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Radio Program, aka "Talk Radio" program

After All Is Said & Done - is produced and broadcast apart from Christ's Bride, Ministries altogether.  This reinvented version of "After All Is Said & Done" provides commentary on historical, political, and social/cultural issues, developments, and events, from the perspective of a christian dedicated to witnessing to the truth; the programs include reference to God's Word, but without explicit Biblical preaching & teaching.  The program currently varies in length from one hour to two hours per episode and unlike "talk" programs does not have callers; it is not broadcast via a station or network, but only via Internet podcast.

Former Radio Programs, aka "Talk Radio" programs

After All Is Said & Done - this radio program provided commentary on historical, political, and social/cultural issues, developments, and events, from the perspective of a christian dedicated to witnessing to the truth; the broadcasts always featured Biblical preaching, teaching, witnessing, and giving warning (per God's charge to me to be a watchman)!

I broadcast this program via Truth Radio for three years until November 19, 2006 (apart from an interlude during June 2006 due to dire events), at which time I ceased to broadcast the program altogether due to circumstances....

Blessings Money Cannot Buy - radio program sharing life from the life-giver, life-saver JESUS the CHRIST, in the context of beautiful inspirational music.

This was the first program I hosted/produced; it has been many years since I have produced it; however, I intend to resume it in the near future via it's own website, but minus the music (due to budgetary constraints).

As you will have noted is true of the substance/content of this website my broadcast programs err on the side of being positively negative out of faithfulness to God, and God's particular calling on me (see Mission Statement), in addition to the important "truth in broadcasting" call for speaking the truth which supposedly is sacrosanct to the profession of journalism and broadcasting and requisite in all journalism, whether transmitted via print, traditional broadcast, or new media.  And the truth is that the times in which we live are not remotely God-fearing, righteous, nor just; nor is what currently passes for truth due to be long in continuance.  The truth is diametrically contrary to what passes for truth in this nation and the "western world" in these most deceitful of days and ages, and contrary to what is popular, easily marketable, and readily merchandisable.  As untruthful and downright anti-truthful as so much journalism today is, it is hardly out of step with how unbiblical and anti-scriptural so much so-called "Bible preaching" and "Bible teaching" is today and so many popular "church movements" are.

Former Television Programs

These television programs were produced many years ago now, and owing to my failure to promote them and my failure to secure funding to underwrite them, and my failure to secure a broadcast contract to enable me to produce them professionally they ceased to be produced at all; all of this failure, chiefly of failure to persist and endure, was and is mine.

After All Is Said & Done - a public affairs program from the perspective of a christian dedicated to witnessing to the truth, focusing on issues of greatest import, i.e., LIFE & DEATH issues.

Will Rides Again - a satirical critique/commentary on purported 'truth' published by the press, a la the late Will Rogers.

Let's Meet Jesus - a teaching program focusing on Christian doctrine and apologetics.

Messenger - a confrontational preaching program, focusing on where we people are 'going,' where this nation is 'going,' where this world is 'going,' and what we can do about where we are 'going,' even if we cannot do anything about where the nation and world are 'going.'


Brad Thomas, Editor, aka, "Ed"

CHRIST's Bride, Ministries

Blessings, Numbers 6:24-27

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