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Nu-Values:  Act 2 - Condomed, Condumb, Conned-Dumb, Condumbed, Con-Doomed!

Remember back when, a certain billionaire out in Texas had not yet announced his first candidacy for President of the United States of America, and in fact made so much orchestrated to do about 'not seeking such office' and asserted insistently that any and all efforts being made along those lines were strictly spontaneous grassroots activities separate from the prosperous Maverick.

A certain lone preacher (whom many ministers and christians would criticize as being that anathema, a 'lone ranger!') "approached" the billionaire to request his financial sponsorship of a public service campaign (PSC) to steer young people away from the dangers of buying into the 'safe sex' lie.  The PSC would have featured billboard ads in high visibility locations, and employed other media such as radio and TV public service advertisement spots, as sponsorship allowed.  The PSC would commence in a target market, Dallas, and would be expanded from there to major population centers throughout the U.S.A., depending on the PSC's effectiveness.

You may not have heard of Condumb, since the 'safe sex' debunking campaign did not take place.  Why?  Well you see, the lone preacher had no financial resources with which to initiate the PSC, and the 'great American' billionaire did not see fit to sponsor the campaign designed to save the lives of multitudes of young people, surprise! (despite the fact that the funding requested would only have been employed to defray actual campaign costs, i.e., creation and printing of ad posters; leasing of outdoor advertising [O/A] signs; and creation, production, and broadcast of TV and radio public service advertisement (PSA) spots!)

Rather than employing a very little of his vast wealth and influence to attempt to spare generations of young people manifold suffering and the premature loss of their lives, and to stem one of the most obvious threats to the future of the USA and World (incidentally, thereby seizing the opportunity to show forth his outstanding vision, pioneer spirit, leadership, statesmanship, and willingness to boldly, selflessly invest in serving his nation and fellow human beings, thus capturing the public imagination as a hero of the '90's, and being drafted to serve the USA as Commander-in-Chief), he chose instead to invest his wealth in an elaborate and ostensibly 'grass roots catapulted' ad campaign featuring O/A-billboard, and TV and radio ads, communicating only to "Vote for you know who" and to "Sign Petitions for you know who" ....  So much for the visionary, public servant, hero, statesman....

By the way, you may be interested to know that though I visited Mr. so and so's office weeks prior to the 'grassroots' billboards and ads appearing, and though Mr. so and so was denying any presidential aspirations, the man at the reception desk outside of Mr. so and so's office was displaying a large and varied selection of campaign buttons and bumper stickers/strips for you know who, to his fellow employees.  Grass Roots, right?  Honest, right?

But then what should I have expected, after all dear old so and so footed the bill for the only abortion mill in Dallas to commit abortions 365 days a year, every year [except for leap year of course], yes sirree the Margot P...Women's and Children's Center, at where else but, you guessed it, Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas [Bible Belt], Texas.  Of course the truth-seeking media did not manage to communicate this minor detail in either one of Mr. so and so's presidential campaigns, I wonder why not.  Yes, you see, Ross P. was and is a man with the interests of the young really at heart, right?

Here then is a sampling of the suggested ads served up by the preacher for the ads to be displayed via billboards,..., and radio and TV ads.

Condoms Leak, Slip, Rip, Tear, Burst, Break, Fail, Kill

Not all accident victims die, Not all stabbing victims die, Not all shooting victims die, Nor do all AIDS patients die, but Most people infected with AIDS do DIE!  Don't be Conned-Dumb to suffer and Die from AIDS!

A silencer doesn't make a gun safe, a silencer makes a gun more dangerous, by preventing a potential victim from escaping.  Condoms are Silencers which aid the spread of AIDS!

Safe-Sex is the Silent Killer, Safe-Sex is the Secret Killer, Safe-Sex is a LIE, Safe-Sex Kills!

Safe-Sex Isn't!

Safe-Sex Isn't Safe Is It?

Safe-Sex is feeling latex, Safe-Sex is smelling latex, Safe-Sex is tasting latex, Safe-Sex is Dying from AIDS!

What do Male Condoms, Female Condoms, and Oral Dams have in common?  They are made of latex, they are minutely Porous, they are used to promote illicit sex, they Do Not Prevent the Spread of AIDS, instead they aid the spread of AIDS.

What do these have in common?  Rape-Murder; Snuff Films; Safe-Sex.  They Use Sex to Kill! AIDS Kills!

Ever tried playing Russian Roulette with a Condom over the barrel?  Crazy idea, Right?  But some people survive Russian Roulette, even when shot in the head at point blank range, which is better than can be said for the majority of people who contract AIDS, with or without Condoms!  Safe-Sex is the most deadly gamble!  You Play, You Pay! You Use, You Lose!  Do You Feel Lucky? [Punk]

Are you dying to get AIDS, then Safe-Sex is for you!  You Play, You Pay!  You Use, You Lose!  AIDS Kills!

Do you play with loaded guns, do you play with fire, do you play with explosives? then by all means play with AIDS, who knows, you might be lucky and live long enough to infect plenty of others before you DIE (like some monsters have deliberately, maliciously, murderously done to girls and young women)!

Safe-Sex = Safe AIDS

Safe-Sex? Safe AIDS?

Safe Rape is safe for the Rapist.  Safe Murder is safe for the Murderer....  Safe Abortion is safe for the Abortionist....  Safe Suicide is safe for those who 'facilitate' or 'help' people die.  Safe-Sex as long as it's Your Safe-Sex is safe for the President of the United States; for HHS; for NIH; for CDC; for the Surgeon General; for the Dept. of Education; for NEA; The Ad Council; OAAA; Liz Taylor; Planned Parenthood; the Alan Guttmacher Institute; Zero Population Growth; Trojan; Ramses; Upjohn; Act Up (Throw Up); Refuse & Resist; the Gay & Lesbian Task Force; NOW; NARAL; and for All those Who Promote Illicit Sex to the vulnerable, impressionable children, adolescents, and young people.

Playing with Safe-Sex means you won't die laughing!  You Play, You Pay!  You Use, You Lose!  AIDS Kills!

AIDS always gets it's man, woman, boy, or girl.  AIDS wins, it's victims lose!  P.S. Women and Girls contract AIDS more readily from infected Men and Boys, than Men and Boys contract AIDS from infected Women and Girls.  AIDS doesn't play fair does it ladies?!

Do you play with live grenades?  Do you play with rabid dogs?  Do you play with hungry sharks?  Do you play with serial murderers?  Do you play with AIDS?  You do, if you play with Safe-Sex!

Ever had a balloon pop in your face, as you inflated it?  Planned Parenthood likes to play games with balloons in their "instructional" presentations to children and young people, they're great visual aids!  Imagine that balloon popping inside of you and letting you be infected with AIDS.  Safe-Sex is Death!

Some things in this life you can count on, like AIDS killing the majority of those who become infected with it.

Picture a child finding a used condom and playing with it, examining it, getting it's contents on him or herself.

Picture a boy finding or being given a pornographic magazine and used condoms, being aroused by the pornography and condoms, and putting a used condom on.

Couldn't happen? wouldn't happen? it's the boy's own fault, he gets what he deserves?  It is estimated that 70% of pornography "finds it's way" into the hands of minors (if it winds up in their hands, it is certain to wind up in their minds, spirits, and laps!); furthermore, these children and adolescents are being systematically indoctrinated and trained every year throughout their public school years to experiment with "the whole range of sexuality" to see what is most pleasurable for them, and therefore right for them! and thereafter to lustily enjoy for maximum gratification.





If you are not interested in receiving future mailings, send us a written request to have your name removed from our mailing list. Please send all information as it appears on the mailing label(s). You can use the enclosed reply envelope. Then properly discard this pack of literature. If you receive mailings in the very near future, this may be due to the normal lag time in processing. Please be assured that we are handling your request promptly, with all due respect. Thank you"

This is a mailing I received addressed to a former Post Office Box holder, after my having had this P.O. Box mailing address for over six years!  Big deal, so what, right?  Just this.

Pornographers are permitted by the dear old American Government to push exceedingly wicked pornography blindly to anybody and everybody, so long as they comply with a few little niceties, e.g.,

Question: Are 18 year-old teen-age youths fully Adult (e.g., the girl a certain Honorable married Congressman, who was my age then, used seven years ago, and threatened her never to tell anyone about their "romantic relationship")?  Are 18 year-old teenagers fully adult? sexually mature more or less, yes; fully human, yes; but are they fully Adult?

Question: Are 18 year-old teens of an appropriate age at which to choose to buy gross pornography?

Question: Is 18 years of age an appropriate age at which to choose to engage in the production of such gross pornography, not by modeling, but by selling oneself to commit prostitution and sexual perversion?

Question: Is the soliciting of 18 year-old teenagers to commit prostitution for these gross pornographic performances, to be photographed and videotaped, a Constitutionally protected Right?

Question: Is the hawking of gross pornography a Constitutionally protected Right?  Is it really?  Not according to the "Founding Fathers!"

Question: And if it is a Constitutionally protected Right to push such gross pornography (produced with the prostituting of 18 year-old teen-age ADULTS), is it a Constitutionally protected Right to push it indiscriminately at anybody and everybody, so long as you comply with some piddly bureaucratic niceties, which give it the appearance of being what it is not, which make it appear legitimate, respectable, respectful, courteous, titillating yes, but not evil, merely sophisticated contemporary "ADULT Entertainment," You know, made by and for 18 year-old ADULTS, via the soliciting of 18 year-old teens to prostitute themselves?

Ah yes, Sweet Land of Liberty!  Land of the Pilgrims pride!  Land where our fathers died!  Land now of Doctor committed Infanticide & "Suicide!"

How safe is it to play with body fluid contaminated by disease viruses which are deadly when they are contracted?

Imagine the following scene:

Children are playing in a room of a house with balloons, some balloons pop, some just leak, some remain fairly inflated.  A big sister and friends come into the room and shoo the little ones out.  The big sister looks for her Safes, her Rubbers, her Condoms, so she and her 'friends' can 'play,' you know, play Dr. Condom! 

Then she realizes the balloons (some popped, some leaking, some inflated) are her condoms!  It's almost enough to take the fun out of the 'responsible,' 'adult,' game-playing isn't it?

'Our Hero' -- Dr. Condom's panacea

Joycelyn Elders' panacea    Liz Taylor's panacea.

Bill & Hillary Clinton's panacea; Donna Shalala's panacea; former Surgeon General David Satcher's panacea; the Advertising Council's panacea; and the panacea, and cause celeb of seducers, corrupters, and perverters everywhere, including HHS, NIH, CDC, the Department of Education, the National Education Association, the Democratic Party, all Homosexual Activists, AIDS 'Hotlines,' AIDS 'charities,' the 'entertainment industry,' the 'movie industry,' the 'news' media, major corporate America, and the largest Foundations.

Safe-sex kills sex by killing those who "just do it," who just engage in sexual immorality, who begin committing sexual immorality at the youngest age possible, after being carefully indoctrinated, conditioned, predisposed, trained, and enflamed to lust after and indulge all manner of sexual sin.  Safe-sex kills those who buy the Safe-sex myth, and thus commit sexual sin, profligate sexual sin, or sexual sin with those who have, and/or who commit sexual perversion.

In addition to killing people, often young people, Safe-sex also kills sex, romance, love, marriage, family, corrupting, cheapening, degrading, prostituting, and perverting sex, and defiling the marriage bed.

So Just Save Sex, to enjoy for life, as GOD created and intended and commanded, and as He commanded parents to teach their children to save for the marriage bed, for wedded love for life.

P.S. The pushers of Safe-sexual sin, Safe-sexual immorality, and Safe-sexual perversion are funded by the captive taxpayers via the Federal Government and State Governments, funded by many of America's largest and richest Corporations and Foundations, funded and promoted by the 'entertainment industry,' the 'movie industry,' television, the electronic 'news' media and the print 'news' media, funded and/or endorsed & promoted by the magazine publishers and corrupters, e.g., Time-Life; Cosmopolitan; Marie Claire; Redbook; Mademoiselle; Glamour; the pornographers, e.g., Playboy; Penthouse; Hustler; Forum; Oui...funded and sponsored by the Advertising Council (The Ad Council); the Outdoor Advertisers Association of America (OAAA) name it.

Note: If you would care to assist CBM in communicating life-saving truth to this Nation's and World's people, vs. the forces combined to propagate evil destructive lies upon the young, the innocent, the children and adolescents, email me at (approximately) the following address: mail - at/@ -  Thank you.

Boy, I'm sure glad I'm doing this safe inside my, uhm, rubber cover.

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