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Nu-Values:  Act 3 - Latex Generation, Last Generation? or Where Have All The Safe-Sexy Ones Gone?

Welcome to the rubber generation, latex, what's left of it that is.  One annual gala TV production detailed the devastating horrors of AIDS sufferers, decried the notion that AIDS could possibly be a judgment from GOD upon those who choose to commit sexual immorality (especially sodomy, aka sexual perversion, homosexuality), and then launched a lighthearted, humorous, enthusiastic promotion of "Safe-Sex" - the panacea to end the AIDS/STD epidemic threatening this nation and world!  Curious don't you think.  Such contradictory messages in one program.

What of this "SAFE-SEX" that is so touted by the entertainment world, e.g., Liz Taylor & her sodomite buddies, that is so enthusiastically communicated by the sex experts or sexperts, courtesy of the media elites, so heavily invested in by the government of this nation, federal, state, county, and city (with funds extracted from taxpayers), so 'generously' supported by big businesses and big foundations; what of it, is it panacea or placebo, cure all or cure nil, silver bullet or snake oil?

Recipe: Take thin, porous, flawed latex devices (which can cause deadly allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to latex), mix vigorously with sexual bumps and grinds, with sexual sin, vice, and perversion, amongst adolescents, casual intimates, 'significant' others, 'lovers,' and other strangers, add a fair measure of substances to be under the influence of during the mixing of this recipe: e.g., wine, beer, 'hard' alcohol, marijuana, uppers and downers, cocaine, and crack..., and oh yes don't forget to include a 'healthy' sprinkling of AIDS virus particles, or HIV particles if you prefer (230 Million of which can fit on a period of typeface! more than one for each man and woman in the USofA, on a single period of typeface!), along with a host of other deadly new and improved hybrid strains of Sexually Transmitted Diseases* (STD's), and what have you got, you guessed it none other than "Safe-Sex."

* What are termed "sexually transmitted diseases," are diseases which are caused and spread by sexual immorality.

So what, what does that matter, just this, when we as a nation spend Billions of dollars marketing and selling deadly dangerous behavior to the least learned, least discerning, most impressionable, most innocent, naive, gullible, most vulnerable, hormonally predisposed members of society as being sound, healthy, wholesome, natural, adult, active, useful, productive, good, condoned, respected, expected, recommended, desirable, enjoyable, thrilling, satisfying, gratifying, wise, popular, readily available behavior, and not to be missed out on for one minute, what is that? if not unspeakably evil and guaranteed to succeed in devastating the overwhelming vast majority of those who have survived this nation's 'compassionate, sensitive, caring" abortion holocaust.

The "hope of America," the "future of America," is being psychologically seduced into engaging in hit and run experiments, accidents, collisions, culminating in aborted babies, pillaged wombs, sterility, and an entire array of debilitating, destructive, and deadly diseases.  In the Nu-speak of today, they are and will be dying from "natural causes" at the ripe old ages of 15, 20, 25, 30 years.  The ages keep falling as the epidemic gathers momentum, dying from natural causes of AIDS, of HIV (and their associated opportunistic diseases), dying from HPV and it's genital cancers (currently killing more women than AIDS), and dying from hybrid strains of Syphilis and Gonorrhea which defy cure!  All of this needless, sin-caused carnage and destruction for our young people whom we care so much for, rather than for them to be taught to keep themselves chaste and pure and thus to be free to one day joyfully enter into truly responsible, genuinely adult, healthy, wholesome, sexual intimacy with one spouse in marriage for life.

What can we look forward to by the year 2000?  It has been predicted that 3/4, or 75% of the population in Southern Africa will be infected with AIDS by that year.  Thank God they missed it; nonetheless, AIDS is a rampaging epidemic plague in much of Africa now, exacerbated most monstrously in 'wonderful' Mandellan South Africa where it is estimated that a girl or woman is raped every 17 seconds! where the government leaders empowered to prevent and punish such evil dismiss it as bad press, and where a commonly believed lie is that men infected with AIDS can heal themselves by raping virgins!  Result: the raping of little prepubescent girls of 8 & 9 years of age, and thus the infecting of these little girls with AIDS.  What a prescription for a nightmare out of HELL, and sure to end in HELL. 

Given the CDC's conservatively estimated population one million "HIV infected" persons in the USA, how long will it take "SAFE-SEX" to spread exponentially to engulf and utterly pervade our population?  Remember too, that only 10-25% of HIV infected people are estimated to be aware they are infected and contagious.  Also consider that AIDS carriers frequently avoid 'finding out' that they are carriers, and frequently do not alter their "behavior" even mildly, following diagnosis (this has been found to be alarmingly true amongst sodomites, aka homosexuals).

Failure rates of those magically death-defying, 'life-preserving' condoms, due to leakage, vary from the Food & Drug Administration's "acceptable" .4%, upwards, even "sound" condoms aka "safes" contain microscopic pores or flaws 50 times greater than the dimensions of HIV particles!

Consider how much space there is in an atom, compared to the mass of an electron, neutron, proton, or even a nucleus, and you have some idea of how much room there is for HIV particles to fit through typical microscopic pores in sound latex condoms, Plenty, and then some to spare.

As for failure of condoms due to breakage, rates vary from 1.5% upwards to 15.7%, under ideal conditions, as created in the laboratory (and such a laboratory too), this 15.7% is one in six and 1/3, about the same as the odds in Russian Roulette, do you feel lucky?  The British Medical Journal reported a condom failure rate of 26%, among men committing homosexual acts, this is more than one in four, luckier yet.  These failure rates, resulting in transmission of disease when it is present, fail to take account of user failure (frequency of which varies from 10 to 25%, or from one in ten, upwards, to one in four), accounting instead only for manufacturing defects!  So to reach a reasonable approximation of a failure rate for those modern day wonders, Condoms (though underestimated), we must combine the FDA's "acceptable" leakage rate, then add the manufacturing defect failure rates with the user failure rates, after we get our results we need to factor in the 'high risk' failure rates for those fellows that want to 'live' dangerously, i.e., perversely.

What do we get?  Are you sitting down, if not, you may prefer to do so now:

Excluding Sodomy: .4%, + 1.5 to 15.7%, + 10 to 25% = 11.9% to 41.1%

Including Sodomy: .4%, + 1.5 to 15.7%, + 10 to 25%, + 26% = 37.9% to 67.1%

Just how lucky do you feel?  These figures are for ONE SEX ACT!  The estimated condom failure rate for one sex act.  Bet you can't eat just one.  Oh well, who wants to live forever, right?

Note: the FDA's "acceptable" leakage rate (for water, mind you, not for microscopic HIV particles), the FDA's "acceptable leakage rate" is intended to approximately measure the leakage of seminal fluid through condoms, and thus to provide some estimate of the expected 'failure' of condoms to prevent pregnancy; interestingly such figures have been used to exalt the use of condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV (very Scientific of the good old FDA, but that's politics for you, and yes the FDA is under the control of the former Co-Presidents, who have been pushing their agenda of seducing, corrupting, and perverting the young people of the nation, as they did during their minor league stint in Arkansas, and at the Governor's School).

'Our Hero' -- Dr. Condom's panacea

Joycelyn Elders' panacea    Liz Taylor's cause celebre

Bill & Hillary Clinton's panacea; Donna Shalala's panacea; former Surgeon General David Satcher's panacea; the Advertising Council's panacea; and the panacea, and cause celeb of seducers, corrupters, and perverters everywhere, including HHS; NIH; CDC; FDA; the Department of Education; the National Education Association; the Democratic Party; much of the Republican Party; the Reform Party; the Libertine Party; all Homosexual Activists; 'AIDS Hotlines'; AIDS 'charities'; the 'entertainment industry'; the 'movie industry'; the 'news' media; major corporate America; and the largest Foundations in the USofA.

Former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop stated concerning AIDS, "Never before was a disease so tailored to wipe out an entire generation."

It should be said of the "Safe-Sex" and now "Safer-Sex" promotion, "Never before was a marketing scheme so tailored or designed to facilitate the rampant spread of plagues, and thus the destruction of whole generations."

Incidentally, and sadly, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop has played a significant role in this most deadly marketing scheme.

One question more please: if the good Dr. Condom invented his brainchild, the SuperHero Condom back in the 18th Century, how is it that it was not promoted extensively until the past decade or so?  In fact Planned Parenthood used to make a point of telling everyone how ineffective condoms were (and are).  Yes, shocking but true, dear old tax-exempt "charity" PPFA used to spend a fair amount of money garnered from U.S. Taxpayers like you and me to tell the people of the USA, how notoriously ineffective condoms were and are.  But then a visionary moment occurred and the heads of Planned Parenthood realized that with the widespread fear of contracting STDs and AIDS, something drastic had to be done to encourage sexual sin among the young, voila!  SAFE-SEX...Condoms to the whatever you want, whatever you feel like, whatever moves you, just be sure to use a new condom each time....  Ah yes, a very, very, very good & necessary reason for Drastic Tax Reform!!! 

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ok, ok, we admit it, latex condoms are not safe really; the good news is we have a new line of condoms which are guaranteed to prevent transmission of disease, the bad news is, this line has some major drawbacks (OK, but I mean, what do you want, Safety, or comfort & pleasure?  You can't have it both ways you know, unless you become some kind of square or religious fanatic!).


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