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Nu-Values: Act 5 - Y2K, or YNot2K; Just the FACTS, Mam; no not FAX Mam, FACTS Mam.

.  Rather than focusing on multitudinous bits of data, and myriad observations, which some have very expertly and conscientiously sought to communicate, while others have very expertly sought to cover up and prevent people from hearing of, and understanding; this cursory examination will simply address the foundational underlying significance of Y2K.

What is termed Y2K, i.e. the programmed-in computer failure glitch due to be activated at the end of this millennium, presents the enemies of the United States of America with a rare opportunity for a great likelihood of succeeding in destroying the USA, by attacking her.

Not only is December 31st around the corner, but lest we forget that "Day, which will live in Infamy forever!" December 7th Pearl Harbor Day, is now at hand.

Pearl Harbor memorial

To address a question which may be on your mind, why would anyone want to attack the USA? But then again why would anyone want to rob, steal, kidnap, rape, torture, maim, mutilate, murder.... Why would anyone want to abort babies, or hurt children, or destroy beautiful young women..., Why, Why, Why?

One timelessly simple and true answer is, because the evil hate the good and seek to destroy them.

While this answer may not satisfy you (or me), we can choose to accept it for the time being and do what we can to resist evil, or we can as regrettably many do, choose to deny such evil is committed, on the grounds that such behaviour does not make sense to us, i.e., we cannot understand it, thus "there's no such thing as a bad boy..."

It never ceases to amaze me how some otherwise intelligent, and sensible, people rather than admitting the reality that such evils are committed incessantly, and must be dealt with, instead engage in bizarre pseudo-philosophical exercises in futility, insisting that no one could possibly want to do such things.  The terrible reality is that such evils will continue increasingly until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, no amount of explaining away will diminish that reality, but instead will only exacerbate the violence by encouraging it with the assurance that no vengeance will be wrought during this lifetime.  Yes, God intends avenge the slaying of innocent blood, in fact He promises to utterly destroy those nations which fail to avenge the shedding of innocent blood, and contrary to what some may say, no nation has a greater responsibility to obey God than this God-breathed 'christian' nation does; this is why we in the USA are in imminent peril!

God testifies in His Holy Word that the evil do not understand the good, and the good do not understand the evil.  This means we will never understand the evil, and the evil will go on doing evil irrespective of our inability to understand them. This is one enormous advantage evil leaders have, e.g., godly people cannot imagine that other 'normal' people would really try to destroy their own people, their 'friends,' and their own nation.

The actions available to those of us who believe violence committed by the evil must be resisted, are to seek the Lord, to pray...and to confront evil directly with strength, not to attempt to appease evil, which has historically proven utterly disastrous.

Ah yes, back to Y2K; Is it Y2K Yet?  Are we having Y2K Yet?

Y2K may offer a unique opportunity to America's mortal enemies to destroy her.  It is said that Russia's and the former Soviet Union's nuclear warhead equipped intercontinental ballistics missile systems are not Y2K compliant, and will be rendered impotent after December 31, 1999; if true, this would provide an almost irresistibly great incentive for the enemies of America to launch a preemptive strike prior to year 2000.  And this is without even mentioning America's other mortal enemies, Most Favored Nation Red China, North Korea, Soviet Slave-state Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, ...and oh yes, the "international Peace Keeper" the United Nations, the U.N.

So you see, it is very possible that Y2K is nothing more than a trigger, but precariously that is all that is needed to start a terrifying conflagration within the United States of America.

So, why not Y2K?!

P.S. Tell me if you will, what is so very different about Red China's current dealings with the US, from Japan's dealings with the US prior to Pearl Harbor?  And speaking of Bloody Red China's wicked dealings with America, what of the damnably traitorous dealings conducted by American political, business, and media leaders with America's mortal enemies, including the Red Chinese Communist Regime?

What of the other ducks that are being lined up:  the United States of America's Panama Canal betrayal, "Great" Britain's  betrayal of Hong Kong, the United States of America's betrayal of Taiwan/Taipei, our betrayal of Free Korea ("South Korea"), our assault of Serbia via the instrumentality of solely Defensive NATO forces, the scattering of American troops worldwide, the treasonous importation and quartering of millions of heavily armed anti-American UN forces in the United States, the orchestrated demonization and persecution of loyal, patriotic, constitutionally mandated militia, the federal government's anti-constitutional world treaties which betray the American Constitution, the War for Independence, the Founding Fathers, and America's God-breathed purpose....

And then too, what of the utter destruction the vainglorious American federal government is seeking to guarantee for Israel, with Israel's "Labor" party's cooperation yet!

And, given the utterly phenomenal increase in speed and destructive force of modern military weapons systems over weapons systems of pre-Pearl Harbor days, combined with the diminution of American military strength during the past eight years, the 'compromise,' i.e., seizure of all military secrets, e.g., regarding weapons systems...the enormous strengthening of our enemies military forces courtesy of many 'American' big businesses and "our" Federal government's 'foreign policy' (accomplished during the same presidential term), how is it that we in America should feel safe and secure from invasive military aggression and destruction?

Even if Y2K, is not used to trigger military attack of the USA, can such attack be far away (regardless what the 'experts' say, that is)?

Yes, tragically, we have all been made sitting ducks by our "compassionate, sensitive, deep-feeling, spiritually attuned..." leaders.  Sorry, but that is the way it really is; and the shooting is soon to begin, so may I recommend we turn to God now?

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