned of their sexploits, and were already very old indeed in premeditatedly evil deeds, having made a career of destroying girls and young women, especially the nicest ones.  One of their victims I saw where I was working with these two upstanding young fellows; she had been lovely, bright, personable, full of life, the head cheerleader, and a prom queen or whatever, when I had known of her, now she was a burned out shell of her former self at 19 years of age!  Now I could barely recognize her, these boys referred to her as a tramp, but they used more 'colorful' language to describe her.  I would have tried to 'take her under wing' and befriend her and help her, but she had a 'boyfriend' who was using her, and frankly I was too timid concerning girls to approach her to try to offer to help her ( but then too, though I did not drink, nor smoke, nor use drugs, nor use girls, I was not saved and thus did not have the LORD to offer to her, so I did not know how to begin to help her).  You might ask why I didn't act to prevent these monstrous guys from trashing these girls in High School; the answer is simply I wasn't there, I missed over half of 10th grade, and all, yes ALL of 11th and 12th grades with illness!  I later took a GED....  I wish to God I had been there, my life and the lives of a number of young women would have been different and much better; but no, not everything that happens is God's will, regardless how many ministers teach that to be the case.

PPS - Little did I imagine that the evil 'sport' these boys engaged in would become a popular theme in Teen-Age movies, as was seen to be the case some years ago in Carrie; and as today is seen in movies including Cruel Intentions; and The Rage: Carrie 2.  And in case you, like I, have not been to see a movie in a while, Carrie, and now The Rage: Carrie 2 feature themes not unlike the theme of the satanic, sadistic, cowardly slaughterers at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, all the better to 'inspire' imitation, don't you think?

.  Why is it that rape of little children and children is routinely euphemistically referred to as child abuse, rather than what it is, RAPE; we can thank dear old sodomite and dedicated pervert and perverter of children Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who succeeded in having our state governments decriminalize child rape, so that he and his friends could commit such evils with impunity.

Isn't it wonderful what a 'free' country we have; free for the wicked to commit all manner of evil with impunity?  If the United States was still a God-fearing, God-honoring nation, Kinsey and his accomplices, and later day sexploiters of children like Sturges, Hamilton, and Mann, would have been executed, yes, I did say executed; and Jesse Ventura would never have been elected to even so much as the position of dog catcher; but in case you have not heard, the USA has not been a godly nation for a long time.

The long-standing epidemic of runaway, and kidnapped, prostituted, tortured, murdered children, girls, and young women, in the land of the free and the home of the brave is thanks in damning measure to myriad socially acceptable and purportedly constitutionally guaranteed evils, including pornography, the adult entertainment industry, prostitution, abortion, infanticide,....

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