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Nu-Values: Act 4 - Medical Research Breakthrough: At Last, 100% Safe Sex! vs. The Sexperts 2001!

.  After years of costly and painstaking medical research it has been discovered that there is a conclusive, fool-proof means of engaging actively, regularly, frequently, robustly in climactic sexual intercourse with absolute assurance of freedom from contracting AIDS and other incurable strains of venereal diseases (resulting from and transmitted by various sexual behaviors).

Researchers have discovered that no incidence of transmission of AIDS, nor of other sexually transmitted diseases*, results from the exclusively, monogamous, heterosexual union of previously "sexually inactive" (or virgin) males with previously "sexually inactive (or virgin) females; strange, but true.

* What are termed "sexually transmitted diseases," are diseases which are caused and spread by sexual immorality.

ACT UP, THROW UP, REFUSE & RESIST, NOW, PPFA, and myriad other 'defenders' of 'sexual freedom of expression' have attacked these findings as 'homophobic' and smacking of being the work of a vast right wing religious conspiracy intended to deprive them of their 'constitutional rights' to engage in whatever with whomever, whenever and however they please.

What is it?

Some extremely high ranking political leaders have anonymously commented that the study's findings are ridiculously restrictive, and wholly unnecessary, as they have been able to engage in profligately promiscuous sexual behavior for all of their adult lives, being careful only to avoid promiscuous women.  NOW has accused these political leaders of repressing their freedom to express themselves as promiscuously as men, without engendering the stigma of being bad women, which their male counterparts are free from.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, back to the landmark study's findings.  People who are truly free from AIDS and STDs despite having relinquished their virginity prematurely, upon forming exclusively, monogamous, heterosexual relationships (formerly referred to as marriages), can look forward to a lifetime of sexual intimacy free from AIDS and STDs, except that those diseases should be contracted non-sexually or violently.  An additional benefit to people such as those described herein, is that they can engage in all heterosexual behaviors (the likes of which used to be ordinary), free from latex and other paraphernalia (which have become required standard operating trappings of sexual behavior).

The Latex Union has condemned the study's findings as being the work of a right wing religious conspiracy, but of greater import is the news that the co-Presidents have called a Press Conference at the White House this afternoon, ostensibly to make the same charges, and to call for the Justice Department to investigate the study accordingly.   Additionally, members of both parties in Congress have demanded that an Independent Prosecutor be named to investigate the matter.

(Yes, you have just read or skimmed a parody, now to the real thing.)

[Regardless what he thinks he is or imagines he is - he's a pervert & perverter & utter abomination.]

.  For years individuals and groups (we might call them the know-nothings), have been calling for abstinence and chastity training to be included within the so-called "sex-education" curricula for the as yet "sexually non-activated" young people, that is for the vulnerable, impressionable, virgins as they pass through puberty, adolescence, and into "adulthood."  The Sexperts have always forcefully refused to permit even so slight a compromise as this "cruel," "inhumane," "bigoted," "Victorian," "prudish," "puritanical," "unrealistic, " "backwards," hopelessly "ineffectual" approach to be implemented.

The Sexperts have adamantly insisted that virginity is not a natural state, and as such must be overcome as soon as possible; they further insist that the virgins will by no means remain virgin once they have learned of the joys of latex, much less throughout adolescence, and impossibly into adulthood.  They maintain that by no means should virgins be permitted to remain virgin until adulthood, and at the very least must not be permitted to be encouraged, taught, and expected to remain virgin.

'Our Hero' - Dr. Condom's panacea

Joycelyn Elders' panacea    Liz Taylor's cause celebre

Bill & Hillary Clinton's panacea; Donna Shalala's panacea; Surgeon General David Satcher's panacea; the Advertising Council's panacea; and the panacea, and cause celeb of seducers, corrupters, and perverters everywhere, including HHS; NIH; CDC; the Department of Education; the National Education Association; the Democratic Party; all Homosexual Activists; AIDS 'Hotlines'; AIDS 'charities'; the 'entertainment industry'; the 'movie industry'; the 'news' media; major corporate America; and the largest Foundations.

The Sexperts insist not only that the virgins will refuse to maintain their virginity, but that significantly large numbers of adolescents have long since dispensed with their virginity; and once having relinquished their stigmatic 'inactive,' 'unproductive,' 'dysfunctional' virginity for "sexual activity," will utterly refuse to return to sexual dormancy formerly known as celibacy.

The Sexperts contend that abstinence and chastity training abridge fundamental constitutional rights to the pursuit of happiness, and are antithetical to "sex education" (as they insist are the 'natural' or 'rhythm' method of pregnancy avoidance, & the adoption 'option' of having girls carry 'crisis pregnancy' babies to birth, only to give them up for adoption....).

.  In a sense the "Sexperts" are correct about these contentions, for the Sexperts "sex education" as it was crafted and as it exists and is taught, trained, rehearsed, acted out, and practiced today in this nation is indeed diametrically and irreconcilably opposed to truth, purity, love, decency, and in fact LIFE!

What then should our response be regarding educating and training young people virgin or non-virgin?  Is there a right or true response, a responsible response?  The "Sexperts"' sociopathically engineered "education" (propaganda and indoctrination) has begotten the proliferation of precocious sexual sin, vice, immorality, perversion, violence, and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, thus contaminating society, in addition to the attendant physical/sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual wreckage; then too, there is the multitude of babies conceived to be slaughtered within the wombs of their "Sexpert"-seduced mothers.

Only sexual purity, morality, and faithfulness is safe sexually, or right.  Only virginity, chastity, abstinence, celibacy prior to an exclusively, monogamous, heterosexual relationship (historically known as marriage!), is safe sexually, or decent, or honorable, or legitimate respectable behaviour.  Will we finally summon the courage and decency to responsibly agree with the CREATOR of sexuality, to stem the slaughter of the innocents, be they pre-born babies, or sexually pre-active children, youngsters, young people, and young adults.  If not, we will not survive, nor should we. GOD save America.

PS - I coined the term "sexpert" before it was used elsewhere, as is true for any number of terms I have developed.

I happened to come across this and thought you might find it interesting:


Plastic bags can be dangerous.  Keep them away from babies and children.

Indeed, how true, plastic bags, or condoms, impart a false sense of security to children, young people, and yes even adults, thanks to the hundreds of millions, dare I say billions, of dollars and services that have been expended in promoting the 'merits' of condoms.  The condom pushing has been done at Government expense (that means taxpayer expense), in addition to being funded by major corporate America, e.g., OAAA...major American foundations, and good old gratis mega-media promotion courtesy of the media moguls, and all of this 'redistribution of the wealth' and 'charity' has been done to destroy the children, the young, the hope and future of America.

But you know, the morals of our leaders don't matter do they?

'Safe-Sex' is what all our young people need, right?  It's amazing what a little latex can do, true?or false?


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